How SEO-Optimized Web Design Boosted Scott and Barrel’s Customer Engagement

Scott and Barrel is a fantastic place for you to enjoy yourself with your loved ones and crafted specially to take care of your choices with hearty music, soothing lights, and delicious cuisines that you cannot resist from visiting again. Just because our place makes you feel comfy and familiar at any time of the day. Client Details Customer : Scott and Barrel Website : Customer Size : 2 Country or Region : UK Industry :Icedew Sports Bar Partners : Charles Rogers Our Goals: We Listen: We are a client-centric organization paying complete attention to our clients’ demands and needs taking care of their expectations while designing the website of Scott and Barrel. We take care of every single peculiar detail of our client to properly record it so that we can begin working on it immediately. Then, we begin to design their website after meeting all the requirements and ensuring an attractive appearance.  We Think: Once we gather all the required information after we are done probing on the following that is to be included in the website with our team of skillful professionals pursuing intense research on selecting and finalizing the elements as well as the designs for the website adding uniqueness and a classy taste with flamboyant aesthetics.  Adding to this, we ensure mobile-friendliness keeping certain things in mind while planning website design. The responsiveness of the website on different platforms is our prime goal on the checklist of our web design and during this phase, we conduct regular meetings with the client to keep them updated detailing the progress of the project.  We Create: Once we are done with the designs, then we decide to implement the plan and design the website that is compatible with all platforms. Our expert web designers meticulously work on designing the website according to the final plan decided with the client.  As we know that geolocation filtering with time-stamped content is required to give users a personalized experience, we prioritize and ensure to provide the best work done. While creating the website’s design, we also give proper attention to the use of lively images with a decent yet unique theme. Besides, an online table booking form is also added for the ease of customers and to make the website more responsive.   Our professionals give complete attention to every single element of the website to make it impressively flawless so that the client admires the ideology while we carry out the project and the outcome we deliver. Each web page is designed so thoroughly and perfectly with every element organized to its best possible position to give it a professional yet stunning look.  We Manage: The website designing part is completed and shown to the client for any further changes as required. The client is pleased about the website, including its responsiveness, design, color theme, user-interface, and navigability placed perfectly with phenomenal detailing in accordance to the client desires in the meetings that provided us a sense of satisfaction in concern to the client.  All the objectives are taken care of even when we are present with the client to optimize the website whenever it is required to make any acceptable changes.  Scott and Barrel websites as performed appreciably to seize the opportunity of contemporary and be customers improving both brand equity as well as reputation and like each successful project, this one motivated us to perform relentlessly with more confidence to deliver with excellence to all our clients taking care of their choices and requirements. TravelStore: TravelStore is a company belonging to the United States offering superlative travel packages to every client. There were agencies that were ahead of us in the search engine but today we have created our reputation in the market with industrious performance and up to the mark customer-satisfaction that has earned us trusted clients’ as a reward! Our Goals: From Us to You: We Listen: We believe in providing our clients time to elaborate on their situation and direct us properly to their liking and expectations. Therefore, the plan we understood that after two years of its establishment of the website TravelStore experienced little difficulty to lay hold of the heed for the targeted audience that became the foremost reason for the low SERP ranking. TravelStore observed that among the ranking for the best company website was 42nd for TravelStore which means the ranking came on the fifth page that becomes really far for any audience to view and reach exactly to our page. But some showed concern about the meager organic traffic and the turning point for SERP ranking was when we came across Ranksoldier, an excellent digital marketing agency that diligently took care of our situation and helped us reach the goal of becoming the apple of our audiences’ eye!  We Think: Once when you thoroughly understand and listen to our client, we speculate and analyze their company website finding the issues that are creating hindrances, and mostly it is due to optimization. Hence, we decided to take righteous action to improve the condition by optimizing the site. With the team of experts, we probed for the best and powerful keyword finding tools to research and analyze the strategies keeping in mind the blueprint of our competitors with a plethora of key points like meta descriptions. Our plan of action includes the optimization of the homepage content with an approach to continuous communication and meeting to checklist all the requirements of the clients. Our professionals focus on creating admirable, logically appreciable copies with a pinch of uniqueness while posting on the website. We Create: As our plan, we decided to structurize the work strategically and with the expertise of the content professionals, we created some robust copies related to traveling that were relevant and parallelly suited the homepage content too. Adding to that, our SEO experts simultaneously begin to work on searching out the best practices to ameliorate the web traffic targetting few travel-related keywords with effective posting content. We came across some interesting content available