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Announcement tool in Google Search Console for COVID-19

Announcement tool in Google Search Console for COVID-19

A COVID-19 announcement tool has been released by Google and the tool is available in Google Search Console. In this tool it allows web publishers to create Coronavirus related announcements straight from the Google Search Console without having to use structured data. 

Beta Tool, is available through Google Search Console that was previously published an announcement about communicating COVID-19 related announcements through Structured Data. There are certain considerations that are as follows:

  • The tool facilitates health and government organizations.
  • The tool is not meant for news sites.
  • The following announcement should expire within a month.
  • If there is a failure to set an announcement that will automatically result in an expiration of seven days to set an announcement.  

Although the announcement marks for the health and organizations, the Google Search Console includes schools as part of it. 

Here the Google Search Console tool supports six coronavirus announcement types: 

  • Shelter in place
  • School Closure
  • Travel bans
  • COVID-19 Testing facility
  • Disease spread statistics
  • Other/ general

Taking a due notice regarding the fact even if you or your clients are not the “authority website” but it is profitable to be aware regarding the information when being a client you face issues regarding the search marketing professional and it acts to be useful to your community to reach out to local schools and government entities to assure that they are aware of these tools. 

With some additional information regarding the tool that is it is actively developed and is expected to expand it which includes more sites and may not show announcements immediately from other sites seeing the mark-up will help us better understand how to expand this feature. Whereas, beyond the special announcements producing a range of other options that sites can use to highlight information such as cancelled events or changes to business hours. The facilities include a closure, rescheduling the events, and the new availability of medical facilities, for instance, testing centres. Google Search uses this information to better understand the content on your web page and show the important announcement to relevant people.