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Everything You Should Know About SEO-Friendly Content

Everything You Should Know About SEO-Friendly Content

If we talk about the digital platform, content is everywhere or we must say it is flooded all around the digital world. That is the reason we say that ‘content is the king.’ Businesses need to put content on digital channels like social media and their websites to tell people what they offer and in which field they are experts. Because that’s how they will come to know about your business. 

The digital platform is ruling these days and it won’t be wrong to say that its rule will be there for many more coming years. Every business wants to have a strong presence on the digital platform and for that, they need to prepare and post content for their target audience. 

But what do you think, that any kind of content you post will establish your business strongly? Especially, when there is tough competition out there and everyone else is also posting content to make their presence felt.  The answer to the above question is simply a big NO. Because you cannot post anything and get the attention of your target audience. Your content must be relevant, qualitative, informative, and unique. Above all, it must be SEO friendly so that it can appear in the search results and people can see what you have to offer. 

Reading this post will tell you some important facts about having SEO-friendly content on your site and even on social media profiles. After going through this post, you will know, how to prepare SEO-friendly content and why it is necessary for your effective marketing strategy. 

What is SEO content?

The word SEO content is made up of two separate words, SEO and content. SEO is abbreviated for search engine optimization which is important for any website to be found on the internet. While on the other hand, content refers to the information businesses provide on their website to tell people about what they do. 

Now, when these two words are combined, it becomes more important and effective for the digital marketing strategies of businesses. Every business wants to appear on the top of the results page for the relevant searches made by people. And that’s where SEO content comes in for the rescue.

SEO content or SEO-friendly refers to the information provided by businesses on their website in such a way that search engine bots can easily find it authoritative than others and place at a higher position on the SERP. To prepare SEO content, it is necessary to use relevant & trending keywords that people use often to search for something. Let us see some tips to prepare SEO-friendly content.

Tips to prepare SEO-friendly content

  • Keyword research

As you’ve seen that in the above paragraph, we did talk about using relevant keywords, and that is the first step to prepare SEO-friendly content. It is important to ensure that you use appropriate keywords in your content for which you want to rank it in the search engine results. 

There are many tools available in the market that’ll help you out with finding the right keywords to prepare SEO content. If you don’t include correct keywords that are relevant for the content, you are never going to appear in front of the right people. Some factors you need to consider with the keywords are the volume of searches in a particular time period, the type & quality of the content that appears after searching those keywords, and long-tail keywords to make your content more search-friendly. 

With your deep keyword research, not only you will be able to create SEO-friendly content but also you will be able to deliver what people are looking for. In this way, you can build better relationships with your audience and they will start trusting you. 

You can also do it by searching over the internet on your own using related keywords. That will give you a better idea of what search results the search engine is showing for those keywords. Thus, you can see what others have posted and can prepare a better content to increase the chances of overshadowing them. Here, you will also get some examples of long-tail keywords at the bottom of the search page on Google.  

  • Title is important

Another key thing to create SEO-friendly content is the title of your content. It should be interesting and unique because that’s how you can create a desire in people to read it. The title of your content must create curiosity in people to see what’s in there. Along with the title, it is also important to make sure that headings & subheadings of the content are also relevant yet interesting. Considering this will increase the chances of getting it to read completely. 

It is best to create titles that show you are explaining something important or something people want to know. Another way to create interesting titles is by showing something beneficial for people and this will create a desire in people to get acquainted with the information. Remember, while creating titles, make sure that they are clear, concise, and self-explanatory. Avoid using long titles of more than 60 characters. A title that appears completely in the search results is good. 

  • Content organization

Once you have collected trending & relevant keywords to prepare your content, it’s time to create a structure that guides people from top to bottom in a meaningful way. To create the structure of your content, the first thing you need to identify is the main information for which people will land on the web page. Such information should be at the top because if people don’t find what they are looking for, they will simply move to another platform. Thus, at first, it is necessary to give people what they want, and if they find it worthy, the chances of going down in the content become high. 

After providing the most relevant information at the top for which people will land on your site, you can make your content lengthy by including extra yet related information to the search query. Or, you can also elaborate on the above information in detail. Try structuring your content in such a way that it should appear connected to the readers because that’s how you can improve their engagement. 

  • Use small paragraphs

SEO-friendly content also means user-friendly content. It is not only about being visible to the people, but it is also about being understood. Thus, it is important to write content in a user-friendly manner so that people can grab it easily. One of the most vital things for that is to use small paragraphs while explaining something.

Even if you have a long piece of information, you must cut it down in small parts and explain separately one by one. This is because keeping long paragraphs without any breaks will make the reader confused and he/she will get annoyed. In the end, you will experience them moving on to some other platform. No business wants any visitor to go back annoying, thus, providing information in a way that can easily be grabbed is the key. 

Another key factor that needs attention is to use headings & subheadings in between, wherever appropriate. This will make your content interesting and appear good.  Along with using small paragraphs, you can also break the content in parts using different formatting options like bullets, highlighting text, changing the font style or color, etc. Using such options relevantly will also help improve the appearance of the content. 

  • Content length

To ensure SEO friendliness, it is important to have any blog or article of at least 1000 or more words to get recognition. The reason behind this is the depth of information in your content. More words in the content generally mean more pieces of information, and that’s what search engine bots admire. 

Say, for example, a blog with 2500 words will have extra information when compared to one having 1000 words, and the chances are high that the one with 2500 words will rank higher. But still, for that, you need to ensure quality and relevant information. It is also seen that information-rich lengthy content gets more customer engagement than shorter ones. 

  • Add links

Both internal and external links hold equal importance in making your content SEO-friendly. Adding internal links of your best old article to the relevant anchor in your new ones could help improve the visibility. Considering this has also seen better engagement from people and they tend to spend much more time on the web page than usual. 

While on the other hand, for external links, you need to contact webmasters of quality and relevant sites to your niche for giving a backlink in return to a top-quality post related to the site’s niche. This is also considered a sign by a popular search engine like Google for assessing the quality of a website or a web page. If you are able to get even a few backlinks from most popular sites in your niche, you will get priority even above those who have 10 backlinks or more from average or poor sites. 

  • Image optimization

With your words of wisdom, it is also important to have visuals in the content. With visuals like images, it is important for you to keep them optimized according to the loading speed of your page. Another thing that you need to consider with image optimization is to include relevant Alt text, as that will tell search engine bots about the purpose of the image. 

The reason to include Alt text is the inability of bots to read what’s there in the image, hence, it is your duty to tell them the relevance of the image in your content. Visuals are vital to improving the SEO ranking of any content, plus, it is also important for you to tell the bots about their relevance so that your content can be positioned higher. Wherever possible, try to keep the size and quality of images the same in your blogs/articles to show consistency in your work. 

  • Meta descriptions are must

Meta descriptions are nothing but a summary of the content in about 150-160 characters. They play a vital role not only in making the content SEO friendly but also to ensure high traffic on your site. The 2-3-line information below each link on the search engine result page is known as its meta description, and before clicking on the link, most people read that description to get an idea of whether the information they are looking for is there or not. 

One of the best things about writing a meta description that works for you is to include one or two target keywords in it naturally. This will improve the visibility of your web page and it might rank higher.

  • Mobile optimization

Smartphone users are increasing day by day and they are loving using the internet on their phones. The prime reasons for this are good internet speed and convenience. They tend to use desktops or laptops only for opening large files of doing most of the official work. But still, the smartphone is their priority. 

Thus, considering this, it is necessary for every business to optimize all of its contents for mobile users, as ignoring it will be a huge loss for them. Even one of the most popular search engine Google has started to prioritize sites that are mobile-friendly. So, for SEO-friendly content, you need to make mobile-friendly as well. 

  • Keep updating

Remember one thing, that nothing in this world remains new and same is the case with your content. After some time, it becomes outdated, but you need not worry about that. All you need to do is just add the latest information and delete the outdated one. This is known as to update the content and you must consider it on a regular basis. 

If you don’t update the content, the ranking of the web page will start dropping and you will start losing visitors. If you keep your blogs updated with the most relevant and latest information, it will leave a positive impact and your site might rank higher. 

  • Use social media share buttons

Social media cannot be sidelined with your digital marketing strategies, and one should not even think of doing so. Social media is one platform that can give you exposure to billions of people at a time and makes it easy to find the target audience. You can also increase the visibility of your posts by including social media share button in it. 

This is one of the most beautiful ways of getting recognition and increasing visitors on your site. If people love your content, the chances are high that they want to share it with others as well. While on the other hand, if you have provided direct social share buttons on the web page where content is present, the desire of people to share the content will become stronger and you will get what you want.

These are some of the basic tactics that you need to consider to make your content SEO-friendly and ensure the success & growth of your business. If you move step by step ahead, there is no chance of failing with your SEO strategy, and ensuring effective SEO of your site is important too. Now let us briefly see what kind of SEO content you can prepare. 

Types of SEO content

Here is a list of SEO content that you can prepare:

  • Product pages

The product page content is a part of your website content and it needs to be SEO friendly. With your marketing strategies like PPC, you will want people to land on one of your product pages. Plus, you will also have a desire if people search for any product that is provided by you as well, it should be visible in the search results. For that, it is important to have relevant keywords and SEO-friendly content on your product pages so that they can appear high on the SERP for relevant searches. 

  • Blogs

Blogs are the best examples when it comes to the type of SEO content. You might have also read on SEO related topics that blogs should be SEO friendly and they help in improving your site’s SEO as well because they play an important role in defining the quality of your brand. If people see your blogs on top of SERP, it will create a good image of your brand and they will start trusting you. Plus, you can also add a link to your product pages to guide visitors for detailed information. 

Doesn’t matter whether you use blogs on your site or someone else’s for getting backlinks, having SEO friendliness is a must. If you follow the guidelines, it won’t be difficult for you to create SEO-friendly blogs. Don’t forget to add relevant and unique information to ensure good SEO.

  • Articles 

You can also prepare SEO-friendly articles to inform your target audience about any topic. Articles can be posted on websites that are made to provide information to people in a particular niche or multiple niches. Having SEO-friendly content on such sites increases the chances of their visibility in the search results of relevant keywords. 

  • Guides

For example, content like beginner’s guide or a guide to how to make your content SEO friendly can also be made SEO friendly to improve visibility as well as readability. A guide is primarily written to show your expertise in your business’s niche. This creates faith in people and it increases the chances of choosing you over other brands. Thus, any content by which you share some knowledge with your target audience needs to be SEO-friendly.

  • Listicles

Content which is in the form of lists like ‘101 things’ or ‘10 tips of doing something’ also needs to be SEO friendly. Such type of content generally focuses on giving tips and telling multiple ways of doing something.  In other words, we could say that this is another type of informative content that one should make SEO-friendly because finding it qualitative will also increase the popularity of your brand. 

  • Videos

Search engine like Google gives priority to web pages having video. The reason behind this is that visual like video increase engagement and ensures a better understanding of the information you want to provide. Thus, they also are a type of SEO content that can help improve the visibility and position of your business on the SERP. Be unique and informative with the video you create, because if it is not able to get the attention, things might become difficult for you. 

  • Slideshows

A series of images that keep sliding to display images is known as a slideshow. This can also be an SEO content because it is a part of visuals and they are important in improving the SEO ranking of your website. Be specific with the type of images you place in the slideshow; they must be relevant because only that way you will get the desired attention of the target audience. 

  • Infographics

An image having a long piece of information with visuals like clipart, shapes, and other elements are known as an infographic. It has become an important SEO content that drives the attention of search engine bots as well as people and helps your site become an authoritative one. One infographic can contain a lot of data and you can also add a relevant link to an infographic when placed on a social media platform like Pinterest. Thus, it is advised to use at least one wherever possible on your site as well as social media accounts.

  • Glossaries

A glossary is a dictionary that contains terms in alphabetical order of a particular niche. You can create one for your business’s niche and see how it helps in improving the SEO along with the visibility of your site. People keep searching one or the other terms over the internet to find the meaning and if you have a well explained & concise one, they will surely click on the link of your site. 

The Bottom Line

SEO is a must and this should be the first thing every business needs to consider. Without SEO, you cannot even think of ensuring good visibility of your site and it might never even appear at the bottom of the first page of SERP. 

If we see any website of any niche, it is flooded with different types of contents and that is important too, because, without content, you cannot tell people why you are present on this digital platform. So, it is important to have SEO-friendly content on your site to ensure that your business appears when a relevant search is made by a person. 

Search engine optimization is the first thing someone asks while designing the website and it should be that way only. Because, without SEO, neither you will be able to visible nor visitors on your site will be able to navigate easily. While on the other hand, to ensure visibility, your content must be SEO friendly. All in all, SEO is a must and you should consider this. 

This post would have given you insights into SEO-friendly content and we hope you will be able to reap some great benefits through this.