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How to beat your competitors on Google

How to beat your competitors on Google

Will it be wrong to say that Google is the king of Search Engines? Or it is wrong that every business wishes to appear high on Google’s SERP? None of this is wrong and one of the important factors to get online success is to appear best in the eyes of Google’s search engine bots. Digital marketing strategies along with SEO adopted by most of the businesses is to outrank competitors on Google. The competition is tough and everyone is trying to find out unique strategies to become different from the crowd and attract the target audience. 

If you managed to get the desired attention of Google, your digital marketing campaign is on the path of success. We will tell you certain strategies that’ll help you out in beating your competitors online.

How to rank above competitors on Google

  • Know Google

You might find it strange but yes, this is the first thing that should be considered if you genuinely want to stay ahead. It is important to know Google’s algorithm and how search results appear. While typing a query in the search bar on Google, three types of results appear that include paid, local, and organic search results. Let us see where they are positioned:

  • Paid- At the very top and bottom.
  • Organic- In between paid search results.
  • Local- In between top paid and top organic search results.

Thus, considering this, you should strategize your digital marketing campaign accordingly to outrank competitors in all these above-mentioned search results. Finding the right balance is the key and it could be well done by an experienced digital marketing agency

  • Web directories

Adding your business to local web directories is another strong step that you must take to ensure your presence above your competitors. Having a name in web directories is considered a positive sign by Google and also helps in improving the SERP ranking of the website. By doing this, people will be able to find your business easier than before. This will also result in increased visibility, improved reputation, and better lead generation. 

  • Know your competitors

How can you compete without knowing who is in front of you, what is their strengths & weaknesses are, and what are the strategies they are adopting to get attention? Thus, it becomes important to properly investigate your competitors before implementing any of your strategies. This will help you strategize unique & different ideas than your competitors to divert the attention of the audience to your brand. Knowing competitors will play a vital role in giving you a competitive edge over others. Doing market research will also be important for you to understand current trends and stay updated for achieving success. 

  • Focus on content

Content is always important and it always will be, thus, your focus should be on creating unique, informative, and compelling content. If you want to win the race of SERP ranking, content that you post on your website must be relevant and of use to the readers. This is also a key factor for Google’s search engine bots to prioritize a website. While creating content, don’t forget to add relevant images, infographics, and/or videos. Another point of focus during content creation is the quantity along with quality. To get the attention of bots as well as the target audience, there should be enough matter in your content that solves the purpose of readers. Providing incomplete information could be harmful. 

  • Give special attention to social media

In this digital age, it is very difficult to survive without having a presence on social media. So, to beat your competitors, it is important to have a strong social media presence. One thing to focus on while targeting social media is to choose the right channels. Depending upon your business’s niche, select social platforms where you can reach the target audience easily. One of the most important factors why every business wants to be on social media is the size of the audience it provides. Millions of users stay online on social media and you’ll find the target audience easily. Thus, create your profile on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, & Pinterest and post unique & engaging content regularly. By doing this, you will see a significant rise in the traffic of your website along with genuine leads and conversion rates. 

  • Avoid stock image

The majority of businesses use stock images while creating content for their website which makes them all same and that’s where you could be a little bit different. Wherever possible, avoid using stock images. Click personal photographs, edit them if required, and then post it wherever you want. This will be a huge plus for the reputation of your brand and it will also be recognized by Google’s bots. One thing you must keep in mind is to get priority in the eyes of Google, you need to post personal content as much you can. 

  • SEO is most important

It doesn’t matter which strategy you adopt; SEO will always be the key. You are required to ensure effective search engine optimization to ensure that you are being easily searched by people for specific queries. Ensuring this is the main factor to rank high above your competitors. SEO will make sure that your content is optimized according to specific keywords that are being searched frequently on the internet and this will increase the visibility of your website. SEO is not a fixed entity rather it is ever-changing and if you managed to learn & implement new SEO trends before your competitors, you can make the difference. 

  • Simplicity is the best policy

In this competitive world where everyone is trying to be unique, being simple will be the best for you. Whether it is your website design or the content you post on it, keep everything as simple as you can. If visitors are able to easily understand the message you want to convey or the information they are looking for, the chances of becoming viral & being shared by those people will increase. This will have a direct impact on the ranking of your website and will surely reveal the uniqueness of you. 

The Last Say

Anything we want to search over the internet, we use Google for that undoubtedly. This is because we trust this search engine and the results it provides. Similarly, to overpower competitors on this platform, it is important to gain Google’s trust. 

Everyone wants to be on Google and not only the presence, but they also want to appear on the first page of this search engine. Now, there are millions of online businesses and it is not possible for each of them to be positioned on the first page. To achieve that, you are required to pick all the cards right and use them strategically & effectively. The above-mentioned strategies will really be helpful for you to achieve your goals and ensure success. All you have to do is hit the right spot at the right time and you’ll experience the difference on your own.