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How to Create Content That Audience wants to Share

How to Create Content That Audience wants to Share

We must say that content marketing is one of the essential marketing strategies for businesses and it holds a vital role in ensuring their success. When it comes to content create, some of us might think that it’s just writing a piece of information and posting it on social media or your website. But this is not the case, creating content is much more than this. It requires a lot of research, creative thinking, and effective structuring of the matter. 

Content plays a key role in defining the reputation of your brand and boosting web traffic. If your content is engaging and interesting enough that your target audience is tempted to share it, then you have done everything right during content creation and that will pay off pretty well in the future. 

In this post, we will tell you some tips on how you can create content that people will love to share. 

Tips for creating a shareable content

  • Attention-grabbing heading

The first and foremost thing that a reader focuses on is heading and if it is boring, common, or irrelevant, you are never going to get the attention. People are very choosy with what they want to read and what they don’t, even if you have created a gem of content but if heading does not tempt the audience, you are never going to get the attention you want.  

So, to create the content shareable you are first required to attract people so that they read it and for that, the heading must be unique and interesting. One thing you should keep in mind while creating the heading is that it should be relevant to what your content is all about. Creating out of the topic heading will have a negative impact on your reputation. 

If you are unable to create an engaging headline, try using dedicated tools to get an idea. There are many blog title generators available that can help you out in the process. 

  • Quality matter

Now, when you have created an interesting title for your post, it’s time to frame the body of the content. While writing the matter, make sure that it contains credible information that can be trusted. Don’t think that creating an engaging headline will do the job for you even if the matter quality is not good. 

People will not share your content if it does not contain any unique and relevant information. Remember, your content will only be shared if it is of very high quality because no one wants to discuss something which is ordinary and does not contain genuine information. 

Wherever possible, try to include detailed information about your content topic because that is what create more interest and trust. Doing this will show your expertise in that area and people will find your information credible enough to be shared on social media. 

  • Knowing your audience is must

Without knowing your audience, you cannot create shareable content. The reason behind this is that if you don’t know who your target audience is and what are its interests, how can you create content that can get desired attention. It is like making a product that you don’t know whom to sell. 

Target Audience is what every business wants to grab the attention of but for that, they need to define who their audience is and what is their interest. This is the only way by which they can target the right segment and achieve what they are looking for. 

So, before creating content, it is also important for you to know for whom you are preparing that and what action you want them to take after reading. 

  • Originality is important

Duplicity is the biggest sin especially in the eyes of search engine bots and if you do that, you are going to face some serious consequences. Thus, make sure that whatever you create must be original because only originality is admired on the digital platform. 

We know that the internet is filled with information and you will find hundreds of results for a single query. Even there are high chances that the topic you choose to write already has many posts available on the internet. So, how will you make your post original in that scenario? 

Smartness is to frame the matter in the simplest form possible and include certain elements that are rare. To find those elements, you will be required to do intensive research and you should not move away from that. 

  • Structuring holds the key

Content creation has many elements to be considered and all of them hold equal importance in the long run. One of those important elements is the content’s structure. 

Content creation never means just writing long paragraphs and posting it on the web platform. This is because no one will be going to read long paragraphs having no breaks or headings. That’s where the role of structuring content comes. 

The quality holds no value if your content is not easily readable and not many will pay attention to that. Thus, it is important for you to frame your content with proper headings and subheadings so that people can read it easily. Considering this will make it worth shareable as easy to read content gets more attention than those that are difficult. 

  • Help your target audience

To ensure brand loyalty, you must solve the problems your target audience is facing because that’s how you can build trust and reach your goals. Depending upon your business’s niche, you must know the problems your target audience is facing and along with that, you should have the answers to them.

If people get benefited, they will share your content to help others and that’s how it will work for you. For that, you need to know your audience well with their needs and difficulties in fulfilling them. Analyzing this will not only make your brand a better one but will also ensure better recognition. 

  • Don’t put too many social icons

Do ensure that your website does not have too many social icons present. Only include the ones that hold importance for you and where your readers are present. Doing this will narrow down the options for your readers and they will focus on sharing it through those platforms only. 

This will also ensure that your content is being shared on the right platform and it will reach your target audience. You should know that too many options are not always good, sometimes being concise is the best. 

  • Include infographics

Infographics have become an important part of content marketing because of their ability to make people understand things in a better and easier way. Being an image, infographic gets more attention than a written piece of information and is shared more as well.

Infographics are also an important part of social media marketing strategies for businesses and they can be shared easily as well. 

  • Ensure an emotional touch

We all react according to the emotions and that’s what will help you out in getting your content shared. Giving an emotional touch to the content you have created will increase the chances of getting shared. 

Remember, it might not be possible for you to trigger an emotional response with each of your content. So, smartness lies in finding the opportunity and grabbing it right away when received. Don’t force including any emotional element as it might backfire. 

  • Everyone likes freebies

If you strongly desire your content to be shared across different social media platforms by your audience, then you should try offering them something. Everyone likes free stuff and if you offer your target audience something worthy for example a discount coupon or free subscription for sharing your content, it might get you the results you are looking for. 

This could be the best idea to get better results in less time. But, don’t forget quality content is always the key. 

  • Stories are what we like

Writing plain texts including information is somewhat boring to be read and not many pay enough attention to read the whole of your content. Sometimes, plain content becomes boring despite having a unique and informative piece of information. To make sure that your content is being read completely, you must try the idea of storytelling. 

Create content in such a way that it sounds like a small story. Doing this will get you more attention and the target audience will enjoy reading your post as well. Plus, you will also experience organic post sharing. Try including some real-life examples in your story or something related to your life wherever possible. 

  • Organize quizzes

Organizing quizzes and contests is one of the best ways of telling people about your presence. This will also ensure more people’s engagement and they will start recognizing you in a better way. Thus, this is also a great idea to ensure that your content is being shared across different platforms. 

By this, you will also get information about your target audience that can be later put in the marketing funnel for deriving better results. 

  • Use video content

Videos are getting more attention when compared to written content and when it comes to sharing, videos are still somewhere at the top. The prime reason for this is, that videos are more interesting and they can better convey the message than a written piece of information. Thus, people share videos more. 

For this, you must prepare an interesting video of your business with clear & concise information that you want to deliver, and you will see positive results in less time. Don’t forget to add a clear call to action at the end to increase shares. 

  • Timing is important

Even after doing everything right, if the timing of posting content online is not good, you might not be able to get the benefit you want. Give proper time to identify which days and time slots will be best for your content to be published. This might require some experiments and you are required not to be afraid of that. 

Success needs time and you must keep this in mind to reap great benefits. 

The Bottom Line

‘Failure is the best teacher.’ Yes, we all might have heard this statement before as well and this is true. But, this not at all means that you stop making efforts in the process of learning by your failures. 

When we talk about the digital world, one thing that comes in our mind is the fierce competition between thousands of businesses. And this is also true that every business wants to make a strong presence on the digital platform. Though in this process, some serious efforts are required and if you do not pay serious attention, you will fail. 

In the online world, content is most important because it holds the power to make or break any brand. Both good and bad content goes viral too quickly on the digital platform and if you don’t choose your words wisely, it will be difficult for you to bring back your reputation. 

While on the other hand, one needs to consider some points to create good content shareable across the web platform. We hope that this post would have given you an idea of what you should do and what you don’t to be in the limelight of your target audience and tempt them to share your content. 

Remember one thing, there is no magic to increase content shares, hard work is the only key and that’s what you need to do. These above-mentioned strategies will smoothen the process and create a strong foundation to increase the number of shares of your content.