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How to Ensure Creativeness With SEO-Driven Content Strategy

How to Ensure Creativeness With SEO-Driven Content Strategy

We should say that the digital marketing platform is not as old as other marketing tactics are. But, in a decade, this platform has grown so much that traditional practices have become the second choice for businesses to promote themselves. The popularity & huge audience base of the digital platform has helped it grow so much and undoubtedly this is one of the key reasons as well. 

The digital platform is easily accessible and most importantly, people enjoy spending time here, and this makes it a big plus for businesses to attract and interact with the target audience

But things are not as easy as they sound, it requires some effort to grab attention and maintain that reputation for businesses. One of the most important factors to drive success in the digital world is search engine optimization (SEO). Without SEO, you will not get the desired attention of the target audience neither the visibility on the search results. 

Another key factor is the content by which you will explain people who are you and what all you provide. But as we said earlier that it is not as easy as it sounds, similarly, to prepare content you need to strategize things on how you can make it creative so that people stop and see what you want to say. Creative and unique content is something that has a high chance of winning. 

It doesn’t matter what you do, creativeness is always admired. Now, here’s something that you should pay special attention to, keeping SEO in mind is important while creating any type of content to ensure visibility, plus, to get the attention you need to be creative as well. Thus, maintaining a balance between SEO and creativeness is a must in the content to get success. This post will tell you how you can stay creative with your SEO-driven content strategy. 

How to balance creativeness and SEO while preparing content

Most often, it is seen that to be creative people ignore SEO and that’s where they lose the race. We know that creativity and uniqueness are important for content that needs to be posted online but we cannot forget that SEO is important too. Below are some tips that’ll help you maintain a good balance between both SEO & creativity.

  • Seek help from experts

Before you start something new, it is always suggested to take help from the experts who have already established their place for that particular thing. Similar is the case with maintaining a balance between SEO & creativity, if you are finding it difficult to do, simply take advice from an expert or even more than one to get a better idea. 

You can find and read posts related to your niche written by experts and see how they have maintained a keyword-centric approach while still being creative. Reading such posts properly will guide you a lot about how experts have managed to maintain a balance between those two important parameters for digital marketing and what all they have used in their content that is providing them visibility as well as the attention. 

It is suggested to examine as many examples as you can until things become clear to you. Because learning is the best practice to become perfect and you should know that. 

  • Tell stories about leaders

Another best thing that you can do to be creative and stay with SEO-driven strategy is, tell inspiring stories of leaders around the world. Here, you need not pick any particular industry, any story that you think can inspire you and people, just share that. While having some stories of the leaders in your business’s niche will be good. 

For this, you will require interviewing those leaders to hear directly from them and that might not be an easy task for you to do. Try to interact with them over the phone, email, or even texts if possible. Request them to answer some questions and tell what they feel about them. 

You need not find only big guns or someone very popular, rather, just try to find out some of the top experts in your city or area and make efforts to connect with them. For example, if you are running a digital marketing business, try interviewing experts from some of the top-rated digital marketing companies near you. As including their stories and mentioning them could do a great job for you. 

  • Humanize your connection

We know, how important keywords are for your digital marketing strategy and what role do they play in any content. But, when your content is boring, it will not get much attention, and eventually, its ranking will drop down. Thus, having an interesting touch in any content is a must to get the attention of your target audience. 

One of the best ways by which you can ensure that people will give your content proper attention is by finding the human touch. Show empathy, write in a way that makes readers feel connected, and be helpful & informative. Considering this will make people more engaged while reading the content and you will get a very low bounce rate.

To find a human touch in your content, you need to ask why people will search for the topic that you are going to write. Think like your audience and then start writing. In this way, you will be able to make your content more reader-friendly plus, people will understand better. It is always better to start with something that people are facing and how your post will be going to help them with the problem. In this way, readers can analyze that you know what problem they are facing and you have come up with a solution to that. 

  • Multimedia and visuals can help

Whether you are writing new content or trying to edit an old post, adding visuals & multimedia can always help. These elements are also considered good by SEO plus, they can make your post creative & interesting as well. 

Multimedia can be added in any form like images, GIFs, videos, infographics, charts, and even YouTube links. But one thing you need to remember is that always use relevant visuals and make sure that they support the topic & content you’ve written. Using irrelevant ones will take you nowhere, rather, doing so will only impact your reputation negatively. 

Visuals are always added to help readers understand better and make them stay more on a website. Thus, it is important for you to use relevant, unique, informative, and interesting visuals in every post and increase the chances of its visibility. But remember one thing, it is not necessary to use all of them, just find the most appropriate ones that can provide value, whether it is only an image or a video or both, just don’t force anything into the content.

  • Find a unique angle to write your content

It’s not always finding trending topics about your niche and creating better content than the competitors. Sometimes, you need to think differently from what others are doing and frame the content from a different point of view that people wouldn’t have thought of. For example, if you find the SERPs are flooded with a particular topic that tells what not to do, then you can come with content that tells what you should do for that same topic only. Here, you can also explain things that are included in your competitor’s posts, but in a different way.

Doing this will change the perspective of people and they will find your content more attractive than others. This will also help you rank high on the search engine result pages, plus, you don’t have to play much with your SEO-driven strategy as well. 

  • Engage with your readers

You need to know one thing, that it is not always about showing creativity in your content along with best practices of SEO. To get recognition and ensure a better reputation, it is also important for you to connect with your readers and interact with them wherever possible. Doing this will help you know more about the target audience and the problems they are facing. Connecting with them on a regular basis is a great idea to ensure loyalty and create a huge base of loyal clients. 

Another good thing about engaging with your readers is that you will be able to maintain an emotional touch with them and that is a great way to strengthen relationships. To improve results, you can also mention one of your lucky readers in your post and talk about the problem he/she is facing. Plus, you can also create a post that can solve the problem faced by him/her. 

If you are able to do something like that is mentioned above, it will of great help in the long run and more people will want to interact with you to share their problems. And remember, if someone is comfortable to share problems with you, this means they trust you and that is something everyone wants, to be trusted. 

Wrapping It Up

Competition on the digital platform is so tough that with each passing day it is becoming difficult for new businesses to make a mark here. But, if something is difficult it doesn’t mean that it is impossible, it’s just you need to make serious efforts to strongly establish your presence. 

Almost all businesses are there on the digital platform and the numbers are in millions, plus, they are increasing every day. The main reason for this huge rise in numbers is that it has become a necessity for businesses to have a digital presence, as without that they cannot survive. So, everyone is making efforts to establish themselves digitally.

Having a digital presence doesn’t give a guarantee to success, for that, businesses need to make more efforts and attract the target audience. To do so, two things are most important, content and SEO, considering both strategically will make success easier. But the real issue arrives when you want to include SEO in your content that too with the creativity. Because SEO is important to get organic visibility & high SERP ranking whereas creativity is a must to keep people engaged and spend time on your webpage. 

Creativeness and SEO are both important for content and most of us find it difficult to maintain a balance between both. This post was written considering this fact and we hope that reading it would have helped you a lot in identifying ways by which both creativity & SEO can be included in your content. 

So, just keep up with your content-driven strategy and be creative as much as you can, and you’ll see success follow you.