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How to Improve Email Open Rates

How to Improve Email Open Rates

Emails can never grow old; they will always be an important mode of communication for businesses and will play a key role in digital marketing strategies. No business can think about online marketing without targeting their audience through emails. They are effective and they always will be. You can send your offer to the target segment of the audience via email to ensure high visibility and better engagement. 

But, one question is always there in mind that does all open your email after receiving or even they notice it? This same question we need to first ask ourselves. Do we open each and every mail we receive? Or just the ones that tempt us? We know the answer and we also know how we decide which mail to open and which to ignore. 

So, to improve email open rates of your business, it is important for you to consider some key factors. We will tell you some techniques by which you can make email open rates better than before. 

Tips to improve email open rates

  • Focus on the subject line

When anyone receives an email, the first thing that he/she sees is the subject line. That’s where most of the businesses lack the trick. If the subject line of your email is irrelevant, boring, misleading, or common, no one will open it. Always try to focus on creating an engaging subject line that tempts viewers to open it. 

A unique subject line has a high chance of getting a mail opened than a boring or common one. It is advised to try a few to decide which one delivers the best results. 

  • Address individually

Personal emails have high open rates to the ones that are sent in bulk. So, if you send an email addressing the person with his/her first name, the chances are high that your email will get attention and it will be opened. 

Considering this will make the recipient more engaged and you will see a better response from him/her in the future as well. 

  • Update the list

The most important thing to ensure high email open rates is that the list you’ve prepared of the recipient is fresh. Why we are saying this is, if your list is outdated there might be chances that some of the recipients have started to use new email ids. In this scenario, your mails will just be buried in the inbox with many others without any chances of being opened. 

While on the other hand, if you keep updating the recipient list this will not happen and all your emails will be sent to the inboxes that are being checked regularly. Thus, more people will encounter your mail more will be the chances of being opened. 

  • Ensure quality content

What if someone just opened up your mail and with the double speed it went to the trash? Yes, this could happen if the information you have provided in the mail is too common for your target audience and it could be found elsewhere. Only opening the email will not get you anywhere, viewers must perform the action you are actually looking for. 

To achieve that, the quality of the content in your mail must be perfect and it should provide some unique information that is hard to get anywhere else. This is the way to gain people’s trust and that’s how you can ensure better conversion as well.

  • Timing is important

Suppose you’ve sent an email 2 at the night and by the time recipient wakes up, there will be a hundred more and your one will just be buried down by others. In this condition, there are least chances that your mail will even be noticed. Many recipients are there who just select unread messages and move them to the trash bin. 

So, it becomes very important that at what time you are sending the mail, because if it is not correct it will be a waste. Do proper research on when is the right time for sending emails to your recipient’s list and when there are high chances of getting them opened. Remember, it’s all about timing if it is good everything will go your way and if it is not, it’s you who will bear the loss. 

  • List segmentation is vital

It doesn’t matter what you are doing, planning is always important. Now, when it comes to email marketing, it is important to create a group of recipients with similar interests because a single mail will not work for all, you are required to customize them according to your audience and for that, segmentation holds the key. 

With segmentation, you will be able to send the right mail to the right people and this will ensure better open rates. 

  • Use individual’s email id

Not many emails sent by the company’s email id are opened as they are regarded as useless by many even if they hold important information. While on the other hand, if similar mail is sent from personal email id, the chances that the recipient will open it gets doubled. The reason behind that is the mail sent from an individual’s email id appears more personal than the one sent from the company’s id.

Thus, it is seen that mails received from personal id have a high open rate than those from a company’s mail id. 

  • Same leads don’t work for all

If you think that buying leads for your email marketing campaign will ensure high open rates then you might be wrong. It is not a guarantee that if leads that are good for one company will also deliver similar results to another one. 

It is always advised that organic leads are always better and they ensure better email open rates. so, instead of buying leads try to get them organically by running a campaign. Try requesting your existing customers or giving them something in return for an email address could do the job for you. 

You can also try conducting a webinar to get organic leads that could also show up with a better conversion rate. 

  • Optimize for mobile

Mobile internet users are increasing day by day and this makes important for businesses to ensure their strong presence on the mobile platform as well. As we are talking about emails, thus, mobile optimization of emails also plays a vital role in deciding their open rates. 

Suppose, you sent a mail to someone who could be your potential customer but he opens your mail on his smartphone and the mail is not optimized for mobile devices. In this condition, you will simply lose a customer without doing much wrong. 

You must understand that most people across the world prefer using mobile devices for checking their inbox and considering this, your mails must be optimized for mobile devices. 

  • Email personalization is must

To get attention to your leads, it is important to make them feel special and you can do it by personalizing the email sent to them. Add elements to ensure people that the email sent by you is exclusively for them. Doing this will not only improve open rates but will also show up by generating better leads. 

It could be done by writing the name of the recipient in the subject line or by geotargeting your mails. There are several other ways of personalizing emails like greeting on their birthday or celebrating your anniversary with them. Considering this will deliver better results along with improved open rates. 

The Bottom Line

Emails are like life wire for marketing campaigns of businesses and if they get enough attention by businesses like other marketing strategies, they can just multiply their success. Emails are the safest and most effective mode of communication that is used by all businesses whether it is a small one or a multibillion-dollar company. 

Not only for one-to-one communication between businesses but emails are also effective for targeting people and generating leads. For that, only sending emails would not do, you need to ensure that emails are being opened as well. 

We hope that this post might have given you an idea of best practices that can improve your email open rates and deliver the value that you were looking for through the email marketing campaign.