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How to Increase Traffic Without Paying For it

How to Increase Traffic Without Paying For it

If you know, a lot of your online success depends upon web traffic on your site. Every business with an aim to build a good online presence is doing everything possible to increase the traffic and ensure the success they wish for. 

Businesses with a good budget can run paid ad campaigns, PPC, offer free goodies, and much more to get high traffic. But, what to do if anyone has a tight budget and is unable to run campaigns that require some serious investment for getting the traffic? As, without it, getting recognition and growth seems impossible. 

This post is all about strategies that’ll help you out in improving the web traffic without spending much or we could say anything specifically for that. Once you finish reading this, you’ll have a lot of ideas that can be implemented to improve the position of your brand online. 

With these tips, not even businesses with a tight budget, but also with enough in their kitty can increase online traffic and take their business to new heights. All you need to do is implement them in the right way and at the right time. 

Tips for increasing web traffic without specifically paying for it

  • Create content

The answer to most of the problems related to digital marketing is great content. Similarly, when we talk about increase web traffic, content creation is one of the best things that you could do. And the important thing, it won’t ask you to pay for bringing the traffic as people will come on their own. 

In whichever niche your business is, posting something unique, interesting, genuine, and relevant will first attract the search engine bots and it’ll help you rank higher on the SERP. Now you can imagine, if people can see you on the first page of the search engine results the chances of being clicked become high thus, it will increase traffic on your site. 

Content creation is a necessity for the digital world because it will give better insights into your business to the audience. Hence, with engaging content, you can save a lot on your paid promotions and get quality traffic on your website. 

  • On-page SEO

SEO is the next best thing for getting high genuine traffic on your website. Here, we are talking about on-page SEO which includes internal links, content quality, tags, user-interface, and site design. Only optimizing this will get you the authority to move to the first of the SERP ranking. 

SEO is the most basic yet key factor when it comes to the ranking of your website along with getting some quality traffic. Optimizing site according to the webmaster guidelines is a big factor to improve the reputation of your business and people love to choose the ones with a better reputation. 

  • Build expertise with relevant topics

Showing that you are an expert in whatever you are doing is one of the best tactics of grabbing customer’s attention. Plus, this also does not require paying anything specifically to increase traffic on your website. 

So, it is advised to create blogs and articles related to your business’s niche and post them. Remember, as we discussed in the first point that any content you create must be unique & genuine, and that applies here as well. Showing your expertise never means that you create content exactly that is available on the internet with your competitors. How would you make the difference doing that? The key here is to tell people something they don’t know and that has not been covered by your competitors yet. 

Considering this will show knowledgeable you are in a particular topic and this will also help grab the attention of search engine bots to find you authoritative enough to rank above your competitors. And hence, high rank means high visibility and that opens enough gates to increase traffic. 

  • Social media

Social media has become very common these days, for both, individuals and businesses. And why not, it has given a lot to businesses and has become an integral part of people’s lives. It is a platform with millions of users and businesses of all niches can find their target audience here. 

Now, creating an account on social media is free and if you get to attract your target audience here, it won’t be a difficult task for you to bring them on your website. Remember, social media is the best platform to get genuine organic traffic that has a good chance of converting into leads. 

For all this, you need to stay active on all your social media accounts and post some quality & relevant content regularly. If people find your posts engaging and interesting, you will not require much time to build your brand’s authority and followers without paying anything to anyone. In simpler words, we could say that social media is one of the gates of the success that you need to unlock. 

  • Ensure regular guest posting

Guest posting is a must and undoubtedly it is one of the best techniques of building links and increase traffic from other’s web platforms. It is also considered as good practice by search engine bots, thus helps in improving your SERP ranking as well. 

Creating and posting a guest blog that is relevant to your business’s niche and has some unique information will say a lot about your brand. If people reading your guest post find it engaging and informative, then they will move to your site to see what else you can offer. Doing this will also build your brand’s authority. 

Here’s a catch, you need to find some popular and trusted sites related to your niche and try getting a guest post there. Considering this is a great idea to get a good boost to web traffic, that too with genuine visitors.  

  • Use Infographics

A quality and engaging infographic can deliver amazing results when it comes to increase your web traffic. Creating an infographic requires data with important information and you need to display it in the form of an image. If you have a tight budget and don’t have a graphic designer in your team, you can do it on your own using some of the free software available on the internet. 

Infographics can be posted on social media sites like Instagram & Pinterest and also on your website to ensure better engagement. Infographics can display any information in a simple and interesting manner, and have high chances of being shared if communicated well.

Another reason why infographics can get you more traffic is that people give more attention to visuals than text-based information, so if you post unique & attention-grabbing infographics, the chances are high that people will land on your site in search of more information.

  • Internal linking

Giving deep, genuine, and relevant information to visitors is what makes a site qualitative and authoritative to rank high. Now if you pose blogs and articles of topics related to your niche and link them internally will pose you as a good platform in eyes of search engine bots. Plus, considering this will also be a great idea to engage visitors for more time by providing more relevant information that they are looking for. 

By doing this, you are authorizing that you have deep knowledge about your niche and this will be of great help in improving SERP ranking along with boosting traffic. 

  • Keep upgrading

Even your paid efforts could not do much if you don’t have the latest information on your site. So, the key here is to keep upgrading the content that you already have on your website. This will show your seriousness about your job and build more trust with your target audience. 

Another importance of upgrading the content is to show search engine bots that you have the latest information to be indexed. 

Remember, upgrading never means only adding more information but it also means to remove the information that is no longer relevant. This is a great idea to maintain your position or even improve it on SERP to get high visibility. Adding new images and infographics will also be a good content upgrading idea. 

  • Conduct webinars

Webinars are becoming increasingly popular and businesses have started to love them. They are of most importance when it comes to conducting an urgent conference or meeting with your clients who cannot visit on short notice but they can easily come over for a webinar. Not only on an urgent basis, but many businesses have also started to use webinars for their normal meetings as well. 

Besides meetings, webinars can also be used for connecting with the audience and share information, knowledge, & have face to face chat. You can run webinars for your target audience along with your clients to tell them about any latest information or have a question & answer session. This way, you will improve the engagement level and bring new visitors to your site. 

  • Give answers on Quora

Quora is one of the most popular Q & A platforms where you will find questions and answers of almost all niches. To attract traffic from Quora, you need to post some relevant questions and answers related to your niche or you can give unique answers to the questions that are already present on Quora. 

This strategy works well when your answer is genuine and to the point. People who like your answer will love to visit your website in search of more information. On Quora, people come to find answers for their queries and if you can provide them with the best ones, why will they go somewhere else. 

One thing you must remember while engaging with people on Quora is to use a normal conversational tone, don’t sound like you are doing sales. 

  • Mobile usability

Despite doing everything right, if you are not able to increase traffic on your website then the reason could be bad mobile-friendliness of your site. Yes, this could be the sole reason. Smartphone has become a necessity now thus it also becomes necessary for every business to ensure that their website is easily operational on mobile phones.

People love to use smartphones more for using the internet and hence, to get traffic on your website, it should be easily navigable on people’s phones. As, if this is not there, visitors will not come back after experiencing difficulty in finding the information once. 

So, make sure that your website is optimized for mobile phone users along with desktop users. This is an important factor in boosting web traffic. 

  • Spy on your competitors

Keeping an eye over your competitors is the best idea to see what tactics they are adopting and the amount of success they are getting. You can learn from your competitors to see the strategies they are using for ensuring high web traffic. 

Spying over your competitors will also tell you about their content strategy, engagement techniques, and other strategies they are using to improve their online presence. One reason you are not getting enough web traffic could be your outdated strategies or we can say better ones used by your competitors. 

Thus, one of the keys to bringing traffic on your website is to do better than your competitors and you could do it only when you know what they are doing. 

  • Consider the loading speed

While building the website of your business, one of the important things to notice is how fast it is opening up. The reason behind this is, that it defines whether a visitor will stay here or not. 

Remember, a slow loading website will only give you a high bounce rate, not high web traffic, thus, it is important to have good site loading speed. Slow website annoys people and despite having good SERP ranking, people will not visit there. 

The key here is to pick a good hosting service provider and it is advised not to share hosting as well because it makes the website slow over time. People want a website that opens up fast as they are always in a hurry and if your site is not, they will just close the tab. 

  • Participate in forums

It’s not only targeting your audience will get you high web traffic but maintaining good relationships with professionals of your niche is also equally important. To do this, the best tactic is to join a forum related to your niche. There you can participate in discussions, share your views, post content, and answer to the queries. If you are able to provide some important information in forums, participants there will trust you and you might get the reference from them as well. 

Forums are also best to promote your products or services to professionals of your niche. But, one thing that you must remember is to promote smartly. Don’t just always talk about your products everywhere on the forum as doing this will harm your reputation. 

At forums, communicate in a conversational tone and help people get the answer to their queries wherever you can. Only promote your products or services relevantly as doing this will not make you always appear pushy. Use forums to build good relationships and that’ll help you get high web traffic.

Summing It Up

Good web traffic on your site is very important in taking your business forward and establish it strongly. The online platform has become a must for all businesses as people have shifted their focus to find products or services they need on the internet. Thus, you will only generate business when people will find you and visit your website. That’s where the importance of web traffic lies. 

There are many paid strategies that businesses adopt to ensure that they getting enough visitors on their website and undoubtedly, those strategies work as well. But there are companies or start-ups that do not have a good budget to spend on paid web traffic. Initially, they need to rely on free tactics of getting visitors to their site. 

It is a misconception that without paid advertisements or campaigns you cannot get high web traffic. There is no doubt that you require some paid strategies as well, but you can lay a good foundation without them as well. 

We hope that this post would have given you enough tips by which you can ensure good web traffic that can let you compete strongly even with a limited budget. Later, with growth, you can achieve new heights.