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How to Make High Converting Landing Pages

How to Make High Converting Landing Pages

Everyone wants to stand out in the crowd and grab the attention of people. The competition outside is so fierce that you don’t know which of your strategies will deliver the desired result. That’s why everyone is focusing on trying everything.

If we talk about digital marketing, there are millions of brands fighting with each other to establish their kingdom by attracting the target audience. But, what next, after getting the attention of people and bringing them to your website. Is it a guarantee that they will make a purchase or act the way you want them to? What if soon after visiting the landing they move out?

So, the point here is how to make sure that people stay on your landing page and reciprocate the way you want. 

In this post, we will tell you about some techniques by which you will be able to improve the conversion rate of landing pages.

Tips to make high converting landing pages

  • Informative and attention-grabbing content

When a visitor lands on your webpage, he/she should find the relevant information they are in search of. If the information they thought to be present is not there, they will immediately move out of your webpage. Thus, the chances of getting conversions will go down to zero. 

Make sure that content present in your ad that is driving traffic on to the website must be the same. After landing on your webpage, the visitor must get to know the detail of the ad you have placed. In this process, adding a relevant video or an image at the top could be a deciding factor. Try to keep it interesting to get better results. 

The visual content that you want to add could be about the benefits of your products or services for your target audience or a great offer. Doing this will be of great help. 

  • One CTA is enough 

When a visitor comes on the landing page, don’t confuse him/her by giving too many options. If this is the case, you will not get anything except losing a lead. 

Ensure that there is only a single call to action and it is easily visible as well. Your CTA must be the one that gives what you want to achieve your end goals. The focus of your CTA must be crystal clear and it should be placed in such a way that it tempts visitors to do what you want. 

  • Place CTA smartly

Not all visitors scroll down the page after landing, if they don’t see what they are looking for at the top, they’ll simply move out. Keeping this fact in mind, it is advised to place your call to action button above the fold. 

The main point here is to make sure that visitors don’t have to navigate anywhere to see your CTA and doing this will have high chances of getting conversions. Some people just land on your webpage to make the purchase and they want everything in front. So, if they don’t see CTA, they’ll change their mind and you’ll lose a customer. 

Another thing here is, that sometimes in the scrolling process, people miss the CTA button, and, in that scenario, you will be the one who is suffering. 

  • Your offer must be worthy

We all know that the world is full of competitors, so, if you want someone to choose you over others, the offer must be valuable. There has to be a strong reason why they do what you want. 

So, depending upon your business’s niche, make sure that the product or service you are providing is better than others and the deal is valuable. When a visitor arrives on the landing page, he/she should have a strong feeling that you are the one. 

Try giving extra stuff, great offers or discounts, or something free along with the product or service. This might help you get better conversions with the landing pages.

  • Be focused

Remember, whatever your business’s niche is, the landing page must have relevant information in accordance with the keyword for which page is ranking. Your audience wants to the point information and if they find anything irrelevant, they might think it as spam. 

So, it is important to clearly say what you want from your target audience and why they should consider you over others. Don’t forget to state the unique points that differentiate you from others. Plus, also make sure that your landing page is not too heavy and unorganized.

  • Using bullets could do it 

Bullet points make the content easy to read and pleasing to appear. Thus, including main points using bullets will convey the message in a better way and people will be able to understand easily. 

Though this is not something unique yet delivers great value to your web page. Considering this on the landing page might help you get better conversions than before. Remember, keep them short and concise as extra information might make them messy. 

  • Tell facts

Not everyone believes word of mouth, some require facts to decide what they are choosing is fit for them or not. So, instead of wasting your efforts on writing long paragraphs of why you are the best, just include testimonials or reviews of your happy customers. 

This could be done by attaching a link of social media page, posting screenshots, or anything else that could make visitors believe about your credibility. 

  • Make sure that you are not difficult to reach

Getting leads or generating sales is not a piece of cake that you just have to cut and eat. It’s like preparing a cake before you can eat it. Thus, don’t worry if a visitor arrives on the landing page spend enough time and leaves without considering your CTA. 

Remember, not all visitors come and make the purchase in one go, some first analyze, think about it, and then decide their final thought. So, for such clients, it becomes important to tell how they can reach you afterward. You need to ensure that the process of reaching you is not tough.

Clearly state on the landing page on how they can reach you again and ask whichever questions they have in mind regarding your brand. Plus, make it easy for them as well by giving multiple options. 

  • A/B testing is a good idea

Nothing is sure, you need to try different tactics and strategies to see what works and what not. Thus, while designing the landing page as well, you might need to perform A/B testing to see which elements or which design delivers the best result. 

Without experimenting, you cannot decide the end result of your landing page. So, never be afraid of trying different things, because that’s how you’ll get the best ones.

  • White space matters

Don’t be afraid to use white matter on your landing pages as that will decide their appearance. You must know that white space holds the key to grab visitor’s attention on your offer. Placing your offer above the fold surrounded by enough white space will give it magnetizing effect, and when a visitor lands, your offer will appear in front without any distracting elements. 

  • Create a sense of urgency

Sometimes making things hurried works well, thus, you might also try this to improve the conversion rate of your landing pages. 

Try elements like don’t miss out, limited stock available, hurry up, or offer available till stock lasts on your landing page. Adding these smartly will create urgency and in the fear of missing out an opportunity, people might complete the purchase or whatever your CTA is.

  • Social media is important

The platforms you choose to promote your brand also play a vital role in deciding the conversion of your landing pages. Thus, never forget to do it on social media as that’s where you will drive most of the visitors from. 

Remember, not all social media platforms are for you, and hence, you need to find the best & appropriate ones and focus on them. Doing this will help you get genuine visitors on the landing pages and a good percentage of those visitors will convert. 

Final Words

Landing pages are most important for any business to convert traffic into customers. The page at which a visitor lands after clicking the provided link or the ad is known as the landing page. It decides the reputation of your brand and plays a vital role in deciding the behavior of visitors. 

Thus, it becomes important to design the landing page in such a way that it convinces the visitors to willingly consider your call to action and ensure a better conversion rate. This post included some of the key strategies that could help you a lot in making highly converting landing pages and take you one step ahead in reaching your long-term goals. 

So, smartly decide your landing page according to the keyword you are targeting and the products/services you are offering. Plus, these above-mentioned tactics are already there for you to get amazing results that you are looking for.