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How to master SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, a practice to increase the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results.

The relevance of SEO remains, and if you’re working in the field of marketing, or write blogs, and have your own business yet it is essential for you to know the basics of SEO. The practices of SEO are ever-changing and developing for the moving targets and algorithms that are updating with time. 

Links, major SEO factor: Links play a vital role in SEO playing a major factor to rank on the top of the list of Google key rankings. They act as a reliable hand of help staying through all your thick and thin. 

For instance, if the number of links is less, the rank automatically decreases. 

But the question is that how can you get this proactive method of using backlinks, as it isn’t necessary for you to acquire any technical skill for that. 

Well here are some best methods to help you.

Mention testimonials from other companies you’ve worked with: 

This is simple you just have to compile a list of companies you’ve worked with over some years and you just have to send them an email thanking them for their services and do not forget to mention that you wish to offer them a testimonial for their site if they are interested. There are chances of a positive outcome for the following because who doesn’t want their company in good limelight. 

A Raw Case Study:

This is an interesting set of data derived from the original study that is held by your company to publish the most natural ways to get people back to your link. If your case study is raw people won’t resist complimenting it at any point in time and will certainly mention your study or results in their own blog posts and link to you as a source. 

The case study will always attract links if you don’t have data or resources to work with, the case study will focus on how you came by it as one impressive result.

Content is essential: Content is one of the most essential factors for the ranking of your site. It becomes important because Google wants to check whether you’re active or not and that brings lots of people on your site, and becomes a signal to the search engine that you’re providing it relevant and worthy information.

Sites rank for a lot of keywords and you just can’t miss an opportunity so by analyzing the keywords you’re mentioning you can make your content SEO-friendly.

  • Different types of content: A new and fresh idea is always welcomed and experimenting with your content is never bad. You can try by recording videos, adding something witty that can serve the purpose and in the blog-post rut, video tutorials are a great way to provide value for your audience and make it interesting content. 
  • Long-Form Content: The content should be long and elaborative to its depth that provides more utility to the audience, and gives you space to target as many keywords as possible. 
  • Structuring old content: It is never wrong to restructuring your old content because content needs repurposing to keep it fresh, to get it more into trends for development. You can also turn your content into an infographic, e-book or SlideShare. 

Meta description and headlines are important: 

In search of results, the headlines and meta description of your post are displayed. If you want to make a good impression then this is the very first step to it, although it is important that people click your link as the way people engage at this point is through the click-through rate (CTR),  comparing the number of people who click on a result and how many people see it.

CTR is a prominent factor to optimize your headline and meta-description to improve the click-through rate. 

The characters up to 90-99 have a better click-through rate, containing focused keywords as found in a study by Contently. It is important to find the perfect position for the headlines for the search engines and the audience. 

  1. Captivating and Clickable: Intense is everything that can create an amazing headline and help you generate curiosity among the audience to engage them and make them click the headline.

Add phrases and or anything emotional to engross the reader with this formula it is easy to crack the audience captivating code.

  • Near to the beginning: The natural position is to be placed close to the beginning so that Google receives your signal specifically and clearly. 

Well, the main thing about using the headline and meta-description is that they should authentically represent the content, because if not then you can make a mistake of creating the pogo-sticking effect. 

The Pogo-sticking effect is simply when an individual is searching for any particular details and clicks a page with a related headline accordingly, but is unable to find the perfect data for the following. Therefore, on whichever page the individual will stay on, automatically goes up and the pogo-sticking effect will occur to let the other page ranking go down.   

User Observation and Experience:

Search engines keep an idea and check as per the user observation and experience and reacting accordingly as per the user behavior when they reach your site. 

And like every action has a reaction if the review to your site is not up to the mark, it will create a negative effect on the SEO because it is important to forecast the topic searches for a particular topic. But if the content is impressive and worthy of providing knowledge as per the requirement of an individual looking for anything in particular.

 The most important aspect is that the site should load faster than you blink your eye which means that if the site loading time is two seconds it should probably load within half a second because of the visitors clicking your page and it did not load, and it not only creates a bad impression but continuously losing visitors will lead you down in the site that simply means that your page will vanish soon from the site. 

Adding to the impression your page put on the visitor let us make one more point very clear that the visitors to your page are not very interested in the designs, they prefer an easy experience with the perfect solutions they wish to enjoy. Three steps that will help you achieve more visitors:

  • On-point and simple: It is easy to facilitate a visitor or user by answering their doubts in simple words and small paragraphs so that it becomes easier for the visitor to relate to the content and abides him/her to stay at your page and read the content with interest.
  •  Minimum Ads: Well more ads can annoy anyone and for the one visiting your page faces a similar condition be ready that this is going to put that person off and the more similar reactions occur the page will automatically dropdown. 
  • Faster site speed: For faster site speed you can apply basic methods that will not take ages for the page to load like crop images with the perfect size and compress them as well as you can delete the plugin that you do not use so that the site speed does not slow down. 

Mobile first-indexing:

Google algorithms analyze the desktop version of your site but mobile first-indexing is the best way nowadays people use mobile phones and as stated by Google fifty percent searches are done from mobile phones. The simplest way to check if your site is mobile friendly with Google’s mobile-friendly test by simply copy and paste your URL, and within seconds comes up with the results on the screen that the text is either too small to read or the content is wider than the screen, and to fix those errors you need to create a responsive website.

  • Don’t hide content: There should be no content hidden behind expandable sections, menus, or buttons.  Because in the near future if Google checks the content should be available on your mobile. Therefore, do not play hide and seek or display content differently on the mobile version of your site.
  • Optimization: SEO optimization plays a very important role because it has been found that 98% of the searches are done on the mobile phone and 58% in a day. Therefore, it is essential to take care of the optimization to get your page noticed.
  • Optimizing Voice Search: Lots of people these days use voice searches through Alexa and Sierre the command is easier and simpler. Therefore, you need to start thinking about the kind of language people will use when performing a voice search, adding your discoveries to your keyword list and your content needs to reflect that. 


The time you decide and begin to practice these simple ways to get your content and page noticed with these proactive methods to excel the SEO you’ll surely make several hits. Take care of the links, compressing images, faster page loading, your audience, as well as your search engine, will work to move your site page up. 

And do follow the trend of using mobile optimization, you can master SEO in these simple ways.