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How to Use Pinterest for Your Business

How to Use Pinterest for Your Business

Visuals hold some serious importance in this digital market-centric world. That is the reason why social media platforms focusing on images & videos are gaining so much popularity. One of such social media platforms is ‘Pinterest.’ It is an image-sharing social media platform that also supports the sharing of videos and GIFs in the form of pinboards. 

Besides simple images, infographics and GIFs are also becoming popular and people are using them to a good effect. Businesses are reaping more benefits through the use of such visuals by providing quality information to their target audience. Taking this into consideration, Pinterest is one such social media platform that is a must for businesses to grow stronger online and build authority. 

This post will tell you some tips on how to use Pinterest for your business & brand to a good effect and reap benefits. 

Tips to use Pinterest for your business

  • Create a business account

The first thing you are required to do to use Pinterest for your business is to create a business account. Fill all the required details with genuine information, link your website, and connect this account with your other social media accounts like Instagram & YouTube if you want to. 

Creating a business account will give you free Pinterest services like Pinterest analytics and other important tools for measuring your success. It also gives the flexibility to link your business and personal accounts and switch in between whenever required. 

  • Share your products

Once you’ve created a business account, the next best thing you can do with Pinterest is to share your products by creating pins. In Pinterest, pins comprise image or video and one of the best strategies to use this social media platform for your business is by pinning your own products to share with others. It could also be done by sharing your products on other’s boards with a similar theme. 

Remember, pins can be created without linking back to your site, but it is advised to always include a link back to the landing page on your site to ensure users easily reach there to buy the product. 

  • Create interesting content

It doesn’t matter what you are doing to promote your business online, content always holds the key. On Pinterest as well, it is important for you to post some quality content for your readers. Each of your pins must have a qualitative description so that people have the zeal to know more and for that, they will visit your website. 

No doubt that visuals are more important but you cannot ignore texts either as they will describe what’s there in the image. So, be creative and selective while writing the content. 

  • Connect with pinners

Pinners are the Pinterest users who share images, videos, and other visuals on their accounts. Just like other social media platforms, it is necessary for businesses on Pinterest to connect with people. 

To connect with pinners, you can use boards that are a theme-based collection of different pins saved by users. Based on your business’s niche, you can create a board and share it with people. Not only with product’s themes, but the board can also be created to promote your brand in different ways like a board of your customers using your products, before and after the effects of using your product, benefits received through your products, and much more. 

Another thing you could do is participate in group boards to give wide exposure to your pins. Remember choosing the board which is relevant to your business’s niche. 

  • Ensure visibility of your pins

Keywords are very important when it comes to ensuring the visibility of what you post on Pinterest. You need to make sure that the keywords you are targeting must be in your boards, descriptions, and pin names. Because that’s how you will be visible when someone searches on Pinterest. 

You can also optimize for Pinterest SEO by doing keyword research and also be pinning from your website. Being specific could also be a defining factor for your Pinterest SEO. 

  • Create a content strategy that delivers

It is important for you to create content that is not pushy or salesy rather which is informative. Educate people on why they need the product you offer and what benefit they’ll receive through it. This is the best tactic by which you can convince people to purchase your product. 

The reason is that people will only buy something when they are aware of it and know how helpful it is. Your content strategy should be strong enough that pinners who show interest in your pins could be easily taken to the marketing funnel. 

  • Make it easy for pinners to shop

Pinners love to shop directly and if you don’t give them enough ease to do so, it is likely that you will lose customers. What we mean by saying this is to allow pinners to shop easily through your pins by taking them directly to the purchase page when pins are clicked.  

Considering this will help you get customers through Pinterest and if they like your product, they’ll pin it as well and you’ll get better recognition. 

  • Engage with users

Just like Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms, you need to engage with other users on Pinterest as well. Appreciate their efforts by thanking them for re-pinning your pins, follow them to encourage them to follow you back, ask for feedback by requesting them to re-pin products in your catalog, and much more.

Engaging with users us the best way to build genuine relationships that will last for long. Remember, more the interaction, better & stronger will be the relationship. 

  • Create a contest 

Another tactic of using Pinterest for businesses is to hold contests by giving exciting prizes in return and that could be free goodies, discount coupons, exclusive offers, or something else like this.

You can ask users to re-pin their favorite pins in your catalog for participating. This will ensure better visibility of your brand due to a flood of re-pins on your Pinterest account. 


When we talk about digital marketing, social media is a must for all businesses as this is the platform that will give most of the leads and sales. Here, you will find the target audience for all business niches and it will be easy for you to connect with them as well. Pinterest is also a social media platform that focuses primarily on visuals like images, videos, & GIFs. 

For businesses as well, this social media platform is becoming highly popular and they have started to experience great benefits by pinning and using effective content strategies. There is a huge audience on Pinterest thus, having an account will only multiply your target audience and will give better exposure. 

This post would have given you a brief on how you can use Pinterest for promoting your business and we hope it will of great help.