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Importance of Facebook for Marketing

Importance of Facebook for Marketing

Everyone is talking about the digital world and why not, going digital is making the lives of people easy. When it comes to businesses, the digital platform has done wonders and is still making a strong mark for brands that are shifting focus towards it. 

With all efforts made by businesses to promote themselves on the digital platform, social media should be the one to get most of the attention. The reason why we are saying this is because of the popularity that social media has gained across the globe. There are millions of social media users in the world and the numbers are rising at a good speed. That’s why this platform has become a key one for the promotion of businesses.  

When we talk about social media, the first thing that comes into our mind is Facebook. When Facebook was first introduced for public use, no one would have thought that it will become a necessity for brands to get the attention of the target audience. In around a decade and a half, Facebook has reached to a level where it no more requires any introduction. This social media platform holds high importance for businesses when it comes to marketing and this post is focused on telling you some key benefits of Facebook for your digital marketing efforts. 

Benefits of Facebook for Marketing

  • Huge exposure

One of the key reasons why social media has become so popular for businesses is the exposure it gives. Similar is the case with Facebook, it holds importance because it can give a huge exposure to your brand and makes it easy to find the target audience. 

People love to spend time on Facebook by sharing their thoughts, photographs, and much more. This is a big reason for its popularity and having billions of users. When it comes to businesses, Facebook offers many channels through which they can make their presence on this platform. Some of the ways include Fb ads, dedicated business pages, creating groups, joining communities, and other paid promotional activities. 

Engaging in such activities on Facebook will get the attention of people, and the interested ones will reciprocate accordingly. All will depend upon the strategies adopted by you to promote your business.  

Remember, if people like your content, they will share it with others and that’s how the exposure you will get keep multiplying.

  • Your starting point

Not all startups can have a company’s website and the main reason for that could be a tight budget. Designing a website requires some amount of money and initially, not all businesses can afford that. So, what to do in such a scenario? How to promote digitally? 

It should not be a matter to worry for such businesses as Facebook is there for a rescue. One can create a Facebook page to promote the brand and add relevant content at virtually no cost. Businesses can add all of their products on the Fb page with their unique points to grab the attention of people. 

Facebook also gives a great opportunity to businesses with a limited budget to promote using paid advertisements. They can choose from various advertisement campaigns like Cost Per Click, Cost Per Million, or Cost Per Action as per their budget. Plus, it also gives you the flexibility to set the daily limit of how much you want to spend. This makes Facebook for important when it comes to marketing.

  • Target potential customers

This is one of the most interesting features Facebook offers to businesses. With Facebook marketing, you can narrow down your target audience by setting the parameters that define your potential customers the best. For example, if your product or service is best for ladies aged between 25 to 40, you can set this parameter and the ad will only be shown to ladies of this age group. 

Another feature it offers is to set a certain area in which your services are available and anyone present in that area and looking for the services you offer will see your ad. This will also reduce the budget required for ad campaigns and you can use it for other important activities. 

Besides everything, you can also run contests for your target audience and encourage them to participate by giving something in return or attract them the way you can. 

  • Improves brand awareness and traffic

Interacting with people on Facebook is a great way to get the attention of your target audience and get your brand noticed. Solve the queries of people regarding the products/services you offer and tell them how they can help in solving their problems. Considering this will also be great to improve the brand’s loyalty. Interaction on Facebook is easy and people can easily respond to your posts. In this way, you will receive more engagement thus, better loyalty for the target audience as well.

People who will be satisfied with your answer will love to know more about your brand and they’ll visit your website. And in this way, your web traffic will get a boost. 

  • Gives detailed insights

Another reason why Facebook is important for the marketing of a business is the insights it delivers. Through graphical representation, it can show how much people have engaged with your posts, how many followers you have gained, page likes you’ve got, recommendations, page views, actions taken on-page, and much more. All these insights are enough for you to optimize marketing strategies accordingly and derive better results in the future. 

Taking these analytics seriously will help you make your brand strong and ensure improved recognition & brand authority. 

  • Keep the existing audience engaged

If you have an established business, then having a presence on Facebook will help you keep your existing audience engaged with regular one to one interaction and by posting relevant & engaging content. This will also let you build trust with people and maintain their focus on your brand. 

Through Facebook Live, you can periodically interact with your target audience in a much better way and share some valuable knowledge that they love to hear and interact with. Doing so will get you the attention of a huge audience and you might receive some tips to make your products/services better. 

Another thing that you can do is share unique and interesting videos relevant to your brand and ask for reviews on what they liked about it. This is also a good idea to ensure better engagement and get a genuine response. 

  • Ensures better revenue

Having a huge number of Facebook users, running advertisements here ensures better visibility and it becomes a bit easy to target potential customers. While scrolling the feed, when a potential customer comes across your ad, he/she will explore it know more about it, and curiosity will drive him/her to your website for making the purchase. 

This way, you will be able to generate more leads & sales, and eventually better revenue. Not only one, but there are also numerous potential customers who don’t know which brand they choose and it’s you, who need to build curiosity in them towards your brand through Facebook Ads. This strategy has worked for numerous businesses and they have seen a noticeable change in their revenue. 

  • Increases customer attribution

Attribution can be defined as the number of times people will come across your brand. The higher is the number, the better will be the chances of being converted from a visitor to a customer. Now, with Facebook, the number keeps rising and it improves the chances of moving your audience towards the purchase. 

When you place an ad on Facebook and set the parameters to whom you want it to see, the user will encounter it more than once and this will tempt him/her to check what it is for. In this way, you can also create a need and convince visitors to try your products. Better customer attribution is also a defining factor for generating future sales. 

  • Can drive repeat business

Facebook is no more only a social media platform to chat with your friends and share photographs, it has become a lot more than that. It won’t be wrong to say that Facebook has become a marketing tool for businesses and those who use it smartly can reap great benefits.

It might be surprising for you to know that this platform can drive repeat business as well. You can import email ids of customers who have purchased from you in the past through Fb and send customized messages to them. If necessary, you can also give them exclusive offers to increase the chances of getting the desired results. Those who had a great experience with you earlier on are likely to reciprocate the way you want. 

  • Boost traffic on your blogs

Yes, you read it right, Facebook is a platform that can help you create a strong brand identity in many ways and that is why it is gaining more and more attention. Through Facebook ads, you can also promote your blogs to show the expertise in your niche and provide valuable information to people through them.

Doing this will create a reputable image of your brand and bring you front as an expert in your niche. Remember, without traffic, your blogs are just useless as no one will be able to know your thoughts and views. Thus, it is important to have good exposure for your blogs, and Facebook can do it for you. 

If people start liking your blogs and the information you provide, your brand will automatically get the trust & attention you want. 

  • Facebook advertising is mobile

Mobile internet users have outnumbered desktop internet users and that is the prime reason why businesses have started to shift their focus more towards mobile users. 

Now, as we know Facebook is focused more on mobile and almost all of Fb users use it on their smartphone. So, in this sense, using Facebook for promoting your brand will get you the focus of mobile users and that increases the chances of improving your brand’s recognition and brand’s authority. 

Facebook is one of the main social media platforms which is used across the globe and using it for your brand’s promotion will not let you down. 

  • Ensures better customer support

Every customer wants to be heard and get a response because without that no business can build its authority and gain trust. With the help of the Facebook page, you can interact with your target audience one to one and solve their queries. Getting answered personally will emotionally attach customers and the chances are high that they will remain loyal to you. 

Facebook interaction will also make it easy for your customers to share their thoughts and queries if they have any. Plus, it will also be easier for brands to respond individually to queries as much as possible. 

Summing It Up

You cannot ignore social media especially if you own a business or are looking to establish one. It is one of the pillars on which successful businesses stand. And hence, if you want one you need to make some serious efforts on social media.

The time is gone when social media used to be a platform for only interaction with your buddies irrespective of their physical locations. Now, this platform has become a marketing tool, and those who know the tactic of using it, beating them is not an easy task. 

Facebook is undoubtedly one of the biggest social media platforms used not only by millions of individual users but also by businesses. It has helped a lot of brands become a big one and the next one could be yours. This post was solely focused on telling you the importance of using Facebook for your digital marketing efforts

We hope, that it would have given you enough information that will be helpful in improving your marketing efforts on Facebook and implementing them in the best way possible. 

Best of luck!