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Importance of Video Marketing

Importance of Video Marketing

The world is so competitive that businesses do everything possible to stand strong in the market and make their presence felt. Marketing strategies have also evolved so much that companies are taking full advantage of that. But one needs to understand that doing the same as everyone is doing will not make you any different. To grab the attention of your target audience, it is important for you to do something unique so that people can easily find you in the crowd. 

Out of all numerous marketing strategies adopted by businesses, the one that requires attention is video marketing. Though this technique is not new, yet it did not get the attention it should have. 

Videos are everywhere and they influence people a lot that we might not have even imagined. That is why video marketing is so important for businesses especially in this digital era where every individual can see videos using their smartphones. If implemented right, video marketing could be the ‘X Factor’ of your overall marketing campaign. Let us see how it will help you out in the long run and provide the competitive advantage to your business over others. 

What is Video Marketing?

I don’t think that it is complex for you to understand what video marketing is, as the name itself defines it. But let’s just simplify it for you. Promoting your brand or products using creative, informative, and unique videos is termed as video marketing. Videos can be posted anywhere on your website or social media accounts and they will help you get the attention you desire. 

Why create marketing videos?

We must say that people are becoming lazy with the advancement of technology as instead of manual work, there are machines and gadgets to help them out. But this is not our concern as of now. What we want to say is that people prefer watching a video instead of reading a long textual paragraph. The reason is that reading requires more effort when compared to that of watching a video. Plus, watching a video is more fun.

This is not all why marketing videos is important, it has many more benefits associated. It is seen that web pages having relevant and interesting videos tend to get more visibility on the SERP and thus, rank high as well.  Another important point to notice about having videos on a web page is a low bounce rate. This is because people tend to spend more time on the page having a video when compared to those without it. If you want to deal more with videos than other mediums, YouTube could be the best platform for you to be famous. 

Importance of video marketing

Now you might have got an idea about what video marketing is and what it can do for businesses. Let us see some of its benefits as well.

  • Best way to connect to the audience

We must say that having an educational and informative video on your website or even social media accounts will receive more engagement from the target audience when compared to other content. Plus, if you give proper attention to create a marketing video, you will be able to communicate in a better way and clearly convey the message you want to. 

  • Boosts SEO

You might or might not know that videos are like a jackpot for your SEO. If you have relevant and interesting videos on your website, it will rank higher to those without any videos on their site. Having a video is seen as a plus point by Google and it will prefer your site over others.

If the video is large and it will affect the loading speed of your site, you can just upload the video on YouTube and add its link on your site. Doing this will also give similar results to that of posting a video itself. So, just never ignore creating a video to ensure better & effective SEO.

  • Humanize brands

Videos are amazing, it’s just that we need to understand their importance. Compared to just plain text, videos can humanize brands more by depicting a story and conveying the message through audio & visuals. A video will make people feel that someone is interacting with them and they will feel more engaged. 

We think that videos can create an identity of your products or services that will be unique for your brand thus, people will be able to recognize it easily. 

  • Better information retention

The human brain tends to remember more what it sees than what it reads or hears. Yes, this is a fact that has been justified by numerous researches conducted across the world. Now, when it comes to video marketing, this tendency of the human brain will be helpful for your business as well. 

For example, posting a video which talks about the qualities of your products or services in a unique way will get you more leads when compared to without using a video. The reason for this is that when people will come across a similar product or service as provided by you; they will compare it with yours on the basis of the qualities shown in your video. Hence, if people find your better one, they will surely prefer your brand over others. 

This is how videos will help your target audience to remember the information provided by you for a longer time. 

  • Go Personal

As we said above that video marketing is not new, it has just evolved to its better version, and this is true. If we talk about a decade ago, not many of us, especially businesses would have thought of having a live video chat with the customers. But this is possible now or we must say that this is becoming frequent. 

Through live video, you will give the opportunity to people to have personal engagement. This could easily be done through your social media accounts like Facebook or Instagram using their live video function. Though this trend is new, yet it is getting more attention from people as well as businesses. 

  • Helpful in this Mobi-World

What we mean by saying the word Mobi-World is that people across the world are shifting focus from desktops to their smartphones for surfing the internet. Plus, it is also seen that they tend to spend a good percentage of time using their smartphones. This increases the chances of getting your videos viewed on the mobile platform and if people like them, they will share them.

So, you can imagine the exposure your brand will get after posting a video that is unique and attention-grabbing. And it is suggested that social media will be the best platform to post it for getting the attention of a huge audience. 

  • Builds trust

Video is undoubtedly an effective tool to tell a story about your brand and if you add some facts, it could do wonders for you. We, humans, are emotional folks, and adding something in your video that a person can relate will be awesome. 

For example, if you are selling an ointment that can relieve back pain, then showing how painful it is to have this condition and how your ointment will help in this will make people relate more. And, this will show up with the increased in demand. 

Thus, in this way you can build trust and maintain a long-term relationship with your clients and generate more leads. 

  • Better reputation

Currently, not many businesses are focusing on video marketing and this is the best time to outrank your competitors and build a good reputation on the digital platform. Posting a video that not only entices viewers but also delivers a good message on social media and your website will be of great help in building a good reputation. 

Another key importance of having a good video is high social shares. This means that people who watch your video will share it with others if they find it worth sharing. In this manner, you will be able to reach a wider audience and it will also help in building better links.

  • Easily accessible

We can’t forget this fact that a video can be accessed easily by anyone who has internet availability. There are numerous ways by which a user can watch your video including YouTube, your website, mobile applications, Facebook, and Instagram. Thus, once you post a video your target audience can watch it without any hassles and they can share it as well, as we have discussed above. 

Plus, the video opens new possibilities for you to reach your target audience in a cost-effective manner and get better ROI. 

  • Targets all

It doesn’t matter which market segment you are targeting, whether it is millennials or the older generation. Customizing videos or posting them on the platform they use more will do it for you. As today’s generation prefer using social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, thus posting there will give your brand the exposure to the right audience if you are targeting millennials. 

While if you focus on attracting kids, having a cartoon video with the message you want to deliver will hit the right spot. So, don’t worry about the varying demographics, video marketing has got you covered. 

These are the key benefits of focusing on video marketing along with other marketing strategies. It will definitely give you a competitive advantage over others and you will experience this in your digital presence. 

Now to get these benefits, you need to know how your video marketing strategy will work. Let us discuss it in brief.

Points to consider for the implementation of video marketing strategy

  • Define resources

It is not just that only money can get you everything, there are several other resources as well that you require based on the things you are doing. For video marketing, it is important for you to decide how you are going to create a video and which editing software will be the best for you. 

While on the other hand, if you don’t want to engage in any of these hassles, it will be best for you to hire a team that only focuses on video marketing. 

  • Story is important

Remember, if your video is boring or without any relevant content, no one will care about it and all your resources will be wasted. Thus, it is necessary for you to tell a story about your brand and make it interesting to get the desired attention. It is seen that a story told via a video is going to get much more attention than told through textual content. 

So, do proper research to find out which story you are going to tell and how you are going to tell. In this process, a team of professionals will offer a great idea.

  • Engagement of audience is must

The main purpose of video marketing is to get attention and through that businesses will gain a better reputation, recognition, and leads. Thus, your video must be engaging and you need to brainstorm the ways to find out which interesting elements you can add in your video that not only appear genuine & relevant but also keep the eyes of the viewers open and focused.

Keep one thing in mind, if you fail to engage people with your video, the result you are seeking to get will become difficult. So, give proper time and ensure enough research to find out what entices your target audience more and how you are going to add that in your video relevantly. 

  • Don’t bore people

What we mean by saying this is that marketing video should be short and sweet. If you try to make it long, people will get annoyed and all your efforts will go in vain. Whether the video is promoting your brand or a single product, keeping it precise is always a good idea. 

To achieve that, adding only unique points about your brand or product will be the best idea. 

  • Post

Once you are ready with your video, it’s time to post it and while posting choosing the right channel is important. The channel will depend upon your target audience and their behavior. You can post your video on social media platforms as people of all interests are present there plus, you will get the right exposure there as well. 

While on the other hand, if your target audience uses email more, then sending the video through email will be a great idea as well. But for that, rigorous research about the audience is a must and you are required to collect relevant data.

  • Monitor

No matter what you are doing, monitoring and analyzing is always important to find out what is working and what is not. Similar is the case with video marketing, you need to analyze which of your videos are getting more attention and what people are talking about them. Plus, it is also necessary to check on which platforms you are doing better so that you can strategize your next move accordingly.

It is advised to use appropriate tools for getting the right metrics about your video marketing and use that to the right effect later on. 

The Bottom Line

Every factor that makes your presence stronger on the digital platform is important for the marketing of your business. There are many of those factors that require special attention and one of those is videos. Yes, it is completely true that videos play a vital role in differentiating one business from others. Even the search engine like Google finds web pages with a video better than those without it. Thus, you can imagine how important video marketing could be for your brand. 

The message a video delivers is remembered for long period by people than those delivered by texts and it is a scientific fact. This is the reason we remember the story of a movie easily and in a better way than of a novel. Similarly, brands that focus on video marketing tend to get more attention and it will help them in the long run. 

So, it is advised to run an effective video marketing campaign along with other strategies to stand strong and different in the crowd. We hope that this post would have given you a good idea of how important video marketing is and what it can do for you to achieve long-term goals.