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Interesting free-domains naming services 

Interesting free-domains naming services

A domain is an identification string that defines a realm of administrative autonomy, authority, or control within the internet. These domain names are used in a variety of networking contexts and application-specific naming and addressing purposes.

The best domain examples are represents about a dozen IP addresses and domain names are used in URLs to identify particular Web pages wherein the URL, the domain name is “” 

The usage of a domain is the address where Internet users can access 

Your website and is used to find as well as identify computers on the Internet because the computers use the IP addresses which are a series of number and is strenuous for humans to remember strings of numbers. 

There are differences between a website and a domain as the domain is the name of the website where a URL helps find a website that simply means, you still need to buy a domain, purchase the name for your site, the most important thing is building the site as a domain registrar and host like the Google Domains.

The domains include five different types of domains that are, Top-level domains, Country code top-level domains, Generic Top-level domains, Second-level domains, Third-level domains. 

The domains act as an option to create a free website, blog, or community forums to publish it on the website on the web at absolutely no cost. But the free website hosting providers offering a long and very difficult to remember web address to their free site hosting users where one can take advantage of free domain registration service that enables to get a free domain with a very short and easy to remember extension and mask the terribly looking website address with a perfectly looking free domain web address. There are free domain names offering good features and quality of services and free domains: 

Established in 2002 and their services are quite simple and are recommended to the beginners. A free domain host provides a very short free domain with business Extension and offers third level free domains such as that are registered and hosted at their servers at no additional cost providing free hosting services, free site builder and blog builder and many pre-installed tools such as photo album, guestbook, hits counter, webrings, form the mailer, site copier, etc. 


Established in 2008 and known as an eco-friendly green hosting service that can help to save our planet ecology with a free web hosting provider that enables us to register a free domain name Extension and host it at servers with absolutely no cost. A full-featured free domain hosting service including both features advanced users as PHP hosting, CGI, and free website builder tools that are easily installed like WordPress blog and Joomla website, etc.


Established in 2003 and is reliable on the service and the good part is they do not add forced free ads to free website domains they are offering. Providing free domain registration service with a very short and easy to extension and can be used for any free web site, blog, forums, or other web page published on the web. 

The service works in the form of URL redirection so that they support meta tags, URL masking, path forwarding, Favicon, Google Webmaster Tools, etc. But the domains do not support DNS changes that they have recommended mainly for beginners.