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SEO no more an Achilles Heels

SEO no more an Achilles Heels

A Search engine is a process of increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic by increasing the visibility of a website or a web page to users of a web search program. The organic search that is natural and excludes direct traffic/visitors and the purchase of the paid placement. 

Users may target different kinds of searches that include video search, academic search, image search, industry specific-vertical search, and news search. 

SEO differs from local search engine optimization and in SEO the focus is on optimizing a business’ online presence so that its web pages will be displayed by search engines and when a user enters a local search engine for its product and services. The former is focused on national and international searches.

So SEO is no more an Achilles Heels if you follow these simple ways to get it done:

Install Yoast on WordPress:

WordPress is not the only platform for blogs but one of the best with a free plugin as Yoast helping you perform better SEO. Yoast is a suite of SEO plugins for WordPress and it rightly available for free as well as premium versions.

And free Yoast is spectacular as it has internal linking and redirection that are important and fixes to focus on with SEO. 

Additionally, making your site look more presentable to the search engine, helping you get backlinks from other sites. And once the plugin is installed and is a seamless GUI upgrade and it works whenever you will create a new post on WordPress the Yoast command centre at the bottom, providing you a plethora of information. 

This consists of the following:

A preview of exactly how your post’s snippet will look in search engines, and it can be viewed both on the desktop and mobile manipulate it according to your choice with a set of focus keyword for real-time SEO analysis. 

Yoast scans your post in real-time to provide suggestions on readability, keyword density, title, header tags, and more. And a good idea to mark cornerstone content that is supported by the long-tail content. A new dashboard while installing Yoast appears that gives you an overview of your entire site SEO.

The post is marked in red, orange, or grey need focus and attention.

Redirect and find dead links:

An essential tool is Google Webmaster to analyse and optimize your web page, the website looks to Google by fetching it through Webmaster tools. This is the next step after fixing the errors found during the initial scan and once the errors are fixed then it is the “Request Indexing” button we switch to, but before that, we need to be assured that there are no site errors. 

Google will detect the link that it couldn’t find and allows you to correct each layer of your website. And it will send you a message of there are any important changes in your site. 

An increase in 404 errors can quickly wreak havoc on the website, and it is important to find any broken links, and if you make changes to your site to redirect those links. You just have to be careful regarding the number of plugins activated by you. 

On Relevant sites gain backlinks:

By making guest appearances on reputable websites, you’ll get an opportunity to shine in several ways while building your overall SEO efforts.

It’s also earned media, a valuable marketing channel. Cross promotions and co-branding an establish an expert in the market very well and it is important to contribute the content with other websites too including yours. And for a good futuristic approach, reputable backlinks can act as a boon to keep your site relevant to search engines. 

Mobile Optimization:

The go-to the internet of things, wearables, and mobile phones are outperforming desktops as the preferred way to access the internet. Unless your site is mobile it is competitive to perform well in Google searches. The things are designed systematically for mobile sites so that they do not cover a lot of space as for the desktops it is quite easy to work because it contains ample space for videos, animation, and pictures, accordingly the dealership paves its ways to work systematically. The best thing one can always do is fix the SEO by optimizing the e-Commerce site for the mobile phone that is another interesting way to boost traffic on through the RSS feed.

The RSS feed:

The RSS feed is not a direct SEO boost in itself if you submit it, but it will help with posting a similar posting on Buzzfeed or any other user-contributed media sites. As consideration for the audience, the information is perceived differently when it is differentiated by the same information to the mainstream information. RSS is a content discovery tool and is effective for marketers as the traffic will show on your Google Analytics report as referral traffic and not search. Because the PPC campaigns and banners are a waste of money and resources, in spite of this you can invest by submitting your articles through paid content services like Outbrain. The ads that will look more like the in-feed content that is something similar to the recommendations in the WordPress magazine themes. 

Related Suggestion:

Return visitors help you to push the ranking of the search up even if the initial traffic is good. Always remember that remarketing plays a very significant role in it except for the customers those who have already established their ways through your conversation tunnel. The recommendations are static and change accordingly as the number of visitors and page content that boosts your click-through rate because there is a direct correlation between SEO position and Click-through rate. 

For an SEO Audit:

To check your SEO and its working one requires a full SEO Audit. Google Analytics is a great review and it is just the beginning and the first one is the SEO analysis tool for the website, you just have to enter and you will get a fast SEO analysis. SEMrush can be a hand of help to get a breakdown of audience demographics and important keyword information that will also help you see visual data of your rank among your competitors and this SEO effort brings a piece of vital information that pays off. Organic search and referral traffic boost the SEO ranking. 

Hiring a Professional:

It is important to hire a professional to proofread and edit the content before publishing it because misspelling and any types of misinformation can affect consumer trust. In all this, there begins another issue and that is the fight between the media and politics sometimes that automatically gets the websites banned from search engines, social media, etc. The readability effect increases when you hire a professional proof-reader and editor who will make sure that there is no passive voice or errors in the content before it is published and that becomes an important factor for the Yoast SEO to check the content before publication. 

Optimizing the Visuals:

The visual content makes the page more captivating and appealing for the customer as well as creates interest of the customer to participate and take interest in reading the content as well as sharing this with there social media links too.  Adding to these efforts Google also has an image search and using virtual content on your website makes you more accessible if you take care of the content creation on visual content including pictures, infographics, charts or videos. Visual marketing works because the information retained better. And with schema integrated into the web content is making the search engine more interactive. The user gets two visuals that are horizontal searches that take up the entire search and are more likely to be used than any text-based answer. It is very important to have visual content if you want your page and content to be on today’s internet. 

Creating a site map:

It is easier to visualize the website when there is a visual map, it is writing pages on the index card and pinning to a bulletin board. Focusing on the video is more important with that Yoast SEO used as a plugin and constantly updating the content so that the sitemap stays updated too. The process is simple, you begin with the Homepage on one index card and place it in the centre and then add Blog, Contact, About, and e-Commerce pages, just connect them before you decide to submit it to Google’s Webmaster Tools, and submit the site to Bing. It is necessary for these search crawlers to start indexing your page and it should be done any time after you fix the errors and make a change to your site. 


Always remember that before you publish the content all the errors must be checked thoroughly for better online marketing and SEO because most sites do not fix their errors. Through organic search few simple adjustments of creating headway in traffic are possible. Google and its search traffic are the pretension of any web-related business where Google is the ticket to be found online and gradually improve with the instantly changing internet remaining lithe.