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SEO Strategies that are Rewarded by Google

SEO Strategies that are Rewarded by Google

Whenever it comes to the online presence of a business, the first thing that comes to our mind is Google. The maximum percentage of people across the world prefer using Google search engine for finding anything on the internet and undoubtedly, google is one of the most popular search engines as well. Thus, it becomes important for businesses to ensure better visibility and high SERP on Google search engine. 

One of the most basic things to do well on the digital platform is to ensure better search engine optimization (SEO) because this is something that will put you in Google’s limelight. Here are some key SEO strategies that Google finds worth rewarding.

SEO techniques that Google rewards

  • Mobile-friendliness

The world is filled with mobile internet users and they are more from when compared to desktop internet users. The prime reason for this is the convenience by which internet surfing can be done using mobile phones. This point has become a priority for Google to rank websites high. 

So, if are looking to be prioritized by Google, one thing you must do is optimize your website for the mobile platform. If you don’t consider this, you are never going to overpower your competitors having a mobile-friendly website.  

  • Look into every single web page

Maintaining your website never only means just considering the homepage. It is important for you to understand that each and every page count and requires the same attention as you provide to the homepage. Google never just focuses on the homepage of your website rather it looks for all the pages.

So, to get rewarded by Google, you must make sure that each of your webpages has quality content and relevant SEO keywords. It is also an SEO good practice that everyone must consider on a serious note. 

  • Content is vital

No matter what, the content will always remain the strongest pillar of SEO and that is the reason why Google rewards quality content. Whatever you post on your website, it should be quality because that is only considered and prioritized by Google.

While writing content, you must also ensure adding top keywords that are relevant to your business, and people are searching. Another point of importance is to add unique and engaging information in the content that is not available easily for the people. Doing this will not only improve SERP ranking but also grab the attention of the target audience.

  • Meta description

The meta description is one of the most underrated SEO strategies that holds very high value. For each post, you must include the targeted keywords rich meta description. Crawlers decide the quality and relevance of the information provided in the content through meta description by collecting most of the data. 

Thus, a keyword-rich meta description is vital for your site to be rewarded by Google. Make sure that the meta description summarizes what your content is about in the limited number of words. 

  • Don’t always sell

It is understood that a company’s website is designed to talk about the products and services it offers because the goal is to grab the attention of the target audience as much as you can and generate leads. But it is important for you to understand that talking about sales on your complete website will make it pushy and that is not liked by Google.

We are not saying that don’t talk about sales at all, rather we want to say that you should add information related to your business that people love to know and help them make a better decision while choosing your product. For example, if you own a shoe-making company, you can inform people about different types of shoes, the method you use for making them, materials used, and something like that. Considering that will also make you a reputable brand in Google’s eyes, and you know how beneficial it is. 

  • Headings and sub-headings are important

It doesn’t matter how well-researched and quality content you have prepared if it doesn’t have a proper structure. Each content posted by you on the website must have a proper heading and sub-headings in between. This should be the structure of content because this is how Google likes. 

Matter with long paragraphs without any breaks and heading is just like trash and not many will read that. Having breaks in the content with sub-headings make it easily readable and Google bots will find it authoritative to rank well on SERP. 

  • Content republishing

You might think that republishing your old content will drop down your ranking and reputation in the market but, this is not the case. Republishing is something that is admired by Google if done in the right way. 

Don’t consider republishing as publishing duplicate content, it might sound quite similar but are two different things. Duplicity means posting the same content on two different websites while republishing means using your own old post to add and subtract the information and publish it either on your site or the one that accepts republish posts. 

You can do it by finding one of your old posts having quality content and editing it by adding some latest information. That post you can republish by changing the publish date on your own site to attract more people. Do it smartly to get what you are looking for. 

  • Backlinks

To increase your online reach, building backlinks is very crucial. Backlinking helps in building a network between webpages of similar niche to easily guide people to the content they are actually looking for. Having a link of your website to quality webpages or sites is picked up as a positive sign by Google and doing this will prioritize your site. 

One thing to be considered with backlinks is that they should be from quality sites. Remember, even one backlink from any low-quality or banned site might drop down your site’s ranking a lot that you cannot even imagine. So, keep checking the backlinks periodically to avoid any negative impact. 

  • HTTPS encryption

Security is most important and that is also the prime concern of the users visiting on your website. So, HTTPS encryption of your website is a must if you want visitors to feel safe and spend more time on your website. This is also one of the factors that are admired by Google. 

HTTPS encryption makes sure that the details of visitors on your site will remain secure and that assurance is a must for everyone. 

  • User experience

Imagine you are doing everything right but your website is complicated and it is difficult for people to navigate. If this is the scenario, believe us, all your efforts will be wasted. We adopt all marketing strategies just to bring the target audience on the website and if they won’t be able to move to the desired page, you are never going to get leads. Plus, this will also be marked as a negative SEO strategy by Google.

Thus, you need to understand that user experience is also important to get the attention of Google gets rewards in terms of better SERP ranking. It is advised to make your website simple and easy enough that even a person with little internet knowledge can easily navigate to the page he/she is looking for. 

Wrapping It Up

Google is the king of search engines and every online business is making efforts to get its attention to get better visibility and high web traffic. While there are millions of businesses present on the digital platform, it is not easy to grab the attention of Google you want. And this is true that the success we get after making some efforts gives more satisfaction than those without any efforts.

Thus, to succeed on the online platform and get the attention of Google, you need to make some serious efforts. This post has covered some of the key strategies that will help you do better on Google and get the desired attention. 

These above-mentioned are some of the strategies that are also favored and prioritized by Google for ranking pages. Hence, implement them to a good effect and see your business flourish online.