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Tips for Choosing Keywords for a Successful PPC Campaign

Tips for Choosing Keywords for a Successful PPC Campaign

Success is what everyone wants and they do whatever it takes for that. The times have changed and with changing time competition has become fierce. With tough competition getting success has also become difficult. We are digital beings and having a presence on the digital platform is one of the main factors for a business to succeed.

But, competing on the digital platform is not as easy as it looks and it requires a lot of research. Plus, there are lots of strategies and techniques that are required to be used effectively to get the desired results. One of those techniques is Pay Per Click and it has delivered success to many businesses across the globe on the digital platform.

PPC is not a simple or small thing that anyone can do it on their own, rather it requires deep research to get the basics right and achieve goals. One of the most important parameters of a PPC campaign is the ‘keyword’ around which the whole campaign revolves. It is necessary to select the best keyword so that you can get the desired results. If your target keyword is not relevant to your business, all your resources and money spent on PPC will be waste with 0 results.

How to choose keywords for your PPC campaign

  • Research is must

The first and foremost thing that you are required to do is research. It is necessary to find a set of keywords that are relevant to your business and are being frequently searched by people on the search engine. If you don’t do your homework, how will you learn? Another thing that requires attention is that the set of keywords you choose must be relevant to your business and the content that is present on your website.

For example, placing your ad for the keyword ‘shoes’ when your business is to provide apparel will be a complete waste. Thus, matching relevancy is a must. Remember, if you are able to gain trust once, it could go a long way.

  • Behave like customers

One of the best things that you can do while searching for the right keywords is to put yourself in the customer’s shoes and think like them. Doing this will give you an idea of which keywords customers use for searching the required products or services. Here also, do not forget the relevancy.

For this, you can also take the help of keyword research tools to get a better idea and a better set of keywords that customers use on the search engine. If you are managed to get the data of keywords used by people on different devices i.e. mobiles, tablets, and desktop, then it would be of great help. The reason why getting such data is important because it is seen that people search differently using different devices. It is also important to notice that keyword length also varies according to the device used by people.

  • Matching is the key

While selecting or using a keyword for your ad, make sure that the phrase present in the ad exactly matches the one that is there on the landing page. Another point to notice is that the wording used in the search keyword must be related to the wording you have used in your ad. Considering this will drive better results.

  • Specificity will be good

It is always advised that using a phrase with two-three keywords is always better than using a single keyword for your PPC campaign. For example, choosing ‘Ice cream’ as your target keyword would be very plain as it is a generic term and is used by anyone searching for chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry ice cream. While on the other hand, using a keyword like ‘dry fruit ice cream’ will be more specific and increase the chances of getting your ad clicked. More specific people will find your ad, more will be the chances that people will follow the entire process after clicking on your ad.

So, focus on specificity to reap great benefits. If you are specific then it means you are targeted and being targeted is always helpful in getting success.

  • Variations are also necessary

People use different search terms for finding the same product or service on the internet and this makes having variations important in your ad group. Considering this will increase the chances of your ad to appear for related searches as well and that will ensure better lead generation. You can also use synonyms in your keyword list to create variations and for better results, you can use a tool to find related keywords.

  • Negative keyword

Understanding the concept of the negative keyword is also necessary for the process of finding relevant keywords your pay per click campaign. Negative keywords are those phrases that contain your targeted keyword but their intent is not to purchase the service or products you offer. Thus, it is important to identify those negative keywords and avoid using them in your PPC ads.

Doing this will prevent your ad appear for those keywords searches that are not relevant to your business and will save the cost.

  • It’s never over

Find relevant keywords for your PPC campaign once does not end your search. Time is ever-changing and so does techniques & technology. It doesn’t mean that a keyword that drives genuine traffic on your website now will deliver similar results after some time.

You need to understand that the Google algorithm keeps changing and with that your keywords will also become outdated. Thus, it is necessary for you to keep searching for new keywords periodically to always stay in the game. Keyword search tools will help you a lot in finding the latest keywords for the PPC campaign.

The Bottom Line

A keyword is the basic requirement of the PPC campaign and if you pick that right, success will be at your doorstep. It won’t be wrong to say that half of the success of your PPC campaign will depend upon the keywords. Thus, it should be a priority while planning your PPC campaign.

The keyword is the only thing that a user types in the search box of the search engine to get an answer to his/her query. This is how keywords are important in driving traffic to your website and generate leads. So, give special attention to your keyword finding strategy and pick keywords that will lead you to success.