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Tips to Create A Perfect About Us Page

Tips to Create A Perfect About Us Page

When we talk about any website, its about us page is of most importance, because it gives insights to visitors into what the company is all about and what it offers. Any website without about page is just incomplete and the chances are high that you might not get the desired attention you seek. 

The theory behind this concept is simple, as you cannot trust someone until you don’t know about him/her. Similar is the case with a business website, how can you rely on a brand when you don’t know what actually it does and how much experience it has. Thus, an introduction to something new is very important and that’s what ‘About Us’ page of a website does for its visitors. 

People want to know you and that’s how it works, that’s how you will be able to build a strong & trustworthy relationship with them. 

Besides who you are and what you do, there are many other questions that people want to be answered. Some of the questions could be your core values, size of your company, goals, and how you are different. And the about us page can solve all these queries to give a better view of your business to your target audience. 

It won’t be wrong to say that about us page can create a first impression of your brand, and you know how important it could be in guiding visitors to other pages of your website.

This post will guide you on how you can create an about us page for your website that visitors find genuine enough to be trusted. Plus, you will also get to know about some important elements that are must-have for an about us page.

How to create a Perfect about us page?

  • Be factual

This is something most important for about page of any website, be it of a big one or small business. Some businesses tend to create a hype in their about us page by including information that is not even half true. Another point of importance is to be concise and relevant, as, for detailed information, your home page, and other dedicated product/service pages are there. 

While writing about us page, it is necessary for you to include more facts for which you can give proof. Tell people what difference will it make for them if they choose you. With this, if you can include numerical data like choosing us will increase the web traffic of up to 150% will be of great help in gaining trust. Also, tell people something which can convince them that you understand their needs and requirements. 

Plus, giving information about your background and your success story could also do the job for you. 

  • Look to build trust

Gone are those days when one to one meetings used to be an essential part of businesses. Now we are living in the internet era, here, most of the work is done either over a phone call or through digital platforms. Thus, it becomes important for every business to make efforts for building trust with people on the digital platform because that’s where most of the business occurs these days.

Considering this fact, the about us page becomes more important and it is necessary for you to build trust through it. One of the best ways to build trust through the about us page is to give complete contact details of your business. Include contact number, physical address, email address, and any other information that you think is of use for visitors. 

If people know your brick or mortar presence, they will be more confident in buying your products/services, as they know for any issues, they can reach you easily. This is how you will be able to build trust. Remember, if there is no trust, you won’t be able to stand strong in this tough competition. 

  • Consider your audience

For whom you are writing is the most important and first thing that you need to consider. Because that’s how you will be able to tailor the content for them and get the engagement your desire. Analyze who will be your reader, whether they are teenagers, young adults, elders, expecting moms, business professionals, or students. Your audience will be decided by the type of products or services you offer and that is what will get you good engagement. 

An about us page must convince the target audience that what they are choosing is best for them and it will solve their purpose. To know your audience, you need to do enough research and see who all can effectively use what you offer. 

  • Above the fold information is the key

Remember, not all will read the full about us page of your website, most of them just the information provided at the top or we could say above the fold. Thus, it is important for you to put as much valuable information as you can in the top few paragraphs. That part can never be missed as it is one that will appear first when someone lands on the about us page. 

So, you must include key information above the fold and finding that relevant, people will scroll down for more as well. Considering this will help make the page more interesting. 

  • Lead them with your best information

Talking best about your business in the about us page can magnetize visitors and considering that, they will look for more about you. Whatever you think is best about you, include that on the page. The information that we are talking about could be anything, like any license which is not easy to get, review from a popular personality, awards, or something very unique that people have not experienced earlier. 

Including such information will attract people and create a unique image of your brand that will reap some great benefits in the long run. 

  • Be specific

About us page is where visitors come to know about your brand and it is important for you to provide specific information rather than claiming something. If the products provided by you are better at something when compared to the competitors, you need to specify that with believable examples. Because that’s how trustworthy relationships are built. 

Specificity is a must and it always helps in fostering business-client relationships. While being specific, adding a track record of your business to the about page could make the difference.

  • Talk about yourself

The about us page of any website should be focused on giving details about the business rather than about your products. Thus, it is advised to use the first form (I or we) while writing the about page. To get product details, people can land on dedicated product pages, hence, it is not necessary to give details on the about us page.

To create more human to human interaction, the about us page must be written in a way that one person is talking to another. But that doesn’t mean to ignore the values, goals, and mission of the company for which it has been established. Another important thing that you need to consider while writing about page is to use a friendly tone, as that could do wonders in building a loyal relationship.  

About us page is the best platform where you can show the human side of your business to your target audience. And if they will see the struggle you have done to reach here, they will respect you more. Make sure that the about us page is written in a conversational manner where two human beings are talking to each other for each other. 

  • Create a connection 

One of the main reasons behind including the about us page on a website is to create a connection between business and visitors. It is of most importance as that’s how you can create a personal touch with your target audience and that is what will give you more authority to convince them to try your brand. 

Remember, a connection cannot be created with buttery language, for that, you need to be to the point and genuine. The buttery language sounds fake and that might drive your target audience away, so, avoid using such language. 

Be the one who you are and you’ll see people admire you and praise your efforts for being a genuine one in the world full of tricksters. 

  • Explain your value

You cannot leave the about us page of your website blunt, it needs to be helpful and powerful. While nothing could be powerful than your values, thus, you need to include them in the about page to show people how focused and dedicated you are towards your values.

Along with telling how your products are helpful to people, you should also tell why your products or services are important to you. While on the other hand, if you do charity through your sales, it could be the icing over the cake to mention it in your about us page. People will love to know about your efforts made for the social cause. This will also make the page powerful.

Your good work will show up with your goals and you might get better results than you would have thought of. Considering this will also help establish an emotional touch with people and that is very helpful in winning the hearts of people.

  • Include some social proof

Remember one thing, whatever you say must be true to the best of your knowledge, and to make people believe that it is true, social proof to your statement is a must. Thus, it is important for you to include social proofs of something that you have mentioned in your content. For example, if you have discussed about a license that you have, include a picture of that, similarly, if your brand got mentioned in any popular general, post an image of that, and so on. 

These social proofs will act as trust boosters and you don’t have to convince people anymore for something that you’ve said is true. Similarly, you can also add links to popular journals where your brand has been featured. (  

All these social proofs will come handy in building your authority on the web platform and giving a competitive edge over others. 

  • Be attention-grabbing

Millions of businesses have an online presence and most of them own a website. This means, that every website will have about us page. While, we also cannot deny the fact that out of those million businesses, many will be of your niche, thus, it becomes important to be unique so that people can differentiate you.

As, we are talking about ‘about us’ page, so, our focus will be to ensure the uniqueness of this page so that you can create a different image. About us page of most websites has a similar type of content and people are very much familiar with that. Thus, you need to create interesting & attention-grabbing content for the about page so that people who read can remember you for a long time. 

Find an interesting touch about your business, it could be anything like a story about why you have started the company, the reason for keeping such a name of the company, or anything like that. It should be something interesting and true. If you are able to include such a story, that will make you unique and those who read, will remember you for long and recognize easily. To create the about us page of your website interesting, you can also try including your hobby or the thing you love to do the most.

  • Adding a timeline will be great

If you are in the business for years now, then including a timeline of your growth will be very handy in telling people about your efforts and success. While doing this, consider including some factual data that show how you have grown year by year. This is one of the best ways to build trust with your target audience. 

Including graphical elements with an attractive color combination can make your timeline more interesting and attention-grabbing. 

  • Include a video

Visuals are known to create more impact than textual information does. Thus, you can try adding an interesting company video on your about us page to make it look genuine, engaging, and attractive. Adding real images in the video will make it realistic and people will trust it immediately. Plus, you can also include some of the video reviews by your employees or even customers to create a lasting impact on viewers. 

Remember, do not post a video that is too long, as that might annoy people. The smartness lies in keeping it short & sweet with an impactful message. 

  • Add an email sign-up form

We all know how important emails are for businesses and how much effort it requires to create a list that converts. You should also know that the about us page of your website can help you get some genuine emails without much effort. For that, you need to put an email sign up form on the about page of your website, and interested ones will automatically fill & submit it. 

Considering this ease your email marketing campaigns a bit and you will get some genuine ones to boost your list. 

  • Include a Call to Action

It is advised that every page of your website should have a Call to Action (CTA) so that visitors can understand what next, they need to do. Until you don’t tell people what you want from them, they will never know and that’s where a call to action comes in. 

Depending upon the purpose of creating a website and your niche, CTA could be anything like subscription, email sign up, free video consultation, or addition of reviews. Thus, be clear about what you want and you’ll see some good results. 

  • Update regularly

Whether it is a blog or the about page of your website, everything needs a regular update to ensure that it contains the latest information. You need to regularly add new information about your business to the about us page of the website. Doing this will make it stronger than before and you will be able to share your achievements with your target audience easily. 

Adding new and interesting facts about your business will help you build more authority on the digital platform and you will experience better results. 

What are the essential elements of a successful about us page?

 After knowing the tips to create a killer about us page, it’s time to know certain elements that must be there on the about page of every site. Without these elements, your page will look incomplete. Let us see what these elements are:

  • Headline

As everyone knows that about us page is for the introduction of business and people behind it, but still, it is important to include a catchy headline that grabs visitor’s attention. The headline could be about the mission, core values, or even the goals of your business. 

Remember, the headline should not be long, keep it short and simple. Long headlines are never admired and they might mess things up. 

  • Advantage

Another important thing that you need to include in about us page is the advantage or benefit people will get from you. If you provide some kind of service, tell people how considering that service will help them and what will they get in return. While on the other hand, if you offer products, you must tell how they are different from your competitors and what extra people will get while using them. 

This type of information will increase the chances of being chosen by people and you will receive more engagement as well. 

  • Supporting elements

The supporting elements that we are talking about are visuals that we have also discussed above. It is important for you to add relevant images, videos, GIFs, or even infographics on the about page to make people stay and give attention to what you are saying. You must know that an image or a video can tell something in a much better way that even 500-word content cannot. 

Thus, it is necessary for you to add relevant images, it could be of yourself, your products, or even of your customers with your products. If not an image, you can create a short video about your business and post it. Considering this could be a boost for your brand.

  • A story

As we have also discussed above, a story about why you have started this business or how you have got the success will really inspire people. A story could be anything related to the business that you want to share. It could also be the experience shared by any of your happy customers after taking your service or using your product. 

Storytelling is a great way to magnetize people and bring them on your side. Having an interesting but a true one will just take the about page of your website to another level. 

  • Call to Action

The only reason to include this point again is to tell you that it is something must-have for the about us page. The required CTA will guide people where you want them to be and it is very helpful in the long run. 

  • Color combination

Last but least, choosing the right color combination is a must as without that all the elements on the page are useless. Colors tell a lot about a business and they also affect the behavior of customers. Thus, colors of not only the about page but also of the entire website must be decent enough that people do not find that distracting.

To ensure the right color combination, it is always advised to hire an experienced web designing agency and that will solve this problem for you. 

The Bottom Line

Every page of a website is equally important as each one is a landing page for different reasons and different types of content. One of those pages of a website is ‘about us’ page which is dedicated to providing the information about the company and the face behind it. The only reason why people explore the about page on a website is to know about the company and if they are satisfied with the information provided, they will stay, else their next destination would be any of the competitors. 

It is important to have interesting and facts-based about us page because only that could gain the trust of the target audience. This post was focused on telling you some important tactics by which you can create a defining about us page. Plus, you also get to know about some must-have elements of the about page. 

We hope that it would have given you enough ideas that you are never going to create boring about us page.