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Tips to Improve Conversion Rate in Digital Marketing

Tips to Improve Conversion Rate in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a must for all businesses to give a tough competition in the market and generate revenue. At first, everyone tries to get wide exposure and genuine traffic on their website. But, the end goal of businesses is to convert that traffic into customers because that’s how they will be able to generate revenue for their company. 

Now, for the conversions, it is important for you to hit the basics right like generating a user-friendly website, putting relevant content, using effective marketing strategies, and regularly maintaining the SEO. Besides all that, to get better results and stand different from your competitors, you are required to make some extra efforts. We will help you out in this process and tell you some tips that could be worthy of improving conversions. 

Tips to make your conversion rate better

  • Give attention to your call to action

The theory is simple, that not all will do what you want them to do on their own. It will require your engagement to tell them what they should do. Yes, this is true and you must take that seriously. No matter which digital marketing channel you are using to promote your business, a call to action is a must to bring your target audience to the end goal you seek.

Thus, try to put a clear CTA on all your landing pages and see how it works out for you. Depending upon your business’s niche, a CTA could be anything like ‘add to cart’, ‘subscribe’, or ‘register now.’ Using animation for your call to action will be a great idea. 

  • Use a pop-up

A pop-up is a small box that suddenly appears on your mobile or desktop’s screen when a site (that has enabled pop-up) is opened. Putting engaging & interesting content on a pop-up, in brief, could work for you in making conversions better. Now what we mean by saying engaging & interesting is that tempts the visitor to follow the process of your call to action. The content could be anything like free offers, discounts, or some premium stuff that visitors can find useful.

Certain things that you must consider while adopting this pop-up strategy are:

  • Ensure that the pop-up is easy to close so that people don’t find it annoying.
  • Make sure that the pop-up does not appear again once closed by the user.
  • Ensure a delayed timer on the pop-up so that it appears after the visitor has spent some time on your webpage.
  • Experimenting is always good

It is seen that ometimes you do everything right but still face difficulty in getting the traffic or conversions. In such scenarios, the layout of your webpage might be at fault. So, it is advised to keep experimenting with the content, layout, and design of the landing pages and see which one is giving the results that you are looking for. 

Thus, you must make the landing page easy to navigate and ensure that it has the right piece of information for which the user has landed there. Also, make sure that the landing page is not flooded with content because if this is the case, the user will not be able to focus and will end up leaving your website. Keep it simple, concise, & relevant, and you will see that working out the way you wanted. 

  • Form optimization

You need to understand the fact that not many love to fill long forms especially when they have irrelevant fields or the information users doesn’t want to give. This has a direct impact on the conversion rate of your website. So, it is advised to keep the form simple by removing any unnecessary fields. 

While doing this, you should also try out different variations in your form to see which works best. Plus, also make sure that each field has relevance to what you want to achieve. 

  • Visitor testing

Another key tip to ensure a better conversion rate is to perform A/B testing of the visitors. Doing this will give you an idea of which kinds of visitors land on your website and their behavior. Visitor testing will tell you what new users do on your website along with how much time they spend and where they navigate. 

This testing will help you know the difference between the behavior of organic, new, and returning traffic on your website. Thus, you can strategize effective ways to convert them into your customers. 

  • Third-party sign-up service

This is one of the best ideas to be put in the search for better conversion rates. Making things simple for people will get you more traffic along with a better conversion rate when compared to complex things. Adding third-party sign-up service might fetch you more subscribers than having a long-form to be filled for the subscription. 

Third-party sign-up means allowing a user to make an account on your website directly through accounts like Facebook and Google. This requires only a few clicks for the users to sign-up thus, they will prefer it more when compared to manually filling a sign-up form. Doing this has very high chances of increasing conversion rates. 

  • Add live chat

There are all kinds of website visitors, some like to explore it and navigate through, some just find their way to directly land on the page they were looking for, and then there are those who just love to use the live chat to get their queries answered. So, considering this, adding a live chat option to your website will be a good option in making conversion better.

Even those who like to explore the website also love using live chat sometimes to get things done. Not only conversions, adding a live chat option to your site will make it more trustworthy as well.

  • Update attractive content regularly

Content is everywhere, without it you cannot get the attention you want on the digital platform. That is the reason why this point is included in this list of tips. If you regularly update relevant, engaging, and unique content on your site, it will have a direct impact on the conversions along with other parameters like SEO. 

Quality content is directly proportional to the quality traffic and quality traffic has the highest chance of being converted into customers. 

  • Mobile-friendliness

This is something that you should consider seriously not only for getting conversions but also for the overall reputation of your website. There are more mobile internet users across the globe than desktop and this makes it important for every business to make their website mobile-friendly so that users of all devices can easily navigate through your website.

Thus, if your site is not mobile-friendly you cannot think of increasing the conversion rate as people do not spend much time on websites that are not user-friendly on their mobile phones. 

Wrapping It Up

It doesn’t matter what is your business’s niche, the conversion is one of the most important factors for your business to grow. And we know that it is not easy to get conversions, as for that you need to make a lot of effort and put all your cards right. 

In this post, we have covered the most important tips that will help you out in getting more conversions from the audience to customers. Considering these tips will make your marketing strategy more effective and ensure more engagement from the visitors.  

So, what are you waiting for, implement these strategies along with your digital marketing campaign or as alone, and see the difference they make to the conversion rate.