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Top Digital Marketing Trends You Must Know

Top Digital Marketing Trends You Must Know

Those times are gone when the marketing used to rely mostly on TV & newspaper advertisements and pamphlets distribution. It’s a new world where those marketing practices are slowly fading away and what is on a roll is the digital world. If we talk about the current scenario, no business can think of surviving without having a presence on the digital platform. 

It won’t be wrong to say that digital marketing has become the priority for businesses to get the attention of the target audience and grow. No other marketing channel could give the exposure that the digital platform can. This is also the reason for its increasing popularity.

But you must know that digital marketing is not new, it is being practiced for more than a decade and has seen many changes till now. Thus, to stay updated and get the most out of it, you need to know top trends that are being practiced in digital marketing. Because only that’s how you will be able to maintain your position in the market and give a tough competition to others. 

Reading this post will tell you about some of the latest digital marketing trends that help you get success and keep up with the current market scenario.

Top digital marketing trends you should be aware of

  • Voice search

With the advancement in technology, digital marketing is spreading its wings by being an indispensable medium in the growth of any business. In fact it is mandatory for all the businesses to stay updated with the latest marketing trends and the efforts required to learn and grow.

As we are talking about top trends in digital marketing, one of the most important is the voice search. Either you can say that people are becoming lazy or you can say they are becoming smart, but whichever is the case, the voice search feature is being loved by everyone. To search anything over the internet with this feature, all you need to activate it and speak your query. The next moment you will see a list of results. 

Considering its popularity, businesses must look for voice search optimization of their web pages to make them more user-friendly and ensure visibility when the target audience makes a search using this feature. Do deep research to find relevant keywords that are being used by people for voice search. 

  • Chatbots

Chatbots are now not a new technology because most of us know about them, but they are undoubtedly in their infancy. We know very little to what chatbots can do but still, with so much little they can do a lot. 

Implementation of chatbots on your websites or even other platforms like social media is the best idea to ensure your 24/7 presence, that too without the need of any special team. The time is not far when chatbots will become a key part of the customer service industry and every business will be using a chatbot for their customer query department.

Chatbots are helpful and it is seen that they improve the customer experience and help increase lead generation & sales. Thus, if you want to stay updated, it is suggested to implement a chatbot for your business and see the difference it creates. 

  • Shoppable posts

This is a highly growing trend in digital marketing that has delivered a lot of success to businesses. Now you might be thinking about what are shoppable posts? Let us make it clear. These are generally the social media posts through which people can directly land in the shopping cart and buy the product shown in the post. Such posts are highly popular for social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. 

Not only that particular product which is shown in the post, but you can also optimize it so that the user can see similar products on your site if he/she wants to. Shoppable posts make it easy for people to buy something without much confusion and they love to do so as well.

If you want your brand or products to get recognition, you should also create shoppable posts for your social media account and experience the magic they do. These kinds of posts are in trend and considering this, you will see a significant rise in sales. 

  • Augmented and virtual reality

Not many businesses have adopted this marketing trend but, people admire those businesses who are already using it. No one would have thought that we will be able to do something without doing it in real. Confusing? It might be. Let us make it simpler with an example. You might have seen spectacle brands having launched their application with a feature known as 3-D try on. With this feature, you can try different frames of glasses or shades through the app and buy the one looks good on you without even visiting the store in person. 

In this case, you are trying different glasses but in actuality, you don’t have any glasses in real to put on and remove. All thanks to the virtual & augmented reality and their introduction to digital marketing is doing wonders for several businesses and also making it easy for people to select and buy things online that look perfect on them. 

If you think that you can implement something like this for the niche of your business, try to consider immediately. We are sure that all our readers will develop some fondness for this feature.

The goal of virtual reality for digital marketing Trends is simple, wherever feasible, let people try something online in a similar manner they should do in real before buying something. 

  • Live videos

To get success on the digital platform, engagement from your target audience is necessary, because without that neither you will be able to understand their behavior nor they will be able to understand yours. So, this is a two-way process. People will engage when you provide them with quality content that is also useful. While you can engage with them through reviews and answering their queries relevantly.

Now, as technology is becoming advanced, one digital marketing trend which is used so often by many brands is becoming highly popular. Yes, you guessed it right, we are talking about live video chat. Social media platforms like Facebook & Instagram have this feature and businesses are using it to a good effect. 

Through this live video, you can interact with a huge audience at the same time and listen to their queries. This trend is being admired a lot by people and chances are high that you’ll get a good response. You can also introduce a new product through live streaming and build a strong relationship with people. 

  • Social messaging apps

If you think that social messaging apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are only to communicate with your friends, then you might be wrong. These apps are becoming more & more popular for businesses as well. Many businesses are there on these messaging platforms and are doing well. 

The main reason behind that is the ease by which businesses can connect with their audience and vice-versa. Customers want to reach you easily for any of the queries they have and these messaging applications make their work easier. 

So, if you want your target audience to connect with you easily, ensure your presence on messaging apps and see how the popularity of your brand changes. Remember, better you serve your customers, more loyal they will be towards you.  

  • Content

No matter what, you cannot keep content aside. When we talk about digital marketing, content is the most important factor that can either make you or break you. As we are discussing current trends, so, engaging & interesting content is in trend. Those brands that are able to create & post interactive content gets more engagement, more views, and better end results. 

With ordinary content, either you will bore people or you will be overshadowed by someone who is already popular. Thus, to grab the attention of your target audience, it is important for you to create content that is unique, useful, informative, and most importantly interactive. 

It is seen, that unique content also increases the time spent by visitors on a webpage, thus, the chances of having a high bounce rate goes down to the minimum. Use attractive images in between your content to get better results and make the most out of it. 

  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence

We are living in a world where you cannot keep technology aside and without it, you are just nothing. For digital marketing, technologies like AI and machine learning are also playing an important role and they are in trend as well.

These technologies help businesses to deliver personalized information to the audience that is of most relevance. AI can collect user data and based on that, businesses send exclusive offers to people and that increases the chances of getting leads along with sales. 

For example, if you are looking to buy a cap and searched for a few on a website or application, but you came out without making the purchase. This data will be collected with the help of AI and machine learning, and later on, you will receive suggestions for different types of caps and there might be exclusive discounts as well that you did not see early on.

Thus, if you want to make the customer experience better, it is important for you to utilize these technologies and stand strong between competitors. 

  • Web page speed

You might feel it strange to have this point in this list of top digital marketing trends. But more than a trend, it is a necessity. Why we have included this is because most businesses don’t give a look at the speed of their web page and that becomes a key reason for their downfall. 

Remember one thing, everyone is busy these days and no one wants to wait enough to get what they want. So, if your web page is loading slowly, visitors will simply move to another platform that can deliver the information quickly. Thus, it is important for you to consider this and make sure that visitors don’t have to wait for more than 5-10 seconds for the page to see. 

  • Influencer marketing

Digital marketing is so vast that it is difficult to confine it with only a few words. One of the top digital marketing efforts made by businesses these days is to hire an influencer for the promotion of their brand or products/services. 

This kind of marketing is most popular on social media platform where businesses find people (influencers) that matches their niche and have a good follower base. It is also a good option for businesses with a tight budget as these influencers don’t charge much for promotion and you can even convince them by providing products that you offer or other valuable goodies. 

Don’t get confused here with celebrity marketing where businesses hire popular celebrities for endorsement of their products, as this is a much bigger game. Influencer marketing is generally focused on making a good customer base on the digital platform, mainly social media. This has also seen a positive impact and you can even try this to stay in the race to top. 

  • Social media stories

Almost every smartphone user is aware of social media stories as most of them never fail to update one regularly. A social media story is nothing but a post having a short video or image(s) that appear at the top of everyone’s news feed. 

Not only individuals but businesses also have started to post stories to get the attention of their target audience. Being a business, you can try this by posting images or videos of your products highlighting their key benefits or uniqueness from other brands. Social media platforms also allow businesses to include the link of the landing page so that viewers can directly buy that product through your story if they wish to. 

Along with products, you can also post your success stories to gain the trust of more people and ensure a better relationship. Popular social media platforms like Facebook & Instagram support stories and you can use them to a good effect. 

  • Visual search

This is something unique that not everyone might have heard of. A visual search is characterized by a query that is not in the form of texts, rather an image. Yes, you have read that right. Even it is also being used, but on a very small scale and soon you will see it a popular one. 

For visual search, a user has to select an image to find related results and has to upload it on the platform which supports it to get results. Thus, to stay ahead in the competition, you can also optimize your site for visual searches and you might experience some great results coming your way.  

  • Personalization

Each of your customers wants attention and if you fail to give them, the chances are high that you are going to lose them. That is why it is important to deliver personalized content to your target audience. Personalized content means sending specifically tailored emails, product suggestions, discount offers, and more. By doing this, you will be able to get more engagement and your target audience will see how much you care for them.

Businesses are trying to be more & more personalized to ensure better loyalty of customers and improved lead generation. Another reason to be personalized is that people ignore generic content which they see every now & then. Thus, it becomes important to add elements that grab customer attention, and for that personalization is necessary. 

The Bottom Line

It doesn’t matter what you do, it is always important to stay updated and follow the top trends. Because only considering this will get you the desired attention. When it comes to digital marketing, the necessity of staying up to date with the current trends just becomes more important. Using only old school tactics, you cannot compete, especially when there is fierce competition. Thus, it is vital to know the top & latest trends and implement whichever necessary. 

Millions of businesses are there on the digital platform and if you don’t stay up to date, it will be difficult for you to make a mark, and you’ll just lose your way in the crowd. This post would have told you about some of the top digital marketing trends that every business must be aware of. considering these will help you in the long-run and you’ll see yourself different from the crowd. And hence, it will become easier for you to get recognition. If this happens, success will not be far from you.