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Trying Snapchat for business purposes

Trying Snapchat for business purposes

Social media has become an influencer in its own ways by making people not only rich but famous with their work of business. There are several mediums of promoting your work, talents, business or anything that you enjoy pursuing in your pass time or sometimes in your day to day life. 

A homemaker has now become a social media influencer or a student who is still in college has started teaching guitar through any social media medium. Therefore, there are a plethora of advantages that can help you support your talents, like and advertise them in the best way so that you can earn well without even leaving for office in the daily routine and saving yourself from the daily-office-stress!

One of the social media platforms is Snapchat and it can help you widely to get noticed with your work so as to create an audience for yourself and earn handsome money for yourself just by some click and fun to do videos, creating new experiences and a good amount of followers and fans. 

Let us see the magic of social media through Snapchat for our business.

Keep Posting: 

Keeping a social media update becomes significant the time you want to connect to your followers more and if you keep posting regarding your experiences, creation or business, not 10 times a day, but to keep your followers engaged and interested with your posted status you need to post 3-4 times in a gap of 4-5 hours a day and that will keep you posted with your followers through your stories and posts, as recommended by the Snaplytics, engagement drops by 36% one user reach the fourth snap of a story. They also came across a fact that roughly 80% of your followers will see your post about 4-5 hours after it has been added to your story. 

A Sponsor Lens: 

Snapchat filters are one of the most interesting things that any user loves to use frequently while posting any status or story.  And in spite of using the basic selfie or photo for posting use those quirky filters that will create more fun for you to use with applying filters like black and white or anything colorful, by posting funny pictures with big eyes or disappeared nose, where some filters can change the pitch of your voice while creating a video. One of the most successful campaigns on Snapchat was Super Bowl 50 where Gatorade used the filter during the game that would stimulate Gatorade getting dumped on the user’s head. The filter had more than 165 million views and increased their purchase intent by 8%.

Promoting your account on other marketing channels:

For promoting your Snapchat account you need followers and in spite of trying to conjure up followers out of thin air. Even if you create an account and everyone is unknown about it you will not have any promotion for your business on Snapchat. 

Therefore, it is better advised to use Facebook, Instagram as platforms to advertise your business and you can attach your Snapchat account during those promotions. YouTube plays a good role while you advertise your work through impressive videos and you can later add a line to inform people to follow your business on other social media platforms like Snapchat. 

Influencers helping your account:

Influencers play a vital role in promoting your business by taking over your Snapchat account so that you can easily expose your brand with a larger number of audience but your influencer will be paid or you can have any other kind of agreement with them else it will be difficult for the audience to comes across your brand and work so that can be problematic for your business. 

It is important to create interest in the audience with the industry you decide to promote for your business. 

Introducing exciting offers: 

To drive your audience to better sales of your product and promotion, always introduce exciting offers and discounts so that the audience take interest and engross themselves with the product that acts as a boon for promotion, as well as you can post it as a story on your Snapchat to endorse the opportunity. Keep the overall goal of the budget in your mind and create promotional discounts accordingly, and offering discounts is a great way to accomplish in the business.

Interact to promote: 

You can repost the videos of the users interacting with your brand or using it so as to create likability and to encourage the user-generated content. These are one of the best and most engrossing ways for high promotions and increase brand value through Snapchat.

Taking over another account:

It is easy when you’re handling and taking over the account as to convince the audience regarding your brand and its value through Snapchat but make sure the content is fresh, interesting, and engrossing.

You can create brand awareness with your audience every time you come online and participate.

Product Promotion:

Create videos for brand promotion and share your newest brand product with the audience via Snapchat as well as even if the product isn’t launched yet you can create an air about the product by sharing the features or benefits of the product. Because on an everyday basis a customer is not visiting the website but is surely using Snapchat many times a day that can be a source of promotion.

Customer Conversation:

It is always good and interesting to have a conversation with the customers and to reply to them online too, which makes it more exciting when they bring genuine reviews regarding the brand and the product as per their experience and usage. Every time you reply to your customers’ query or act upon their reviews you will not only impress them but also add more followers to your account that will become your future customers. 

Providing Access:

If you are promoting a brand and the kind of work is done there it is impossible for you to invite each and every customer to the place of production and manufacture but a special treatment can be provided to them by providing them access to the work that you do.

Share the videos through posts or stories and give your customers a tour to work with your team so that you can connect with the customers and they can appreciate as well as understand the amount of work that you do and how you perform it. 

Promote events:

If your company is promoting or hosting an event or show that can become a medium for the followers and the audience to connect with you and you can promote the event and your brand simultaneously. 

As the Snapchat video isn’t a video but something near to it assuming the percentage of people interested in the event will almost be the same. 

Creating Traffic on your website:

Snapchat has now updated its features and you can simply add links to the images and videos that you create with your normal camera by which you will provide access to your followers to click the link and go through the details of your brand products via the story you post. 

That will keep the audience engaged and interested.

Only Relevant Content:

Promoting the brand doesn’t mean that you can write or add anything not in reference to the product or brand and post it just for the sake of it.

Promoting a brand is taking the responsibility to get the business in line with profits and sales which can take place only if you post relevant content related to the product like the features or benefits or why the audience should purchase it? Etc.

Therefore, create content that provides knowledge and something having fresh and creative ideas to attract the audience to buy the product.

Milestone Information:

Every small detail which means from the idea of starting the brand and the CEO, anniversary of the brand, etc., so as to indulge the audience along with the brand and help them correlate more easily. And it is even much worthy if you thank your followers from time to time bases for staying connecting with the brand and prospering in number which is different from a daily basis posting a story and creating a sense of attachment with the brand for the audience.

Discover New Every day:

Posting in the same order and the same things to promote the brand can become boring and mundane for both the followers as well as for you because the audience will be unable to experience any kind of newness in the product and the content that will automatically bore the audience. 

Add something witty sometimes for newness, someday wish post can work, or anything like motivation, etc. There are a plethora of new things you can do with a simple post and discover new every day.


Snapchat is quite a famous platform that will help any business, brand or product get the limelight from the audience anywhere in the world and that is the magic of trying this impressive social media platform for business purposes. 

Three things that are the basic reason for Snapchat to be a magician for the brand, product, or business:

  • Snapchat marketing strategy
  • Creating brand awareness
  • Driving sales in a better way

With new and fresh ideas, and discovering interesting content you can get your business in the limelight like a star with Snapchat and as well as increase engagement with the audience.