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What are the ways to get efficient with a small team?

What are the ways to get efficient with a small team

A leader in itself is a term that depicts responsibilities and efficiency, taking a small number or group of people as a team is not an easy job, especially when there are chances of miscommunication, clashes that can directly affect the productivity of the workplace disdaining the atmosphere. Being tactful is one very important ingredient that a leader should have to manage their team with a small yet significant step to achieve a common goal.

And even if your team is moving forward towards achieving a common goal there are always better ways to increase the productivity of the team whether it is a team of 10 people or 200, the performance of the company is always evaluated by its productivity calculated in a ratio.

Empowering the team with motivation to bring the best in them with the ideas for better productivity and let us discuss certain workable methods to help you with a small team.

  • Know your team better: Team building is one very essential part to know your team better including their weaknesses and strengths, skill-set becomes the backbone of the company to get to know the productivity of the team for better and fresh creativity. 

Creativity is thinking outside the box with the best knowledge, expertise talents, contributing so much at the workplace. 

There strengths and weaknesses will help you understand them better and acknowledge their work from time to time.

  • The leverage of ownership: Give the teammates the sense of freedom to be responsible regarding any decision so that they learn to take their accountability for the work. This will induce a sense of responsibility and build a feeling of teamwork and entrust their capabilities to polish their performance. Creating self-esteem is the most important thing providing confidence to any team member and a sense of ownership. 
  • Team building activities: Team building exercises help the teammates to learn to cooperate with a sense of companionship and building camaraderie, it automatically acts as a bloodline for better productivity and understanding among the teammates, it connects the team and they will automatically help each other by participating in such activities to come over their miscommunication. Therefore, team activities can be a boon for binding the team together.
  • A Healthy Work Environment: Work environment play a vital role in the interest creation of the team to work with more enthusiasm and ability. Work infrastructure is also an important contributor to improving teamwork capability and efficiency.  The incorporation of the inferior designs with bright lights, and a friendly environment. Not a domineering adobe will make it productive but a cordial environment where everyone is respecting each other’s ideas will create a healthy work environment. 
  • Inviting Ideas: In a small team, it is mandatory to invite ideas for its growth and productivity by appreciating ideas with broadened horizons to add new and interesting innovations so as to motivate the team to come with the best and the newest ideas for approaching the market.
  • Providing Feedback: Well if we respect and share ideas and views then it is important too to discuss them on a table with feedbacks to invent something bringing profits to both the company as well as the consumer. This boosts the morale of every member participating in the team and will act as appreciation as their ideas are being taken seriously and into consideration. Acting as a guide and providing some more room for creativity.
  • Appreciating the efforts: Whenever an individual is working or trying to figure out something while performing a task by putting his/her genuine endeavors it becomes essential to appreciate the amount of time, work, and efforts that an individual is putting. Productivity boost can take place with the efficiency of work and by acknowledging them for their valued efforts to keep the work culture organized. 
  • Incentives, a stimulant: There is always a way to make your team feel special by offering them incentives especially the monetary ones. A virtual pat on the back, free vouchers, extra-off, outings, lunch-parties, paid vacation, etc., can act as a stimulant for the team to work better and far-sighted. 
  • Using management software: These days keeping a record of all the work done or in progress, it helps in boosting the productivity and building collaboration among the teammates. It becomes important to manage the projects at one place of the team as well as the client so as to prevent oneself from getting into any chaos.
  • A hand in hand motivation: For every team that has started working with a dream of prospering and creating a name in the market of its own like a brand, only optimism won’t help if there is no structure and planning with the team there can be alarming chaos because the team is a pillar to progress. Therefore, it becomes important to work for hand in hand with the team guiding them with motivation so as to progress.


These are the initial rules to get your ducks in line with a vision and a mission to succeed, a structure is needed and team support is mandatory with a leader to understand and invite their progressing ideas of creativity. 

This simple mantra will help you get efficient with a small team.