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Why Mobile-Friendly Websites are Important

Why Mobile-Friendly Websites are Important

Everything is becoming digital and people are loving it. Now to pay for the purchased commodities, you don’t have to pay by pulling your wallet out and then removing the currency, it just became simpler. Use your smartphone, do a few clicks, and you’re done. Thus, we must say that there is not even a need to carry your wallet along, as your smartphone can carry money for you and it is safe as well. 

This is how important mobile phones have become these days. The payment part was just an example of how helpful mobile phones have become vital for individuals. But if we talk about in a much broader sense, mobile phones are also important for businesses. They play an integral role in the digital marketing strategies of businesses.  

While designing a company’s website, every business must make sure that it is optimized according to the palmtop users as well. Considering this will offer great help in bringing more visitors to your website and generate leads. Let us see the plus points associated with making your website mobile-friendly.

Benefits of mobile-friendly websites

  • Offers convenience

Internet users are everywhere across the globe and most of them prefer using their smartphones instead of laptops or desktops. This is only due to the rapid advancements and innovations of mobile phones. Thus, having a mobile-friendly company’s website means that it will offer ease to the audience to access it on their phones. 

Besides providing ease, it will also ensure that your website is compatible with different platforms i.e. desktops, mobiles, & tablets. While on the other hand if your site is not compatible with mobile phones you will end up losing many visitors who want to explore your website but due to incompatibility for mobile, they failed to do so. 

  • Better user experience

We all love to use our smartphones for basic internet surfing instead of turning on our laptops or personal computers. The prime reason for doing so is the ease by which we can use a smartphone and the simplicity of websites or applications that we access. Mobile-friendly websites offer great user-experience and that is why the focus of people has shifted more towards phones than personal computers. 

It requires only a few simple clicks on smartphones to open a website and if it is a mobile-friendly one then all the elements appear in synchronization and the user can easily navigate wherever he/she wants. Such websites have high chances of generating leads and ensuring better ROI.  

  • Good speed

Internet speed is not the same across the globe, it completely depends upon the network availability, service provider, and the device people are using. So, we can’t expect our site to open quickly for all users but, it has been noticed that sites load much faster on mobile phones as compared to on desktops. This is a great benefit for businesses as there are many people around who even do not wait for 5 seconds for a site to load and quickly moves on to another platform. 

Thus, considering the popularity of smartphones, we must give attention to optimizing the site for mobile phones and ensure its good loading speed. 

  • Better ranking on mobile phones

We all know that Google is the king of search engines as it is used by the maximum number of internet users across the globe to search for any query. Every business available on the web platform makes efforts to rank high on Google’s SERPs. Even Google is not unaware of the popularity of mobile phones these days and it has considered having a mobile-friendly website as a best practice. 

Along with the other ranking factors, the mobile-friendliness of a website is also a key one especially to rank high on mobile search results. You might not gain a better SERP ranking on the desktop if you don’t have a responsive mobile-friendly websites. So, consider optimizing your site if you haven’t done yet.

  • Builds trust

Another importance of a mobile-friendly website is its trust-building ability. If visitors find your website easy to load and navigate on mobile phones, it will create a reliable & trustworthy image of your brand. And if they easily find what they are looking at on your site, the brand value of your business will automatically improve. 

While, if they find it difficult to open your site on their mobile phones, you will lose their trust and give an edge to your competitors over you. 

  • Must for mobile marketing

Mobile marketing is making its mark in this digital world at a good speed and is undoubtedly becoming a key factor in digital marketing tactics used by businesses. The most basic part of mobile marketing is the mobile-friendly websites. If your site is not compatible with mobile phones all your mobile marketing strategies will go in vain. 

Thus, you must know how important mobile marketing is and how having a mobile-friendly website will affect the performance of your brand on the web platform. 

  • Better SEO

You might or might not know that having a mobile-friendly websites will improve the SEO of your site and help it do better on SERPs. Even Google wants businesses to have mobile-optimized sites to sit in a better position and get high visibility in the search results. Having effective SEO is a must to do well on the web platform and the mobile-friendliness of a website will help a lot in this process.

  • Improved conversion rate

The competition is fierce and it is not easy to grab the attention of the audience especially when there are competitors all around. So, considering this, it becomes a must to make your site work well on mobile phones as people prefer using them more for internet surfing. Now, if your site is easy to navigate and is attractive enough for the audience, they will spend more time and this certainly will increase the chances of converting visitors into customers. Don’t forget to put relevant and engaging content though. 

  • Cost-effectiveness

Now you might be thinking that how making your site mobile-friendly will be cost-effective. But yes, it will be when compared to app development. We know that having an app has its own importance but for start-ups and for businesses who don’t have enough budget to build an application, a mobile-friendly company’s website is the best solution. 

Another advantage of such a website when compared to an app is that a mobile-friendly site does not require to be put on different platforms like App Store & Play Store plus, no downloading is required. Hence, it saves much of your effort to promote the app and you can put much focus on promoting your website. 

  • Better mobile advertising

Mobile advertising has become a vital part of digital marketing as mobile internet users are increasing day by day. Thus, having a mobile-optimized website will open new advertisement opportunities for you. Doing this will improve the response of advertisements that you have posted on social media platforms as maximum social media users prefer their smartphones for managing their accounts. 

So, the chances are high that your ad will be clicked by mobile users, and doing so will navigate them to the landing page of that ad as set by you. In this condition, your mobile-friendly site will play a key role. 

  • It is must

Making your website mobile-friendly is no longer an option, it has become a necessity and should be considered seriously by everyone. It should be on your to-do list during website development or optimization.

We should say that no business can thrive without ensuring a strong presence on the mobile platform or even if it does, it won’t be able to get the attention it wishes for. So, having a mobile-friendly websites should be the priority, not a side option, if you really want to do well on the digital platform and overpower your competitors. 

Final Words

Smartphones are an integral part of our daily lives and they have become so important that people can spend a day without having food but not without using their mobiles. This is not the scenario of a single region or area; this is the case of the entire world. This habit of people across the globe has been well used by digital marketers to give better exposure to businesses and ensure their wider reach. 

This is the reason why mobile marketing has become so popular and every business is focusing on making their sites mobile-friendly so that all kinds of users can easily access it. Accessibility is not only the plus point of having a site mobile-friendly rather there are many other factors associated with the mobile-friendliness of a website. This blog has covered most of those important factors that can deliver wonderful results with the mobile-friendliness of your website. 

We hope that you have enjoyed this blog and it has delivered the answer to the query you were looking for.