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Why PEO Service Providers?

Why PEO Service Providers

A PEO means professional employer organization is an outsourcing solution that makes it much easier to run your business and takes over the company activities especially in the HR field are crucial to running a company that is yet at times mundane and time-consuming for instance running payroll, managing benefits, and filling administrative roles, and PEO acts as a helping hand and saves time for you from doing all these things on your own. 

And you can sign up for a PEO and everything gets is accomplished automatically that helps you save both time and money in the long-run while hiring a PEO is an interesting service looking to switch providers and assisting you to search for the best PEO company for your needs. 

Benefits of a PEO: 

  • Helping employees to enjoy better benefits.
  • Saving money on your insurance.
  • Building a successful business and that can statistically help the business to succeed with the help of PEO.
  • As per your requirement, enjoy HR services and support.
  • Reduce employee turnover and make your employees stay happy.
  • Simply ends the usage of paperwork and admin, because a PEO can manage all of it!

How your PEO can help make your people an asset?

If your employees are been paid at the right time with their salaries using the state-of-the-art tech in one of the most basic services a PEO can assist while getting your employees paid on-time using the state of art tech is one of the most basic services a PEO can provide. 

They act as an asset providing health benefits, including vision, life insurance, dental insurance, disability insurance (both long and short term), accidental insurance coverage, and much more with a good PEO, your employees can explore a plethora of options. 

Handling and managing all the emails from each and every state and administrative body and acts as a major benefit a PEO that has both this accreditation are generally seen as better and more qualified. 

Providing personal assistance to your business and employees where your employees can have access to licensed benefits professionals in order to ensure they choose the right benefits package with online enrollment. Providing Workers Compensation Insurance as well as PEO managing and informing regarding all the legislative changes that can help you navigate these changes with ease. 

Safety Training Programs:

A plethora of Safety Training programs should be provided by a diligent PEO as well as an audit to your business both online and offline at your business, as per requirement.

There are some PEO services that are industry-specific while others are intended for businesses of a certain size and can sometimes be challenging if you do not have any guidance and there are some well-known PEO service providers that cover the features, costs, benefits, and any drawbacks of each one. 

What are the frequent questions asked regarding PEO?

How much does a PEO cost?

PEO costs according to the size of your company ranging between $1,000 and $1,800 per employee annually. Companies over 100 employees will be at a lower end whereas smaller companies will be at a higher-end, the mechanism works vice-versa in the following cases. 

Most importantly PEO reduces your insurance cost dramatically. Therefore, you end up saving money even though you might be paying more per employee compared to your payroll service charges. 

How can I begin?

The process is easy and by signing a contract at any moment you can be onboarded with a week or three depending on the size of the company.

Does PEO have ownership over the employees? 

It acts as a co-employment relation with the PEO sit under a joint EIN but that doesn’t affect anything other than tax submission which means that a PEO will not own your employees and you are free to do business as if you weren’t using PEO. 

Best benefits for a start-up?

Streamlining health insurance can be the best benefit for a start-up can offer depends heavily on the availability in the state in which you operate because spending your money wisely significant so a good PEO will help you figure this all out and choose the right plan for you to allow to focus on other tasks which are going to contribute more to the growth of your start-up. 

PEO Service Providers: 

There are innumerable PEO services available on the market now and some PEO services are industry-specific while others are intended for businesses of a certain size. The best PEO provider for your business can be challenging if you do not have any guidance which helps you narrow down and review the best PEO services provider that covers the feature, benefits, costs, and drawbacks. 


The brand has thirty-plus years of full HR solutions for small businesses and enterprises with up to fifty thousand employees. 

Insperity providing full service that is, employee benefits, payroll, risk management, compliance, talent management, Technical services, and HR administration.

ADP TotalSource:

An industry leader in technology established in 2011 providing software for human resources to businesses for the best management with robust technology and full-service PEO solution. 

The benefits of having an industry-specific solution for businesses in the following categories that are, manufacturing, healthcare, construction, government and education, non-profit, financial services, etc. 


The company is best known for its online payroll services; they are a full-service PEO provider that standouts of Paychex that provide PEO services for your business will get a dedicated HR professional dedicated HR manager can even be on-site at your office. 

The top features and benefits of using Paychex as your PEO provider like Insurance plans, attendance, payroll administration, unemployment insurance.


A full-service PEO provider offering payroll, human resources, compliance, and employee benefits like an umbrella package, established in 2012. 

Justworks offers 24/7 customer support with a modern and growing at a rapid rate expecting them to continue providing excellent service in the service. 

Oasis Outsourcing:

Originally founded in 1996 the company was recently acquired by Paychex in 2018 operating under its own name. 

These services provide Human resources, employee benefits, risk management, payroll, and technology solutions. 

The company provides some industry-specific solutions like banking, architecture, education, restaurants, retail, private equity, legal, financial services, property management. 

Oasis also offers a ninety days money-back guarantee window to have some time to change if it is not up to satisfaction level. 


There is a wide range of factors that are considered looking for the same thing in a PEO solution where businesses want a full-service PEO package with an outsourced HR representative and are one of the best matches for your specific needs.