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Best Ways to Grow Your Email List

Best Ways to Grow Your Email List

May 15, 2020

Email is one of the best methods for safe and secure communication between clients. It is also known to be a professional tool for interacting with peers as well. Emails can never become outdated and they will also remain an integral part of marketing strategies for businesses. 

Another key importance of using emails is that they make it easy to reach to even thousands of people. Plus, you can track their performance as well. 

This is one of the reasons why emails are most important for all businesses and they have the power to bring organic traffic on your site. 

Building an email list is a must for every business and it should be strong enough to generate genuine leads that convert into customers. After reading this post you will be able to grow an effective email list for your brand that will show up with good long-term results. 

What is an email list?

An email list is a data of email ids of customers and visitors who are willing to know about your brand and get regular updates. This list helps in boosting your email marketing campaign and of the information shared by you is unique, relevant, and attractive, the chances are high that your email will be shared further by people in your email list. 

If gathered through the right approach, the email list could be the deciding factor for the popularity and reputation of your business. 

Effective ways to build your email list

  • Create outstanding content

When talking about digital marketing, you cannot keep the content away. It is everywhere and it always will be. Thus, here, with building your email list, top quality email content is necessary to make sure that receivers find it worth reading and in the end think about your CTA.

A remarkable content has the highest chances of being forwarded by people to their peers and that’s how you can grow your email list big and better. Make sure that the content you prepare must be relevant to your business’s niche as any misleading information could backfire.

  • Ensure multiple sign-up options

Not many get convinced in a single attempt, you need to follow them and try a couple of times to get the desired action done. Here come multiple sign-up options. What we mean to say by this is to give more than one chance to the visitors for signing up on to your site and this could be done by flashing the sign-up form to the floating side bar, on the main page, and as a pop-up. 

Remember, you need not show all of them at once, set up the time and show according to the response of visitors on your webpage. This will increase the chances of getting a lead but, don’t annoy the visitor by showing signup form everywhere.  

  • Encourage people to share your mail

Email marketing is always the key and it is also the best medium to influence and encourage your target audience to do the desired action. Those who already have subscribed to your services can be requested via email to forward it to their friends & colleagues and also share on the social media platform. 

Doing this will give you wider exposure and increase your reach. For improving the results, add a direct social media sharing button in the email so that subscribers don’t have to take the longer route. 

Remember, sharing buttons must be easily visible and clickable. 

  • CTA is must

Keep this thing always in mind that you need to tell people what you want them to do. Thus, whether it is email or your blog post, never forget to add a call to action (CTA). After finding your mail or blog informative or relevant, the people must know what next they should do and it is your duty to tell them. 

Hence, always include a button or a short text telling them to subscribe to your post, try your product or service, download the app, or whatever is relevant to your business. Doing this will help in improving the conversions and never let you miss any opportunity of generating a lead.  

  • Segment your email list

Another important technique of building an email list is by segmenting it according to the buyer personas. Accordingly, you can create different types of email subscriptions based on the segment. This will help you send targeted content to the people according to their interests, plus the chances of getting the desired action done will increase. 

Segmenting is a great idea to target the audience with the right piece of information that is suitable for them and it will also ensure better engagement

  • Email signatures

To naturally get email subscriptions, you can hyperlink email signatures and when the receiver will click on that, he/she will be directed to the sign-up page. 

This way not pushy and it will increase the chances of getting more email subscriptions. 

  • Scrub your email list

To build a strong and effective email list, it is important for you to remove those contacts that are not showing any interest despite your hard effort. Doing this will help you focus on those who are interested in knowing about your brand and getting regular updates. 

You must consider doing email list scrubbing at least twice a year as around 25% of your contacts will move to another email or change the job. Doing this will improve the open rates and click rates of your email and you will be able to target genuine leads. Plus, the chances of getting spam complaints will also decrease. 

  • Create an offer

Everyone loves free stuff or an exciting offer and if you ask them only their email id to grab that, most of them will happily accept that. Yes, this could be done to boost your email list. Depending upon your business’s niche, what you can do is create a free discount coupon or cashback code and offer it to your target audience. Ask them to provide their email id in order to grab those offers. 

This has a good success rate and you will see that most of the interested people accepting your offer. You can also provide them with a free eBook or something similar that is relevant to the target audience. If people will like the offer, they are going to respond to your emails as well in the future. 

  • CTAs in guest posts

Guest posting is one of the most important strategies to ensure your better network and rank your webpage high on the SERP. You can include a clear call to action at the end of your guest posts. Doing this will help you get genuine visitors on your site who will be willing to subscribe to your posts. The results could be much better if your post is on a high-quality platform. 

As CTA, you can add a link to your homepage or signup page for the ease of people who are willing to do what you want. 

  • Free online tool

Similar to giving a free offer, you can also provide visitors on your site a free tool or a resource relevant to your business and that is helpful for them. All users required to do is signup on your site and enjoy it. 

For example, if you have a digital marketing company so you can provide your target audience with a tool that can show them the current ranking of their site or any related to that. This will create more trust and strengthen the relationship with your audience. Besides, you will also get to build an effective email list.

  • Online quizzes

Nothing is free in this world, as everything runs on a theory of ‘give and take.’ Plus, you also need to remember that it’s not always money that can bring you things you want there are many other giveaways as well. 

In this effort to grow an email list, your social media accounts will also come more than handy and deliver awesome results. For that, you need to run online quizzes and contests and smartly ask for contacts. Plus, provide participants with some exciting gifts while encouraging them to sign up with their email address. Most of the participants in the contest will be your target audience and most of them will reciprocate the way you want. 

  • Promote gated offers through social media

Targeting your segmented audience through social media is the best way to get attention and email with the complete consent of people. Create links of your gated offers and publish them via the social media channel. Interested people will click through those links and sign up using their email ids. 

This could be best done by your Facebook’s business page and LinkedIn account. 

Remember, the offer must be beneficial for the target audience that tempts them to subscribe. 

  • Ask for feedback

You can ask people visiting and spending time on your website for feedback. Genuine site visitors who have found it informative will happily give feedback about your business to improve it. with your feedback option, you can also create a live chat option that requires the visitor to submit an email address to enjoy more benefits. 

One good thing with this feedback option to take an email address is that the maximum number of people who will comment on your site will be genuine users, who are actually looking for the products or services you provide. Thus, the email addresses that you receive will make the email list strong with better outcomes. 

  • Keep the form as short as possible

Not everyone has enough time to fill long lead-capturing forms on your website to get information. We know that it is important to get as much information as you can about your leads, but that can annoy people easily and in search of more you will get nothing. 

Just ask for basic information like email address, name, and DOB in the form and you will see most people giving that willingly. Later, when you will be able to build a strong relationship, you can ask for other information of your use.  

  • Webinar

Webinars are becoming increasingly popular day by day owing to the ease that they offer to businesses. Even most businesses have made webinars their first choice to conduct meetings and conferences with the clients. 

Now you might be thinking what role do they have in building up your email list? 

Webinars can bring some defining leads to your email list. For this, you need to conduct webinars and ask interested people to register using their email ids. In this way, the contacts you get will be of good quality and will ensure a better conversion rate. 

  • Conduct events

Though the digital platform is the best to get exposure to a huge target audience yet some traditional practices can also give you some defining results. One of those practices is live events. You can organize events in popular public places like shopping malls and shows to promote your brand. There you can give freebies to people in return to the subscription they do with their email ids. 

This technique can get you surprising results if implemented at the right time and in the right place.  

  • In-store email collection

If you have a shop where consumers come to make the purchase, then it is the best place where you can get the email address of your customers. Here you might not have to give anything in return. Just simply ask the consumers for the details during the billing process along with their experience with you. You will see great results here as well because not many will refuse to give you their email ids. 

If your budget allows, you can also place a kiosk in your store to make data collection more engaging for consumers. With a kiosk, you can request customers to give their feedback by filling a simple form. 

  • Answer questions on Quor

Quora is a great platform to get answers to the questions of almost all niches. This platform could also be helpful for you to build an email list. Give your expert advice to the questions of your niche on Quora or add a new question if the one you want to answer is not there. At the end of your answer or to any relevant anchor put the link of the landing page. 

If your answer is credible and satisfactory, people will follow that link in search of more detailed information and they will happily give you the required information i.e. email id.

The Bottom Line

For successful marketing, your email list must be genuine that reciprocate in a way you want. Emails are also the best communication method for businesses to contact clients. It won’t be wrong to say that without emails no business can exist as it is the most effective and professional way of contacting. 

Thus, for every business, it is important to have a strong email list through which they can generate convertible leads. This post has covered some of the best tactics that will help you in growing up your email list that delivers. Considering these strategies will also help you a lot in building a good reputation for your business. 

So, what are you waiting for? Grow your email list and maintain it fresh using scrubbing to ensure excellent conversion and growth of your business.



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