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How can you combine digital and traditional marketing?

How can you combine digital and traditional marketing

July 11, 2020

Success needs risks to be taken and if it is anything for long-term goals then innovation, motivation, and unending ideas are mandatory to keep the business going and this acts as a mantra to drive-companies to embrace the latest technology includes both products and services to ensure they do not lack behind in the digital economy. But the only issue is that the martech comes at an expense of repudiate traditional tools- an expensive mistake. Any business to business organization that acts a valuable asset for traditional marketing, with the upcoming technologies that have the art of synergizing traditional marketing with digital marketing is worth becoming proficient in. 

There is a digital revolution and has greatly enhanced marketers’ ability to reach, engage, and convert their ideal target audience, and marketing tactics like direct mail, networking, and cold calling are some significant for building a memorable and ultimately, profitable brand. Creating an effective marketing strategy that means creating the best of both worlds by coherent integrating new channels with traditional assets. 

So here are some combinations of digital and traditional marketing: 

  • Deep Media Nurturing + Print Media: 

The value for developing and nurturing buyers’ relationship as comprehended by successful marketers at every step of the sales funnel and with the passing time the marketers have created a buyer-focused mindset that attracts more sales at lower-costs and adapt to the shifting buyers’ journey.  And with the better enhancement of deep media nurturing omnichannel and an integrated strategy employing a full range of digital assets where marketers are already moving ahead of the strategy. Advertising ads using a programmatic display in digital magazines is an amateur for deep media nurturing tactics. 

As known print media is not as distinguished as it used to be where print editions of digital magazines are still in dissemination because the audience looks through them. The goal is to reach multiple media prospects across multiple channels to increase the probability of conversation that means accelerating conversation rates by advertising into the print media and that includes a variety of unique advantages as touchpoints and as far it is considered to be the most flexible when it comes to ad placements.

On a whole deep media nurturing depends on crafting and improving customized messaging attuned to the buyer’s journey, print media allows marketers to have granular and focus on their audience and viewers in a niche industry publication with meaningful messages.

  • Geotargeting + Traditional Content Platforms:  

Billboard and banners are one of the best examples for the traditional content platforms creating a resurgence in the business to business marketing, by creating brand awareness, reinforce brand messaging, and attracting new audiences. Marketers integrate geotargeting by optimizing the impact of the traditional advertising platform which applies to be a technique determining the geolocation of a website visitor and delivers tailored content to that visitor based on their location that is by pointing at a certain location geotargeting marketers provides a better and improved understanding to comprehend the buyers’ personality through the maps that mean, tracking their journey by enabling them to advertise content to be seen and remembered. 

When you place messages in strategic locations creates brand equity in the areas that matter that actually becomes the perfect target can be a sports arena, a conference conquering the capacity of the audience, or a public vehicle heading towards accounts that have headquartered. 

What is important? To reach your audience at the right time with the right idea in the right notion at the right place!

Marketers can use geotargeting as their compass and leverage location data as a powerful strategy for personalized content outreach. 


During the times of extraordinary technology innovation, few marketers may persuade to abandon the low-tech traditional marketing channels. 

Evaluating and strategically deploying each marketing capability in the service of broad marketing objectives by employing a holistic combination of the old and the new to create rich forms of engagement and engrossing to accelerate conversion rates which are from being antiquated to the potential to significantly bolster marketing initiatives.  



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