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The better ways of branding in Google’s Knowledge graph without Wikipedia page.

The better ways of branding in Google’s Knowledge graph without Wikipedia page.

May 15, 2020

Wikipedia page is no more a need to gain knowledge regarding the graph for promoting your brand and you can easily probe into the knowledge graph that triggers the knowledge panel on your brand SERP without Wikipedia which makes it an interesting journey.

Ways to get in the knowledge graph: 

There are a few steps that knowledge graph and trigger a knowledge panel for your brand without the need for a Wikipedia article. 

  • You become the source information through your site: In your About Us page make sure that you elaborately explain about yourself and what you do.
  • Adding mark-up: To make it more authentic make it more detailed and cite sources that confirm. 
  • Significant Coverage: These are multiple independent, reliable, and secondary sources.

The significant coverage is one point that appeals to most of the brands and that is the aim of the articles to assist you.

In the following process corroboration on multiple trusted, authoritative, independent third-party sites. 

The easy way of confirmation that Wikipedia is allowing to create a Wikipedia article that is understandable since Wikipedia has traditionally given a quick easy route into the Google’s Knowledge graph.  

And in the case of corroboration, the knowledge graph has always required more than Wikipedia where over the years we have been tracking knowledge panels and the knowledge Graph API, there has never been a direct correlation between Wikipedia articles and knowledge graph presence. 

The Knowledge Graph has always contained some brands that have no Wikipedia pages and some brands that have Wikipedia pages are not in the Knowledge Graph. Solid corroboration determining knowledge as a keyword. A brand can get in with less, or it may take more, all depending on the consistency of the information and the trustworthiness of the sources. Everything has changed in 2020, where Wikipedia is no longer the Single Source with several points. 

Google has expanded the presence of knowledge panels for brands significantly with no cited source jumped by almost half. And Wikipedia is not a cited source, are moving forwards very fast in both the Knowledge Graph and in brand SERP knowledge panels. 

Google understands and shows a knowledge panel and it is important to bear in mind that citation it gives is most relevant to the brand as well as well the industry with the context of the searcher that means, geolocation plays an important role here, it seems, making it delightful for the marketers.

The general rules to place information to corroboration that can be useful to start by optimizing the organization profiles on LinkedIn and Bloomberg. The URL structures for all pages cited by Google for the “big three”, they are all 100% company profile page that is information on Bloomberg, LinkedIn. In the next step, it is vital to confirm the information on multiple relevant trusted sources that are presumably information. 

  • Generalist news sites such as,,,, are good bets.
  • Specialist news sites such as TechCrunch,, or
  • Niche industry sites such as,,
  • Geo-specific sites such as,,,… (see below for the international analysis).

Concluding with the three steps to get in the knowledge graph without a Wikipedia Article.

  • Step 1: Make sure information on your site sets out clearly who you are and what you do.
  • Step 2: Add markup – make it as detailed as possible.
  • Step 3: Get corroboration on multiple trusted, authoritative, independent third-party sites. 

The approach to building a convincing case for notability for Google’s Knowledge graph or panel with the primary criteria has five components that must be evaluated separately and independently to determine it as in Significant coverage, multiple, independent, and reliable secondary sources.



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