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Unlimited free group video calls through Facebook messenger. 

Unlimited free group video calls through Facebook messenger

The brand-new Standalone messenger app for desktop as launched by Facebook is the newest of all and is rightly available on Windows and macOS. Audio and video calling via Messenger on a desktop browser have grown 100% in the past few months. To this, the company has proactively responded with an increase in the demand with the launch of a dedicated application. 

The Messenger desktop application offers numerous benefits as compared to using Messenger on in a web browser and is the most valuable to people right now is unlimited and free group video calls. They have even highlighted the following points about the application: 

  • Multitasking: It is simple to open Messenger in one window while you do other things on your computer that is not possible sometimes on a smartphone.
  • Easy Connectivity: It is simply understanding that if you are connected to someone on Facebook then eventually you are connected to that individual on Messenger without repeatedly performing the same task of having a phone number, sign up, email, or any new service.
  • Chat Sync: Without losing any Messenger history one can easily and efficiently switch between devices.
  • Notification: Available on desktop but you can still choose to snooze or mute them if you prefer.
  • Includes all the same features you already know: Such as Dark Mode and GIFs. 

Facebook Messenger Vs Zoom:

The launch of a standalone desktop application that offers group video calling, Facebook Messenger is now in direct completion with Zoom.

Messenger has the facility of Zoom beat when it is about cost and price, and it does not get better than free, but Zoom does offer a free plan although it’s very limited. 

There are some differences in the features of Zoom and Facebook messenger is that there is no limit in the number of participants over video calls from Facebook Messenger whereas only 100 participants can participate in Zoom. 

Although Group meetings Zoom is limited to provide only 40 minutes as a time duration, there is no time limit for a video call on Facebook messenger. The beneficial part of the Facebook Messenger has no extra login credentials but Zoom is a totally new service to sign up for. 

Due to these features that Facebook Messenger provides, it seems like Facebook Messenger has an edge over Zoom but there are reasons due to which the users prefer Zoom over Facebook Messenger because a user who prefers to maintain a separation between business and personal may welcome the idea of signing up to a new service like Zoom as this would help them to keep a balanced distance between their personal and professional contacts. 

Although with the passing time the response of the audience can be seen for the afresh capabilities of Facebook Messenger and changes that help during the usage of the service. Adding to which it is interesting to see the capacity of Zoom to keep up with the meteoric growth from businesses transition to operating remotely as a good hike is visible in the number of users from ten million to two hundred million within three months, but if Facebook Messenger ends up being used in ways similar to Zoom possibly we may see Zoom’s user growth over the coming few months.