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What to Do If Your Site’s Overall Traffic Decline

What to Do If Your Site’s Overall Traffic Decline

May 15, 2020

Websites have become an integral part of businesses especially when it comes to their online presence. Without a website, there is no existence of any business online as they won’t be able to thrive without it. A site defines the reputation and quality of a brand on the digital platform based on its traffic and SERP ranking. 

Higher your site’s position is on the search engine results, better is the reputation and trust of the target audience. To gain such popularity, the overall traffic on your site plays a key role as without that, you cannot even think about giving competition in the market. 

But sometimes, you might see that the traffic on your site starts declining even if you did nothing wrong or if you did unintentionally, you don’t know. This post will tell you what you should consider doing after encountering such a problem. After reading this post, you will be able to adopt effective strategies soon after knowing that the traffic on your site has started to decline. 

Measures to adopt in case of the site’s overall traffic decline

  • Check for mobile-friendliness of your site

Every business must remember that the mobile-friendliness of their website is a must in this mobile-focused world. More than half of the world’s population is using the internet through their smartphones and even most of them love to do online shopping through their phones as well. Thus, you cannot ignore the mobile optimization of your site. 

If you suddenly experience a decline in traffic to your site, the reason could be bad visibility of your site on the mobile platform. You need to remember that optimizing your site once for the mobile platform is not the end of it, you should also regularly monitor its performance every time you upload new content or update your website. 

Sometimes, some elements might work well on laptops or PCs but they do not appear good on mobiles. So, you must consider this seriously and look for mobile optimization of your site. 

  • Changes to your website

‘Change is inevitable’ and we all know that. Now, when it comes to your website, modification or change becomes vital. With new developments, a change in people’s interests, and evolving business strategies, it is important for you to make some changes to your website. 

The point to remember here is that the changes you make to your website are acceptable by the SEO or not. Hence, this could be the reason for a significant decline in your site’s overall traffic. 

You might have redesigned your website or have added some new elements that have affected your SEO. Due to which the ranking of your site got is affected and reduced the number of visitors significantly. 

Thus, this is another parameter you need to consider in case of your site’s traffic decline. Run an effective SEO campaign to make things right and for that, it is advised to hire an experienced digital marketing agency like RankSoldier.

  • Look after your keywords

The digital platform keeps changing and if you want to stay in the hunt, you are also required to meet ever-changing requirements. If you see that any of your webpages that were placed on the first page of search engine results have dropped down to the second or third page, then the visitor count will automatically go down. 

If this is the case, the prime reason for this could be the keywords for which your webpage was ranking. Remember one thing, if a keyword that places your site on the top of search engine results does not guarantee to maintain the position because the popularity of keywords keeps changing and they rank accordingly. 

So, take the help of keyword tracking software and monitor its performance. While, to improve the position of the webpage, reconsider the keywords, and optimize the page accordingly. 

  • Monitor the traffic sources

Only having a website does not bring traffic, it requires other strategies in place as well that drives visitors on to your site. Platforms that bring visitors to your site are known as traffic sources and those could be social media, emails, traditional marketing practices, and much more. 

So, one of the reasons for traffic decline could be any flaw in your traffic sources. Your tactics used on a platform like social media may have become outdated or the content you are sending to the target audience via email may not be worthy. The reason could be anything and you need to find out the source from which you were getting most of the traffic. 

Review the performance of that source and find out what is going wrong. Considering this and rectifying the problems might improve the traffic and it could be better as well.  

  • Google’s algorithm update

It’s not always you doing things wrong, sometimes your site’s ranking might also get affected due to change in Google’s algorithm and it is ever-changing. Thus, you need to stay updated about Google’s algorithms because that could be a factor of declined web traffic. 

With new updates, SEO strategies also change and you need to optimize your site accordingly to maintain its SERP ranking. To make things better, you can also take the help of dedicated tools available in the market. 

  • Keep an eye on competitors

No matter what you are doing with your digital marketing efforts, never forget to spy on your competitors by any means you could do it effectively. Sometimes, you do everything right with your SEO tactics but still, find a significant decline in the traffic on your website. Here, the reason could be better strategies adopted by your competitors and in this scenario, Google outranks them. 

This is why it is important for you to see what your competitors are doing and optimizing your strategies accordingly.

For example, your competitors might have been using videos in their blog posts and giving relevant answers to the queries raised by the audience & clients and you are not. In this scenario, your competitors will be preferred by Google’s search engine to be positioned above you. While on the other hand, if you regularly monitor them and adjust your strategies accordingly, the chances of happening this are low. 

  • Lost backlink

As we know, that backlinks play a vital role in improving the reputation of your brand and hence, if you lost some key ones, the traffic on your site will go down. 

So, the point here is that backlinks can also be the reason for the decline in your site’s traffic. Thus, if you are confused about why your site is experiencing low traffic, first try monitoring all the key backlinks from where you were getting most of the traffic. 

You might find that those backlinks have been removed or even the post in which they were placed is no longer available. Hence, if this is the case, you need to ask for the reason for the webmaster and try establishing new ones to improve the visibility and traffic on your website. 

  • Loading speed

There are many factors that could be responsible for the lost traffic on your site and one of those is the low page loading speed of your site. If not considered, it could become one of the biggest threats to the reputation of your brand. 

People don’t have much time and they don’t want to wait for your site to load completely before they could see anything.  Remember, if your site is taking more than 10 seconds to load on desktop, you need to reconsider it and take appropriate measures to bring it down. 

Sometimes, adding heavy elements like videos on your site cause it to slow down, thus, you need to adopt better strategies to maintain site’s speed with videos on it. 

There are many reasons for slowing down of site’s speed like website design, an overloaded server, hosting provider, or heavy theme. Hence, you need to monitor every aspect to find the right cause. 

The Bottom Line

Visitors are the key for any business to grow and compete with others, without them you are nothing. 

The above statement is a bit harsh but, it is true. In this digital world, companies are generating most of their business through digital marketing and if they don’t get the attention of their target audience, all of their efforts will go in vain.

Thus, if there is a decline in the traffic on your site, it will directly affect the leads as well as sales. So, if you are experiencing it, the issue is serious and you need to take appropriate measures as soon as possible or you will fall down badly. 

But the question is how will you know the reason for the decline and what could be the impact. In this post, we have covered some of the key reasons that could result in lost traffic of your website and the actions you can take. 

We hope that this post will be of great help and you will be able to improve your site’s traffic considering these measures.



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