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Why and How Keywords Are Important for Digital Marketing

Why and How Keywords Are Important for Digital Marketing

July 12, 2020

The digital world is trending and for businesses, it holds some serious importance. Without a digital presence, it won’t be easy for any business to compete. Almost all businesses have a digital presence and undoubtedly, they are being benefited through that. 

The digital world is huge, and that is the reason for its popularity among everyone. Considering its depth, businesses easily find people who are best for the products/services they offer. It’s not only one-way traffic, but people also find brands that suit them the best. This means, that not only businesses find people on the digital platform but people also look for businesses that can provide them the best value. 

Now, we are talking about people and businesses finding each other on the digital platform, but the real question is how it is going to happen? How they will find the correct one for themselves? The simple answer to both of these queries is ‘KEYWORDS.’ Without keywords, neither businesses will be able to appear for searches nor people will be able to find them. Thus, having relevant keywords in your digital marketing strategy is a must for you to be found. 

This post is dedicated to telling you the importance and relevance of keywords for ensuring a strong digital presence. After reading it, you will come to know what ‘keywords’ can do for your business online. 

What are the keywords?

If we break this word it will be Key+Word, this means keywords are important words that define what your content is all about. They give a clear idea to the people whether the content is relevant for them or not even without reading it. Plus, they are also included in between the content to ensure that it is visible to people when a relevant search is made. Keywords can also be phrases that are generally used by people as their search queries. 

The type of keyword will depend upon your business’s niche and it is important to have relevant ones so that you don’t misguide people. Being a website owner, it is necessary for you to have most of the relevant keywords on your web pages so that people would be able to find them easily. 

Why keywords are necessary?

As you have seen above that how having keywords in your content will help people to find out whether the content is relevant for them or not, while they are also important for search engine bots to identify the quality of your content and decide whether it is authoritative or not to be placed high on the SERP. 

Having keywords that match the search query of people will ensure that you are visible to them and they find you as the exact match for the answer to their queries. For example, if you sell different types of shirts and someone searches to by ‘blue check shirt’, and you have included this keyword or a related keyword in your content, the chances that you will be visible on the search engine results are high and it is likely that people will open your web page watching that keyword. 

This is just an example of how things work with keywords on the web, more relevant keywords you have in the content, more are the chances of its visibility to the search queries. In other words, we could say that keywords serve as a bridge between what people search and what you provide. Plus, they are also helpful in driving organic traffic on your site which is of most importance to build authority and get the attention of search engine bots.

Remember, for every type of content whether it is textual or visual, having the right keywords are necessary, as without them you won’t be able to come in front of your audience, it doesn’t matter how well you have prepared. 

How to find the right keywords?

To find the right keywords for your business’s niche, you need to do intensive keyword research, and for that, you can take the help of several free or paid tools that are available in the market. Before that, you need to have a clear idea of what types of products and services you are offering. Because that will only help you out in finding the most relevant keywords that appear when someone will make any query on the search engine related to your niche. 

Keywords can be defined by two parameters, one according to the volume of their searches and two the level of competition they have. Strategically measuring both these parameters and defining your keywords will get you a lot of success. While using software to find keywords, you will get both these details, all you need to do is select the most relevant ones and use accordingly in the content. 

You can also find some keywords on your own without taking the help of any tool, and this could be done by searching for products or services you offer on any web browser. Considering this will not only give you suggestions for more related keywords but also tell you about the top results and the quality they are serving. Plus, at the bottom, you will see some related search queries along with long-tail keywords. In this way, you will also be able to prepare better content having your targeted keywords. 

How to do keyword research?

Above, you came to know that to find the right keywords, keyword research is a must and that could be done using tools and through manual search. Now, the question is how keyword research should be done? Because the approach you will adopt for the keyword research will define the quality and relevancy of them. let us see what things you need to do for keyword research:

  • Study your niche

First and the foremost thing that you need to do is to have in-depth knowledge about the niche of your business. Because without that you won’t be able to identify which keywords will be the best for you. 

For that, you need to spy on your competitors to see what they are doing and the types of keywords they are using that are driving them the success. The next best thing you can do is participate in online communities that are related to your niche, as that will give you a better idea of the niche. Plus, deep research about your niche on the web is another way to get deep knowledge and implement it to your marketing efforts. 

  • Keep your goals clear

Remember one thing, while searching for keywords, it is important for you to set the goals and ensure that they are clear. The reason for this is that the keywords you use also help in reaching towards goals. Thus, if you work in combination, it will become easy for you to get what you want, whether it is subscribers or sales. 

You must know what you want to achieve, as that will improve your keyword research and ensure that they help you out in moving forward strongly. 

  • Identify the important topics about your niche

Now you might be thinking that what is the need to create a list of important topics of your niche? This is necessary because the topics will help you out cover most of the relevant and trending keywords. As you cannot flood all the keywords in a single copy of content because that is a bad SEO practice and doing this might penalize you. 

Thus, it becomes important to use the recommended number of keywords in different content copies. This is why you need to prepare a list of key and trending topics that you can write & post on your website. In this way, you will be able to cover the maximum number of keywords and that will increase your chances to be found and get clicked.

  • Identify basic keywords that are being searched

Just like the topics to write upon, it is also vital to have a bunch of relevant keywords that competitors are using and people are using to search queries. This will give you a better idea of the most popular keywords of your niche and you will come up with a strong strategy.

The basic keywords that we are talking about are known as ‘focus keywords’ and they help in searching other relevant keywords to make your list bigger & better.

To create a list of focus keywords, you only need to have a look at your product’s inventory and business’s niche. What you are offering are your focus/seed keywords. 

  • Use a good keyword search tool

Whether free or paid, whichever tool you choose to find the keywords must be reliable enough with the results it provides. The reason for this is that it’s not only about the keywords, it is also about the competition and the search volume. If the data provided by any ordinary tool is not correct, it will directly affect the results and you might not get the most of your efforts.

A good tool also provides results for other elements like CPC and that is also of great help while planning strategies for your digital marketing campaign. 

  • Having a clear idea of search intent is must

Now when it comes to identifying the keywords, it is also necessary to see why people are making searches for those keywords? What is their intent? And what actually they are looking for?

Having answers to all these above-mentioned questions are a must to make keyword research more effective and come up with a better keyword list. This will help you in placing keywords in between the content more relevantly to solve the purpose of people.

It is not always the case that people search for something over the internet only when they want to buy that. There could be many other reasons like they might be looking for any information about a particular product, they are searching for a specific brand, or they are comparing one with the other. If you find the right intent for searches made by people, you will be able to serve them better or we could say the best.

One of the best things you could do to find that is by putting yourself into the shoes of people and think, that why would you search for a particular thing that you offer and how your search query will look like. With this, you will be able to solve the specific needs of your target audience and that’s what they need. 

  • Look for long-tail keywords

Long-tail keywords just maximize your efforts and ensure your better visibility along with better SERP ranking. When compared to normal keywords, long-tail keywords are descriptive and they generally describe a specific product or product category that you provide. For example, if you sell shirts, then one the long-tail keyword in this niche could be ‘blue & white check shirt’, and when someone looks for check shirts or even blue & white shirts, it is likely that your content will appear in his/her search results. 

Thus, you need to identify long-tail keywords of your niche and use them accordingly in between the content to get better results.

  • Keep an eye on competitors

As we have discussed above, that spying on your competitors will give you better insights into your niche and make sure that you are always a step ahead from them. This is also an important tactic of your keyword research strategy. Looking into what your competitors are doing will tell you a lot about the market as well as the behavior of your target audience. 

Through this, you will get to know which keywords your competitors are ranking and what is the quality of content they are providing to their target audience. After getting this information, you can prepare better content using the ranking keywords, and hence, the chances of overshadowing your competitors will become high. 

These are the factors that you need to consider for keyword research to get the better out of it. 

Final Words

The digital world is huge and to make your presence felt here, you need to make a lot of effort. That is the reason why businesses spend a lot in their digital marketing efforts just to grab the attention of their target audience and ensure good recognition. 

Doing this is not an easy task as every business is on a digital platform and almost all are making serious efforts to improve their position & brand value. Thus, doing ordinary things will only make you lost in the tough competition. One of the most important things you need to do to ensure visibility in the search result is to create extraordinary content having relevant keywords. Because, when someone will make a query related to your business’s niche on the web, he/she will type a keyword, and the results will be based on that keyword only.

Thus, choosing the right, relevant, related, & trending keywords are a must along with your digital marketing strategy. This post would have told you about some tips and strategies that will be defining for your keyword search. Considering them will be of great help and you will experience the result with your end-term goals.



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