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Display Advertising: What You Must Know

Display Advertising What You Must Know

May 15, 2020

Advertising has evolved a lot in the last few decades and we must say that it has become interesting like one of your favorite movies. But in all these years, the importance of advertising has never held back. It is still one of the key factors of marketing for businesses and it will remain so. 

We must have seen ads all around in newspapers, television, and on the internet. Everywhere they hold equal importance and delivers the value of posting there. Whether traditional or digital, display ads are a must for all marketing campaigns. Let us see them in detail.

What is display advertising?

In very simple terms, display advertising is a process of promoting a brand, product, or service through the use of visuals like images and videos. Those visuals can be posted either on the company’s website, social media accounts or even on third-party platforms. 

Importance of display advertising

Display ads are everywhere and those who are able to convey the right message to the right audience at the right time becomes successful and rest are just required to keep trying. We need to understand that if something is common, it is not a guarantee that it is easy too and similar is the case with display ads. Here are some of the benefits of display ads:

  • Visually appealing

If given enough attention while creating display ads, they could be appealing and that is what required to get the attention of your target audience. Thus, focus on making your display ad unique, interesting, and informative to deliver the right message to your target audience and ensure they give enough attention it requires. 

The key element of display ads is visuals and you need to make them engaging to get what you desire through that. 

  • Better and effective targeting

With the help of display ads, you can target the right segment of the audience based on their interests. They also make it easy to retarget your potential buyers who have visited your website but came out without purchasing anything. With the help of ads, you can tempt them by providing exclusive offers. 

Display ads are also helpful for location-based marketing techniques as depending upon the geographical condition, you can tailor your ad that fits the best. 

  • Improved brand awareness

One of the best things about display ads is that they have got the ability to create a unique image of the brand in people’s minds for quick recognition. What we mean by saying this is, that if your display ad is uncommon and engaging that people have not encountered yet, the chances of people remembering it are high. Thus, whenever they see it the next time, they will quickly identify it. 

This is the influence display ads have and that’s how they help in improving brand awareness. 

  • Better visibility

You cannot keep display ads aside as they are an integral part of marketing strategies. Believe it or not, they are important in improving the visibility of your brand. Placing your ads on relevant third-party sites will give your brand exposure to even those who are not searching the product or service that you offer. While, if your ad is interesting, they will be tempted to click on it at once. Thus, the right placement of display ads can give your brand extra exposure and bring in more visibility. 

  • Cost-effective

When compared to running advertisements on televisions, display ads are very cost-effective as you just require a unique image and relevant text place it on the right online platform. In this process, taking the help of experts will be a better idea and drive much better results. 

Besides, display advertising is also simpler to start with and you can do it simultaneously on different channels. They will help you drive the traffic on your website and generate better leads.

  • Data-driven

Technology has become much better and it is improving day by day and digital marketing is one of the sectors that is reaping the benefits. Technological advancements have made it simpler to track your actions while running a marketing campaign and when it comes to only display advertising, it is even simpler. 

One can track how many times the ad is displayed, how many times it is clicked, where it is being shown, and much more. With all this information, you can see how your advertising campaign is progressing and make changes if required any. 

  • Cost flexibility

Along with cost-effectiveness, display ads provide you the opportunity with placing ads as per your budget. Whose ad is placed will be decided by the auction. You are required to set the amount you can pay per ad and others will tell their price as well. All the entries will go to the auction and the winner will get the ad spot. There are two factors to be considered with your display ads:

  • Cost Per Click (CPC)- it is the amount of money that you have to pay to the advertiser for each click on your ad.
  • Cost Per Thousand (CPM)- it is defined as the money to be paid for every 1000 impressions on your ad. 

These are some of the benefits of display advertising and the impact they deliver to your marketing efforts. It’s just you have to do the basics right and everything will be on your way. 

Now, with display ads, it is important to know which type of ads are there that you can place on the digital platform. Let us take a brief look at them:

Types of display ads

  • Click-to-expand display ads

These clickable banners can either be placed on your website or any other website. They expand when clicked by the user acquiring most of the space of your screen. These banners provide easy visibility of your brand and if they are engaging and attractive, the chances of being clicked become high. 

  • 360 Degrees display ads

These are the most enticing and engaging ads that one will encounter. As the name suggests, such ads allow the user to move them 360 degrees either side by dragging the screen with a mouse cursor or just tilting the mobile screen. 360 degrees ads attract more customers and are expected to have a better click-through rate. 

  • Rich media display ads

Rich media ads mean the inclusion of video, audio, or any other engaging feature in your ad that tempts the user to give some attention. In simpler terms, rich media display ads have extra elements apart from visual (only images) & textual elements. This makes them more interesting for the viewers and fetches the attention they require. 

  • Interstitial display ads

These are the ads that cover the complete screen of your device; hence we can say that they are more dominating if made right. With these ads in place, the viewers have no other element that can distract them, thus, the whole focus will be on your ad. It is very important to monitor with Interstitial ads that they are annoying the audience, if they do, you will face some serious consequences. 

So, try out some options and put the best one in place. 

  • 3D Display ads

Don’t take it the wrong way. It doesn’t mean that you need to wear 3D glasses to experience these ads. 3D display ads are those that contain animation graphics giving your ad a 3-dimensional effect. These ads play an important role especially when you want to tell about the physical structure of your product, for example- mobile phones or furniture. These ads might help in providing more clarity about the physical characteristics of your products. 

  • Overlay display ads

Such ads are often displayed with a translucent or even transparent background so that the visibility of the original page is not much affected. These ads can either be displayed while playing an online video or while visiting a webpage. This is why they are also known as in-video overlay ads. 

You need to be very selective while choosing these ads as they can annoy a person quickly especially when he/she is doing some important task.                                                                                                              

The success of your display ads will depend upon two factors, attention and quality. Better the quality more will be the attention, thus, focus on relevancy & uniqueness and you will see the results you desire. 

Wrapping It Up

Visuals are always appealing and that is logic behind display ads. People believe what they see more than what they read. Display ads give strong support to the textual content you publish about your brand and together they reap great benefits. This is not a new concept; it has been just evolved into something better. 

With so many options and choices, it is not easy to convince people especially millennials to buy your product. They require some serious reason to do that and, in this process, display ads play a big role. Through unique images and videos, you can tell the story about your brand and show how it is different from your competitors. This is the best way to convince your target audience and generate leads or we must say, potential customers. 

Look around and see, what your competitors are doing, how they are generating leads, and what is not going well for them. Analyzing all this will give you a better idea to strategize for your brand and outrank others. Hiring an experienced digital marketing agency will just multiply the chances of your success. So, be smart and be unique to make this world a better place for you.  



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