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How to create engrossing and effective visuals from simple data

July 12, 2020

Be it a presentation at conference or a meeting or the home page of your website, visuals are always effective and interesting. They provide an attention-grabbing touch to the page or content they are added and could also be a deciding factor in ensuring better engagement of the audience. 

Visuals are more compelling than a written piece of information and they attract people easily & create interest. They are also an integral part when it comes to the SEO of any website and also of any content be it a blog post or a presentation in a meeting. 

One misconception most of us might have with the visuals is about the data. We think that the data for visuals need to be complex and bulky. But this is not true and we need to understand this. 

This post will tell you about some tips and strategies for create amazing visuals from a simple data and even limited piece of information. 

What are visuals?

When we talk about digital marketing, images, infographics, videos, and GIFs play an important role in defining the success of your website and social media accounts. All these are known as visuals and they are not a choice to be used rather they are necessities. A single visual can speak more than a content of 1000 words. If used in the right way, visuals could be the key for the success of your digital marketing campaign. 

Tips to create visuals

  • Content is the priority

A visual displays a piece of information and for that, content is required. So, the first priority should be unique and informative content. You need to create a content with precise and concise information that will be put in the visual. One thing to remember while creating the content is that it should be data-driven because that is what will make your visual effective. 

While, if your data is facts-based, it will just be the icing over the cake. 

  • Try to tell a story

Visuals are best at storytelling and that is what engages people more. With whatever information you have, just try to tell a story through visuals and for that, you can use infographics to a good effect. 

If you are able to create a story with facts, then it could be a wonderful thing for you. For example, if your product or service is capable of solving a problem of users, then your visual could include a brief description about the problem that viewers can relate followed by the benefit of choosing your product or service. 

  • Chart could be the best

A chart is one of the most commonly used yet simplest form of visual that has the power to demonstrate most complex of numerical data in simplest form. Thus, if you have some data like the growth of your customers in recent years or the rise in the subscription made by your audience in last 5 years, then representing this sort of information in a chart form will be great and compelling. 

You can find numerous examples of how to represent an information through charts in interesting manner. All you are required to do is research to create a unique design. 

  • Remove the add-ons

The key to create an interesting and effective visual is to include only relevant information as any add-ons could be distracting and they might make it a messy one. Anything that is not supporting or justify the information you want to deliver must be removed. Plus, be smart with the design also, as choosing a heavy one might also mess things up. 

  • Include different data visualizations

This is of importance when you have enough information for creating a visual. In such a situation, it is important to use different data visualization designs to ensure that the information is being conveyed clearly. 

A combination of different types of graphs, charts, and pictorial representations will be a great idea. All of this will make an engaging and information-rich infographic that people would love to share. 

  • Ensure easily readable font style

Creating a unique visual never means that it should be so stylish that it becomes difficult to read what is written. So, whatever template design you choose, make sure that font style is clearly readable and if necessary, make it bold. 

Make sure that headlines have larger font size than the content to depict the information correctly. Even if you have simple & limited data, all your text must be clearly readable because that is most important as if people are not able to read all the rest of your efforts will be wasted. 

  • Choose colors effectively

Colors play a vital role in creating any type of visual as they will make it appealing and attention-grabbing. But you must know that not all colors combinations work well and while choosing them, a special care must be taken. 

The key here is to use contrasting colors that make every information appear easily while on the other hand, you can choose bright colors for displaying key points. Remember, the better you color combination is more impactful will be the visual. 

  • Less sometimes can be more

When it comes to including data in the visual, not always you require bulk of the information as sometimes, a small piece of information could do the job the more data cannot. 

So, if you have limited information, try to represent it with relevant yet attractive pictures like icons, clipart, or symbols. Your ability to innovate could be the deciding factor here and if you are finding it difficult, do consider help from a professional. Your minimal resources can deliver best of the information. 

  • Be original

Last but not the least, only originality is admired by people and even search engine bots like original content. So, while create visuals, it is necessary for you to know that being unique is the key. Thus, whichever visual you are creating, try to be unique and ensure that it is delivering the right message that you want to convey. 

One of the best things that you could do to be original is by using relevant and personally clicked images. Doing this will take you to the safer side and no one will be able to claim you about being copied. 

The Bottom Line

Plain textual information confined in long paragraphs is a bit boring and not many make efforts to read it all. That’s where the importance of visuals comes in. They make textual information interesting and attention-grabbing. But the point here is how to make such visuals that engage your audience with limited piece of information. 

Remember one thing, simple and limited information never a problem in creating compelling visuals. It all depends upon how you include the data you have in pictorial representation. We hope that this post would have given you enough information that will help you to create effective visuals for your business and use them on your site, social media, or even during presentations.



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