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What Should Be Your Content Marketing Strategy During a Pandemic

What Should Be Your Content Marketing Strategy During a Pandemic

July 12, 2020

We are facing one of the biggest pandemics that has ever happened in the world. This pandemic (COVID-19) has eaten millions of lives across the globe and the numbers are still rising every day. Besides so many casualties, COVID-19 has also affected businesses around the world and many of them are just completely shut. Due to this strange situation of businesses across the globe, the world’s economy has also fallen. 

But we cannot just wait for this to get completely over, as it is not going to happen anytime soon. To survive, some efforts are required and they should be made as soon as possible because, if not now, then never. This post will tell what should be your content marketing strategy during this tough time of COVID-19 pandemic and how considering those strategies will help you sustain.

Content marketing strategy during COVID-19 pandemic

  • Evaluate your existing strategy 

This is the time when every business is upside down and the strategies, they used to promote themselves have also been affected. Thus, the first thing that you need to do is to analyze and evaluate the strategies you are currently using.

You need to see which of them are still working and which ones are just utilizing your resources for nothing. You know that this is not the time to waste your money and resources, thus, it is advised to hold back the strategies that are not working and invest more in the ones that are still delivering results. 

For example, if you are into food or apparel related business, it will be best for you to focus on social media more than trying out other different things. Because, when most of the people are working from home, their social media engagement has increased significantly. Hence, targeting this platform will get you more attention and when people are avoiding going out, they prefer buying things online. 

Similarly, you can also guide people on how they can stay safe during this pandemic by posting infographics, images, or even videos. As selling products is not everything, sometimes, you need to stand with people and help them in tough times to get loyalty. And, considering this will help you gain some. Remember, this can do wonders for you in the long run.

  • Reconsider your blogs

Blogs are always helpful; they ensure your better visibility in the search engine rankings. Blogs help you build authority on the web, plus, also lets you show expertise in your niche. They are best in ranking your webpages for specific keywords and help in link building as well. Simply, we could say that you cannot leave blogs aside with your content marketing strategy. 

Now, when the whole world is under crisis¸ reconsidering your blogs can help you strengthen one of the pillars of your business. Due to this coronavirus outbreak, the use of the internet has increased significantly. Thus, fueling your blogging efforts can deliver some great results. 

As people are spending most of their time on the internet, the chances of getting your blogs read are very high. Thus, this tough time can become a huge opportunity for you, and writing informative & unique blogs regularly can give you an edge over competitors. It is simply a win-win situation for you. 

Find out interesting & trending blog topics related to your niche and prepare worthy content that is admired by people. This will open new gates of success for you in these unfavorable conditions. Show your target audience that you still care about them by providing valuable information, and that’s what matters these days.

  • Use emails to a good effect

Those who think that emails are outdated do a big mistake. Remember, whatever efforts you make on the digital platform to promote your business, you cannot keep emails aside, as they are the best source of professional communication plus, you can also promote your products or brand via emails. 

When the whole world is trying to maintain social distancing, emails have become an integral part for businesses and even people for communication except other social channels like WhatsApp, Instagram, & Facebook Messenger. Being a business, it will be a good time for you to push email marketing by sending interesting & relevant content to your target audience, and the chances are that your emails will be opened, read, responded.

You need to remember one thing with email marketing during this pandemic, that, don’t be pushy in your mails, as that will portray you as insensitive and you might lose your reputation. Send a mix of emails including sales, marketing, and informative ones. Show people that you are with them and you’ll gain their trust. 

  • Videos can be really effective

Visuals are always helpful and out of all, videos are something that gets most of the attention. During this time of the pandemic, videos can be very helpful in building your authority and improving reputation. If you are able to use them in the right way, their effect will last for a very long time. 

We advise you that the videos you create should not only focus on selling your products, rather, they must also show care and love for your audience. Create videos that are unique and have some important messages for people. 

Another thing that you can do with videos is to offer discounts on whichever products or services you are offering. Create an engaging video to show your audience about the discounts. Considering this will show your concern to customers & target audience about the financial crisis they are facing due to COVID-19, and you will get more loyal customers.

Also remember, that, don’t just create & post videos only about your brands or products/services. Do consider posting some videos educating people about the current scenario and things they should do to stay safe & keep others as well. This is the time to build relationships more than generating sales. Your efforts made during this time will reap you great benefits later on. 

  • Create content assets

The time is tough for everyone but, we need to find a way to get through this tough time as that’s how we will be able to survive in the future. Being a business, we need to keep making efforts to retain our existing and potential customers. Plus, it is also important to try and attract some new ones as well despite this pandemic. 

As, during this time, we cannot expect much sales, but that also doesn’t mean to step back and wait for the time to become better. We need to keep providing value to our customers and target audience so that they can stay engaged. For this, one of the best things you can do is create content assets like guides, how-to posts, case studies, and even ebooks. This will help bring visitors to your site and what else you can wish for in this condition. 

To show people that you really care, you can also offer some premium stuff like ebooks and guides for free (for a limited time), and considering this will be a huge boost for your web traffic.

The Bottom Line

Uncertain times come and go, but this pandemic situation is so harmful that no one would have thought of in their entire life. Despite this, businesses can not sit back and wait for this situation to go away. They need to keep doing something within their budget and reach because making efforts in this situation can come out handy in the future, plus, they will also help you stand strong in this tough time. 

Content marketing is something that you can do during this pandemic, but with a different approach. The reason why we have said a different approach is because your regular strategies might not work during this time of crisis, thus, you need to come up with something else. With your content marketing efforts, you can build good relationships with your current & potential customers and that’s what will help you ahead. 

The sole purpose of writing this post was to help you & tell what should be your content marketing strategy during a pandemic and how you can implement them effectively. We hope, that reading it would have given you an idea of what you should do with content marketing now so that you can maintain your position in the market and reap some great benefits when the time will become better.



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