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How to Grow Your Social Media Following ASAP

How to Grow Your Social Media Following ASAP

July 12, 2020

Social media is trending and it is gaining most of the attention of people across the globe. All smartphone users around the world are present on social media and that tells how popular this platform is. 

Now, we’ve talked about the popularity of social media let us discuss how important it is. When it comes to importance, we know what role social media plays in all our lives. It lets you connect with your friends and relatives staying miles away. But we are not here to talk about how helpful social media is for individuals rather our main focus is what social media can do for businesses. 

For businesses, social media has become of the pillars and without it, surviving in this fiercely competitive world is almost impossible. This platform has given a lot to businesses when it comes to their growth and survival. For any brand to succeed online, the attention of the target audience is required and no other platform than social media can give them a huge exposure. 

Social media for businesses is all about how many followers you have and how many more you can gain through your efforts. Remember, more the followers better will be your reputation and wider exposure a brand will get. Once you reach the end of this post while reading it, you will have enough tactics in your kitty to grow social media following ASAP. 

Why followers are required on social media for businesses?

Followers are people who like a particular brand, category of products, or experts in a particular niche of their interest on social media. On social media, people follow what entices them, and to get followed, businesses do everything possible. 

Now the question here is why businesses need followers? The simple and basic answer to this question is to expose their products or services to a large audience. Remember, it is not necessary that all followers meet the criteria of your target audience, but they are still important. Having a huge follower base is very important to show the potential customers about the popularity of a brand, as more are the followers better is the popularity. 

People following you on the social media defines that they like your products/services even if they don’t match the category of your target audience. Such followers help in building your follower base by referencing or sharing your post on their social media accounts and with friends as well. This way, the promotion of your brand will occur. If any of your followers also have his/her own good follower base, a shared content by him/her will give you the exposure to another audience that is surely not yours. This might also fetch you some great leads or even customers.

These are some of the reasons why having followers is important on social media along with their benefits. Now let us shift our focus on how to build your follower base ASAP on social media. 

How to speed up social media following

  • Find trending topics and participate

One of the best ways to speed up following on social media is to start participating in trending posts on social media by giving valuable comments and helping people with their queries on those posts. One thing you must remember while using this strategy is to find topics that are relevant to your business’s niche as there only you could get your target audience

While commenting on trending topics, you can also relevantly add the link of your site or a specific landing page so that interested ones can easily reach you. Don’t do it with each of your comments as it will make you sound salesy and that is not good for the reputation of your brand. You can also try replying to the comments that you find worthy, as appreciating might get you genuine leads. 

  • Promotion

Another strategy that you can adopt to earn more and more followers is by promoting your social media accounts in whichever possible way you can. It could be done through your company’s website, advertisements, emails, and even through your different social media accounts. 

Doing this will give great exposure to your social media pages and interested people will visit them. You can also ask your followers to do it for you by encouraging them through contests or any other means you find feasible. More the promotion huge will be the exposure and higher will be the chances to get more followers. 

  • Ensure activeness

Only having a social media account doesn’t mean you are done and everything else will happen automatically. Creating a social media account is just like owning land, you need to make efforts to construct a building. Thus, your active presence is a must on all your social media accounts to engage with your followers and target audience. 

One of the best ways to show your activeness on social media is to answer to the queries of customers & other people related to your niche. Giving relevant, genuine, and helpful answers will pose you as an expert and hence, interested ones will not hesitate in following you. 

Remember, active presence on social media is also a key to grow your business pages and that will help you out in building good recognition as well. 

  • Consistency is must

It is necessary to give your target audience a reason to follow you and it could be done by posting new, unique, and informative content consistently. If they find the content posted by you relevant and helpful on a regular basis, the chances are high that you will be followed. 

So, do enough research in finding the relevant and trending topics and create engaging content to be posted on social media either in the form of images, infographics, or videos. Make sure that the content you post is user-friendly and attention-grabbing. Why we said this is because millions of business account holders on social media post daily and if your post is ordinary then it will be lost in the crowd. Thus, uniqueness in your posts should be a must-have factor. 

  • Be selective

Remember, not everything works everywhere and you need to always consider this while posting anything on social media. For example, an image that you can post on Instagram might not be suitable for LinkedIn users, and if you do so, it will give you nothing but a negative image of your brand. 

Thus, being selective in what you post and where you post is very important to earn the right followers and make your presence stronger on social media. To find the right fit, you need to see what is trending on which social media platform and what kind of content your competitors are posting. Doing this research will give you enough ideas on what you should post, especially when you are confused. To get things right, it is also important for you to learn about each of the social media networks you use, especially about what is a good practice and what is not. 

  • Use the power of social media follow buttons

If you know, great! But if you don’t know, you must that what power social media buttons hold. Having social media follow buttons on each of the web pages will increase the chances of being followed by getting the attention of visitors. Not only on web pages, but you can also include social media follow buttons wherever possible. 

If these buttons are present everywhere people encounter your brand, they will create an interest to click them and, in this way, the chances of being followed by visitors will improve. Besides your website, follow buttons can also be placed at the end of each blog, emails you send to the target audience, and also on other’s profiles if possible. 

  • Follow influencers

One of the great tactics to build your social media followers fast is to follow an expert in your niche and share the content he/she posts. The expert we are talking about is termed as an influencer with a good fan base. One of the best things about the followers of an influencer is that they trust him/her. 

Now you must be thinking why we are telling you all this? But here’s a catch. If you follow a good influencer and share the content with your followers, the chances are good that your gesture will be reciprocated. In this way, your brand will get better exposure and you will earn some genuine followers. Remember, nothing comes here for free, to get work done you need to pay by any means, and in this case, following and sharing is the way to pay. 

  • Target email subscribers

To get followed, it is important for you to tell people about your social media accounts and one of the best ways is to target those who are already connected with you. Yes, we are talking about subscribers who have subscribed to your newsletters and posts. 

What you can do is tell your email subscribers about your social media accounts and include a social media follow button in all your emails. The chances are high that happy subscribers will follow you on social media.  

  • Make content sharing as easy as possible

Followers tend to share content on their social media account and if you can make it easy enough for them, content sharing will become more frequent. Not everyone wants to make an effort of copy-pasting a URL to share something even if they love to share it. If this is the case with your content, you will only get a few shares despite having the potential of getting more. 

To get better results, you need to make sure that whatever you post on your website is easily shareable. And this could be done by including direct social share links with the content you post, be it a blog or something else. 

Considering this will not only improve your social shares rather it will also help you get more followers. If your content is shared by someone, it will be visible to his/her followers and if it is liked, they might directly follow the original creator of the followed content. This way you will get a boost in your follower base. 

  • Always respond

You need to give your followers a reason to stay with you and for that, one thing you should do is post regularly. But there is another factor that you must consider and that is responding to your followers. Everyone wants to get heard and if you ignore what your followers are saying, they will leave you soon. 

So, the key here is to answer to comments and queries made by your followers. If they love your suggestions and solutions, it will help build stronger & deep relationships. With that, the chances of being referenced or recommended become high and in this way, you will gain more followers. 

  • Hashtags are everywhere

No one would have thought that hashtags will gain so much popularity and that too so quickly. The current scenario is that everyone is using hashtags with each social media post and for businesses, they have become a necessity to be found easily. This is because to get followed you need to be visible first and hashtags will help you a lot in doing so.

Hashtags are denoted by ‘#’ followed by a target keyword without any space in between. They help people in easily finding the relevant content and if you have posted your content with the hashtag related to the query made, the chances are good that it will be visible. 

Remember, only use related and most relevant hashtags plus, avoid using a bunch of those as doing so can create a mess and your content might appear to irrelevant searches as well, and that is not a good sign though. You can also create your own unique hashtag and promote it with other ones. If your hashtag will gain popularity, your brand will too along with a better follower base. 

  • Run a contest

This is a gem of an idea to boost followers quickly and if executed right, it could deliver outstanding results. Running a contest on your social media account with some exciting prizes for winners could get you a huge number of followers. All you need to do is to make it a necessity to follow you for participation. To participate people will follow you and you will get you were looking for.

Another best thing that you can do is to ask the participants to use your hashtag with their posts and this will help you get better exposure and recognition. 

  • Interconnect

This is something you must consider doing to reap some great benefits for your business from social media. Interconnect all your social media accounts with each other and this way, you will get followed on each platform by all your followers. Plus, doing so will also fetch you more followers. 

For that, you need to request your followers on one platform to do it on others as well and this could be done by a simple post on each social media account. Considering this will also make it clear to those who think that you are a different brand on different social media platforms. 

Wrapping It Up

Social media can never be ignored and doing so will only leave you behind in the race of digitalization. Considering millions of users that are present on social media, it becomes necessary for businesses to be actively present as in millions there are also the ones that meet the criteria of the target audience. 

When we talk about social media, one thing that we cannot stop thinking of is followers. Without followers, your social media account is useless. No followers mean that you don’t have the support of people, thus in this scenario, it becomes difficult to take a stand and compete in the market. 

More the number of followers better is the reputation of your business. Followers define the quality you serve and they open new gates of success in this fiercely competitive world. So, it is important to have a good follower base in order to make your brand better than your competitors. 

This post was primarily focused on telling you the ways by which you can build a strong follower base in not much time and build your brand’s authority. We hope that these strategies will work for you as well and we will be glad to know that.



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