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How to Increase Audience Engagement

How to Increase Audience Engagement

July 12, 2020

To ensure a strong online presence, it is important for you to have a company’s website because that’s where people will land in the end to get more details. A website is an online platform for a business where interested people can visit and see what’s in there for them. 

But for users to check your website and spend some quality time, your website needs to be attractive, informative, and easily navigable. Because one of the most important things for your website is the user’s engagement and only this will help you get the visitors to the call to action on your website. 

While on the other hand, if you are not able to engage the audience on your site, no matter how many visitors come, you won’t be able to achieve your goals.  

If a user lands on your site, it is important that he/she spends enough time searching for the information he/she seeks and getting details of it. This way, the reputation, and authority your brand will improve along with the position of your website in the search rankings. 

Now, for a user to spend time on the website, it should have almost everything that the user is looking for and for that, you need to consider some points. This post will cover all the important tips by which you will be able to improve audience engagement on your site and take your brand to the next level. 

What is Meant by Audience Engagement?

In simpler terms, audience engagement can be defined as the active participation of your website visitors with the content present. It is also known as the scenario where people are spending enough time on a website reading the content they were in search of and are convinced enough to do what you want them to. 

A site or even a business’s social media profile with good user engagement has a high chance of driving the audience to the call to action with complete consent. Plus, high user engagement gives you a more loyal audience along with a high number of returning customers and conversion rates. Engagement of people is very important for a brand to succeed in this extremely competitive world. This is because only engaging with something can help anyone know details about it and that’s how they can decide about its qualities and unique points. 

Tips for Increasing Audience Engagement

  • Consider site speed

First and the foremost thing that you need to consider while designing your website is its loading speed. If the site is slow to load, it is likely that not many will wait to load it completely and then look for the information they want. Keep this thing in mind that the audience doesn’t have patience, it wants things to get done quickly and a slow loading website surely cannot meet the expectations of people. 

Thus, the first rule of increasing audience engagement is to have a fast loading website that doesn’t let visitors wait for much to see the information they are in search of.  To ensure good loading speed, it is advised to choose a good hosting provider and avoid having a shared one. This is the prime reason for having a slow loading website. Another reason could be the inclusion of videos and images with heavy file size. So, you need to optimize your web pages accordingly to ensure quick loading. 

To check the current loading speed of your site, you can take the help of various tools available on the internet. 

  • Know the needs of your target audience

Remember, the site is yours but it will be used by the target audience to get the information they want. Thus, it is important for you to know the needs and requirements of your audience and optimize your site accordingly, because when visitors don’t get what they want, why will they stay?

The audience will only engage with your site when it finds the information provided by you relevant and qualitative. The simple theory here is to fulfill the needs of visitors and they will ensure better engagement. For that, you need to know what they want and provide that through your website.

Do proper market research, look into what competitors are offering to their customers, act like your target audience to know what to provide better, and look for strategies to improve user’s experience on your site. Considering these points will help you stand different in the crowd and you will see results soon.  

  • Simplify the layout of landing pages

Sometimes, landing pages with too much content could also result in bad user engagement and a high bounce rate. This is because having too much content creates confusion and visitors cannot decide what next they should do, and eventually, they end up leaving the site. 

Having a high bounce rate not always mean that the quality of content is low, sometimes it is also due to the clutter present on your site. Thus, it becomes important for you to have enough white spaces in between the content of landing pages so that users can easily visualize the elements present there. 

Despite having unique and quality information, you need to place it tactically on the landing pages so that it gets the attention of users. And when people will find it suitable for them, their engagement level increases. 

It is advised to only keep necessary elements on the landing pages that you think are relevant for the target audience as placing unnecessary ones will only make them messy. Another important thing that you need to consider is the font size and font style, it should be easily readable, as if it is not, you cannot even think of any engagement. 

  • Quality always overpowers quantity

Always remember this while posting anything on your website that quality should be your priority not the quantity. By delivering valuable and qualitative to your target audience, you can expect most of them to come back for more. But by only focusing on quantity, you cannot expect them to revisit your site as they might get quality information somewhere else and they will prefer that over yours. 

The content on your site should be useful and informative, as this will show you as an expert, and people will start trusting you. Now, when you have gained the trust of your target audience, the engagement will automatically become better. 

If you keep posting quality on a regular basis, your audience will get acquainted with that and your brand authority will improve as well. 

  • Easy navigation

The most audience looks for more information on a website when they find the required information highly qualitative. But for that, they should be able to easily navigate throughout the site. 

Easy navigability is also important for visitors who have come directly to your site in search of something. If they do not find what they want in two to three clicks, they are likely to close the tab and look for the information on another platform. Thus, having an easy user interface is very important in increasing audience engagement because people will only stay and absorb the information when they find it easily. 

To ensure this, you need to have a simple menu along with a simple website design. Always test the site’s navigability within your team or by asking a few of your friends to see how easy it is to move around the website. Another thing that you can do is place a search box at the top so that users can simply type and find the required information. 

  • Be consistent in everything you do

Big brands are known for their consistency and that is why they have such a huge base of loyal customers. Thus, if you want to be one of them, it is important to be consistent in whatever you do on your website. 

Let’s talk about blogs first. Having a dedicated blog section on the website is a necessity to show the expertise in your niche by providing information about trending topics. Plus, it is also necessary to post quality blogs on a regular basis to ensure your activeness. 

Another point that you should look for consistency is with the tone, if you are using formal tone on other web pages, you must do the same while writing blogs as well. Plus, make sure that images, fonts, and headings in all your blog posts are also of the same size and style. Doing this will show how disciplined you are in your work and pose a good image of your brand. 

When your target audience will come to know about how consistent you are with everything, they will trust you and spend time on your site to find more quality information. 

  • Ensure appropriate text length

Blogs or any other content that you post on your website must have good text length to ensure that people stay there for long. Now, by saying text length, we never mean to include anything or everything. It just means that the information must be completely relevant and detailed enough that the visitors don’t have to go anywhere else to look for something related to that topic. 

It is seen that web pages with 1000+ words tend to get high user engagement and the prime reason for that is the quantity of information. But for quantity, don’t forget the quality. 

  • Ensure breaks in your content

Having long endless paragraphs of content will never get you the engagement level you want, rather it will annoy people and even most interesting ones will leave your site in between. This will also happen even if you have quality and information-rich content because with no pauses in between, your content will bore the target audience and they are not likely to stay.

Especially, when you have detailed information in your content it becomes lengthy and requires breaks relevantly in between. So, it is important for you to divide your content using headings and subheadings that are keyword-rich. Considering this will also improve the visibility of your content when a relevant query is made by a user. 

Another best thing that you could do to break your content is by including images and/or videos related to the content. This will also help improve SEO results and users will spend more time on the web page ensuring better engagement level.

This is because not all wants to read the complete information, some want to read only a specific part and you can help them by using appropriate headings & subheadings in your content, and doing this will make your site user-friendly & authoritative.

  • Build your email list

Now you must be thinking that how building your email list will help increase audience engagement? You might be right on your part but, we will tell you how it will work. The theory is very simple, getting emails of interested people will help you target them in the future by sending personalized emails and this will ensure better engagement from them.

You can get emails of target and genuine audience in several ways i.e. by running contests, asking them using a pop-up when they land on your web page, or showing only some part of the content and asking for the email id to see the complete information. Those who willingly provide email addresses upon asking are likely to visit your site later on to search for more information and you can improve their experience by sending personalized emails with qualitative content, and they will reciprocate. 

  • Ensure mobile-friendliness

Having a mobile-friendly website is a must these days as without that no business can survive. Thus, you cannot ignore this fact as if you do so, you need to pay a heavy price. 

All smartphone users are on the internet and they prefer using it that way only to find any required information. For any website to be opened on your mobile, it should be mobile friendly and if it is not, users will quickly move out after finding that. 

Most of the traffic businesses get online is through mobile users because using smartphones for surfing the internet is convenient than using it on desktop. Now, when there are more mobile users, it is important for you to optimize your site for those users because that’s how you can ensure more engagement. 

It is also likely that once a user has good experience on mobile, he/she will visit your desktop version as well. But if a user is not happy with your site when he/she tries to visit on mobile, the chances are least that the user will ever land on the web version of your website. 

Remember, for high user engagement you need to ensure great user experience. 

  • Be clear of your goals

Audience engagement to your site could only be successful when you are clear of your goals. This is because if you are not able to guide visitors to the call to action, the time spent by them will just be waste for you. Thus, it is important for you to be clear of what you want your audience to do, whether it is to subscribe to your posts, follow you on social media, purchase a product or service, or anything else. 

If you are clear what you want from your audience, you can strategize accordingly to drive them to the CTA. 

  • Conduct contests

Conducting contests is a pro technique of getting high engagement from the audience and this is also one of the best ways of collecting email addresses of the target audience. 

Do enough research to find out how you can conduct an irresistible, interesting, and enjoyable contest that people love to participate in. Plus, to get more participation, you can give winners some exciting prizes. Considering this will fetch you more engagement from the participants and your contest will become a success.

To get the email addresses of participants, you can make it necessary to submit their email ids for participation. Or, this could be done another way as email ids could be asked before declaring the results. 

You should do this on a regular basis to gain more trust and interest in the target audience.

  • Add a chatbox

A chatbox on the homepage will help visitors on your website to directly ask for any queries they have. Placing a chat box will make visitors more comfortable and make it easy for them to connect. 

While placing a chatbox, it is important for you to ensure that people don’t find it a chatbot, rather they are talking to a support executive because that’s how you will receive engagement. While on the other hand, you can display notifications when the executive is not available but still allow visitors to ask what they want. 

This way you will get more engagement from a genuine audience that will be going to have a good conversion rate. Plus, you can also analyze the chat between your support executive and visitors to find out where you are lacking and what improvements are required to be made. 

Summing It Up

The level of audience engagement defines the quality of a brand as people love to explore more what entices them. The audience engagement is also a prime factor in deciding the ranking of a website because the more time people spend on a website, the more qualitative it will be considered by search engine bots. Plus, with high audience engagement you can get more people towards the CTA and that would show up in your end term goals. 

Remember, the only genuine audience stays up on a website for a long time, and for that, you need to provide them with genuine and relevant information as well. This post covered all the important strategies and tips that would help increase audience engagement so that you can reap the benefits of the efforts made. 

We hope that these tips will come in handy and you will be able to do everything possible to increase audience engagement so that not only search engine bots but people as well find your site authoritative enough to get the information they are seeking.



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