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Smart Ways to Build Backlinks

Smart Ways to Build Backlinks

May 15, 2020

SEO is full of different tactics and strategies that help your business grow online and compete strongly. All the techniques included in SEO are equally important and they all hold a key role in ensuring that your website meets all the requirements of search engine bots to rank high on SERP. 

One of the SEO tactics is backlinking that is important not only to improve SEO but also to create a web of networks through which you receive visitors from all around. Let us see what are backlinks and how they are going to help you with your online presence.

What is a backlink?

A clickable link of your website that has been positioned on someone else’s website is termed as a backlink. It is a link that drives traffic from one’s website to another website. Backlinking is of most importance in deciding the quality of your site and gaining the trust of the target audience. A site with a large number of backlinks tends to rank high than the one with lesser. 

But this theory is not completely true, as the numbers not always outrank, there is something known as the quality and that’s important too. So, while taking backlinks quality is vital too and it should be considered seriously. In this post, we will tell you some ways to get backlinks.

Smart techniques to get backlinks

  • Quality content

Content is always there in the SEO and it is the best way to rank your website high on SERP and get backlinks. Write quality content related to your niche and post it on the relevant website after adding a link to your site. 

It is the simplest way to get a backlink as the quality content written by you will benefit the site on which it will be posted by bringing traffic and from that, you will receive quality visitors as well. Though it is simple, yet it will require a lot of research and effort to find a unique and worthy topic and create engaging content. Try including the information which is not common and is not available easily to get it posted on quality and trustworthy websites. 

  • Broken link building

Broken-link building is one of the smartest ways to get backlinks to your website but for this, you are required not to be too ambitious as this technique does not work every time. To get backlinks through this strategy, you have to first find out broken links on the sites relevant to your niche. And after that, you need to contact the webmaster humbly stating that you have found some broken links on his/her website. Plus, also suggest that those links can be replaced by yours as you have got some quality content on your site related to that anchor. 

To find relevant broken links, you can take the help of dedicated tools, as that will make your work easier. While requesting for getting a backlink through broken link building, don’t raise your hopes high as a webmaster might refuse to link it. So, just keep trying to get success.

  • Skyscraper content technique

Skyscraper content technique is known for having very high chances of getting backlinks from top sites if you do everything right. This technique requires you to find a relevant topic related to your niche that is already ranking on the first page of the search engine. 

After deciding the topic, prepare better content than what is available on the first page of search results by providing more detailed information, adding unique images, and structuring it in the simplest way possible. It will require deep research to find something that has not been covered in the existing article and that is where you will get an edge over it. 

Be as unique and interesting as you can while preparing the content to make things easier and better for you. Once you are done with the content, find the sites having backlinks to the existing/original post that you have rewritten. 

Now is the time to contact those sites and convince them to give a link to your site because you have much better content than the link they already have. With detailed, informative, and much better content than the original one, the chances are high that you will get the backlinks to your site and soon you will see yourself on the first page of SERP. 

  • Infographics are trending

It is true that images get more attention when compared to any written piece of information and the reason being their simplicity and attractiveness. When we talk about images, infographics are the best ones. They contain detailed information in the form of images and are also prioritized by search engines like Google as SEO best practice. 

Create an infographic of trending topic that is relevant to your business’s niche including some statistical data to stand different from the crowd and get the desired attention. With your infographic, you can get backlinks from top quality sites that will be a huge plus for your online reputation. Plus, you can also post the infographic on your social media accounts to get the desired attention. 

  • Internal linking is worthy

Besides backlinks, having internal links is also a good way to stay in the hunt and ensure good SERP ranking. This will also help visitors coming to your site through backlinks or organically spend more time finding interesting and relevant information. In other words, we can say that interlinking can boost the performance of your backlinks. 

Interlinking is a way to link one of the posts on your site to another one using relevant anchor text. In this way, a visitor can get more detailed information about what he/she is looking for, and the chances of spending more time on your site become high. Having a better user experience on your site will make it easy for you to earn more backlinks. 

  • Commenting

Now you might be thinking how commenting can get you backlinks but, this is true. Commenting on top-quality blogs can help you earn backlinks. But this never means that you start commenting on every blog you see. To avoid being spammy, it is important for you to do blog commenting in the right way.

At first, you are required to find some quality yet relevant blogs and then comment to praise the quality of that blog or the inspiration you got from it. Don’t sound like you’re commenting to get a backlink as that might be harmful. Comment in a way to engage with people and help them in the best possible way you can. 

You can provide some tips by adding a link to your site or blog post to the blogger that you think might be helpful for him/her in the comment section. But before trying this tactic, it is important for you to follow the blogger, create an account, or subscribe to his/her blog posts and then accordingly add the link. It should not be like that you are adding it in the first comment on the blog post. 

  • Keep an eye on competitors

Spying your competitors is always a good thing to stay ahead of them by doing better than what they are doing. Here in the backlinking strategy as well, knowing what your competitors are doing will help you reap great benefits. 

The best way to see what your competitors are doing without telling them is to follow them on social media and closely monitoring each of their updates.

Doing this will help you know the type and quality of content they are posting and the backlinks they are getting. For this, you can take the help of dedicated tools to make the work easier.

By knowing details about the backlinks, you can create much better content with more detailed information and examples to replace their backlinks on quality sources. 

  • Use Quora

Quora is becoming one of the most popular question and answers website across all niches. It has numerous users across the world and getting backlink here will give a huge exposure to your business. 

What you can do to get a backlink to your site on Quora is to answer the questions related to your niche and a link there. Make sure that what you are posting on Quora is true, unique, and easy to understand. If you are unable to provide credible information, your answer will be removed. 

Doing this is also a good idea to bring genuine visitors on your website as if people like your answer, they will click on the link provided to get more information. 

  • Testimonials may help

It could be the easiest way to earn a link to your website. Look for the websites your use frequently or products/services you buy that are related to your business’s niche. After getting the list, you can write a good testimonial on those sites in exchange for a backlink.

Testimonials and reviews hold a lot of importance for businesses as they show it to the visitors to grab their attention. Having positive reviews are always best in building trust with your target audience and turn them into customers. Thus, you writing a positive testimonial have good chances to get a backlink to your website. 

  • PR Pitching

PR pitching is a way to get high-quality backlinks that will help your site flourish on the search engine result pages and gain more trust. 

By pitching to journalists, famous bloggers, and social media influencers and telling about the top-quality unique content you have might get you the success. This kind of even one backlink is more powerful than 10 others. 

Thus, it is important for you to pitch to the right person, in the way, and at the right time. Make sure that your pitch is to the point and concise with an attention-grabbing headline. Remember, journalists and bloggers don’t have much time to read long paragraphs as they receive emails daily in bulk, hence, being short & sweet is the key here. Plus, try to include some factual data in your pitch for better results.

In this process, you can take the help of several platforms designed especially for PR pitching. 

  • Influencer marketing

It is another tactic to get quality backlinks but this tactic is quite costly. Influencer marketing is a type of marketing strategy which involves an influencer with a huge number of followers promoting your brand. And for that, you are required to pay something to the influencer for the promotion on the social media platform.

The amount will depend upon the popularity of the person and things you want him/her to do for you. Find one according to your budget and try it, as this will surely be a great idea to get genuine and result-oriented backlinks. 

Remember, not all influencers want money for the promotion, some can get it done in return for the products as well. This all will depend upon your convincing power, but doing this will surely be helpful.

  • Moving Man Method

Moving Man Method is a strategy to build backlinks and this term is coined by Brian Dean at Backlinko. In this technique, one has to find relevant sites that have been moved to some other platform, changed their domain or name, stopped their service, or shut down and then add your link by notifying the owner. 

If you have top-quality content, then it won’t be a problem for you to do. To find such sites, you can take the help of tools or software available in the market. 

  • Donation

You might be thinking that how donations can give you a backlink? But yes, it is true and you can get backlinks by making donations. For that, you need to do some research to find out some relevant non-profit organizations related to your niche that accept the donation for giving backlinks.

Once you’re done, contact them and tell the amount of money you want to donate along with the URL you want a backlink to. There are the least chances that you won’t get a backlink with this strategy. 

  • Content promotion

It doesn’t matter how qualitative and informative your content is if you don’t promote it in the right way and to the right platform, getting quality backlinks could be a difficult task for you. 

So, find some strategies to promote your best content through the right channels to reach a wider audience. Considering email outreach could be the best idea in this process and get positive results that you want. 

The Bottom Line

Backlinks are an important part of an effective SEO strategy and they play a vital role in building a strong network of your brand across the web platform. They are also considered good by search engine bots and it’ll help your site rank high on the SERP. Getting backlinks is not a tough strategy but it is not easy either. 

To get quality backlinks, one has to first ensure that the content created by him/her is unique and qualitative, plus, it contains some key information that is hard to find. Only such contents are eligible for getting a backlink on trusted, popular, and quality sites. Having a backlink from the low-quality site will only add it to the numbers, as it will not deliver any value to your brand. 

Besides content creation, there are several other tips that will be of great help in getting quality backlinks. In this above post, we have tried to include most of the effective strategies that’ll guide you to get mentions on valuable platforms and improve the reputation of your brand or business.



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