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Local SEO

Local SEO

May 22, 2020

The main aim of SEO is to improve search engine rankings and help your business gain visibility across the globe. It focuses on gaining organic search results and that is done by adopting white hat SEO practices. Ranksoldier holds expertise in providing the best SEO services with a result-oriented approach. 

Most of us often get confused with local SEO and traditional SEO strategies. Though both works to achieve similar goals but have a different meaning. Traditional SEO aims to ensure high SERP rankings globally while local SEO focuses on improving the visibility of your business within your local territory. Thus, if you are looking to be found in local search results and increase reach locally, contact Ranksoldier and see the magic happens. 

What is local SEO?

Local SEO is a branch of traditional SEO and it aims to promote your business locally within the areas you serve. This helps in making search engine ranking of your business better when people search for the services you provide near them. It won’t be wrong to say that most businesses generate leads and sales from their local customers and this could only happen if people are able to find you easily. For that, you are not required to go anywhere as we are here to do it for you. 

What is meant by local SERP ranking?

You might have experienced that while searching for something for example ‘best coffee shops’ and ‘best coffee shops near me’, you get different results and that’s where local SEO comes in. While searching for the former one you will get results globally and during your search for the same after adding ‘near me’, the results will be based on the area you are at. In both scenarios, your website will rank differently. Just like global SERP ranking, local SERP ranking is also of very high importance as that is where you’ll get the most of your local customers from. 

Thus, it is important for you to appear high on SERP when someone is searching for the service you provide near him/her. This could only be done after targeting and working on those keywords that are being searched locally and providing quality & relevant information. 

We know every single tactic of how you can improve your local SERP ranking by utilizing white hat SEO. Our professionals always stay updated about the latest trends to serve clients in the best possible manner. If your local SEO is not good then your competitors will take over your customers, despite having good traditional SEO. So, it is advised to take it as seriously as other practices. 

Important elements of local search rankings

It is always necessary to hit the right target to get things done effectively and Ranksoldier is admired for doing it every time for every customer. Here are three key factors that should be considered for local search rankings:

  • Reach

While we are targeting local customers, we must know how far they are from us and what can we do to grab their attention. No one will go far away if they find out the required service near them. Thus, it is important to target the right segment of the audience and ensure brand awareness. 

  • Relevance

Make sure that the services or products provided by you are relevant to what people are searching for. Any misleading information will not only downgrade local SERP ranking but also hurt the reputation of your brand. Always work on relevant keywords to be a star for your local customers.

  • What they say

Now, when you’ve hit the right target and know the relevancy of your products or services to the search queries made by people, it becomes necessary to check whether your customers are happy or not. What people are talking about your brand will tell you if they are satisfied or not and you can monitor this easily on social media and review section of your website. You must also interact with them to ensure complete satisfaction. 

How we can help in building local SEO?

Ranksoldier has years of experience in building strong and competitive local SEO of businesses and helping them gain high local SERP ranking. Professionals with us are known to adopt a strategic approach to touch upon every single aspect that can affect local SEO and that is one of the reasons behind our success. Here are several local SEO services that we will focus upon:

  • Localization of website

If you are targeting customers in different locations, then you must optimize your website accordingly so that local people can easily navigate through and make sure that they’ll get what they want. You must provide complete information about what you are providing and where you are providing. Creating specific location-based pages will also be helpful and we focus on doing everything mentioned for your website’s localization so that your business can expand locally as well. 

  • Local citations

The local citations can be defined as the mention of your business online and it is important to provide complete information including your company’s name, zip code, phone number, and other key details. We make sure that the right information is added to the website so that locals can easily find you. Local citations are of high importance in improving local search engine rankings as well. 

  • Content optimization

Another service that we provide to improve your local SEO is by optimizing the content that is present on your website for the local audience. We also create appropriate content for target people so that they can easily find out what you do and where you do. Our professionals keep working continually to find out the latest keywords that are being searched and optimize/create the content accordingly. 

  • Google my business

Optimization of Google my business account is highly important to ensure that you are being easily searched by local people. Ranksoldier not only optimizes Google my business account but also manages it to make sure that every information that has been put here is correct. If any information put here is wrong, it will directly impact your business. 

  • Reviews

What people say about your brand is highly important in deciding how much attention you will get. Both negative and positive reviews equally play a key role in improving the reputation of your business. Positive ones directly create a positive impact but when we talk about negative reviews, the response from the company is the key. We make sure that clients who have posted negative reviews are satisfied enough after getting the reply. A negative review turned positive is of higher importance when we compare it from the one posted by a happy customer. Good reviews improve the trust level of your brand and we do everything possible to maintain a high trust rate. 

  • Link building

Not only for traditional SEO but also local SEO building quality links is highly important. Getting high authority backlinks from local blogs, citations, or other trusted sources will improve local SERP rankings and increase the chances of your search visibility. We effectively manage the link building of our client’s businesses to improve its reputation not only for people but also for search engine bots. 

  • Tracking and reporting

You must know the success you are getting after adopting all the required measures of local SEO. We make use of appropriate analytics tools to analyze how effective the local SEO campaign is and what improvements are required if any. Ranksoldier also provides a detailed report to the clients so that they can track the performance of their business locally. 

Why hire us?

Ranksoldier is a renowned name for managing all local SEO activities of businesses and ensuring success. Choosing us will make sure that you do exceptionally well in the territory you serve plus gain the trust of your target audience

We know what it takes to establish a business and maintain its position, thus, hiring us will make your work easier. With us, you can focus on other important operations of your company and we will manage the local SEO part. So what are you waiting for, contact us on [email protected] and experience the quality of service we provide to our client.



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