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Digital Marketing Myths and Misconceptions You Must Avoid

Digital Marketing Myths and Misconceptions You Must Avoid

May 15, 2020

Digital marketing is like the heart for any business that wants to succeed online as without it you cannot get the success you always wish for. The digital world is huge and here you will find people of all interests and age groups thus, you can target the audience that matters to you. 

But one thing we all must know is that digital marketing is not constant and the reason behind this is changing algorithms of the search engines. Hence, you have to make the necessary changes in your approach to always stay ahead in the competition. 

We know how important & popular this digital platform is and it is not hidden that with popularity comes several myths as well. Now, with digital marketing, if you start to believe the myths then all your efforts and hard work will go in vain and except frustration, you will get nothing. 

So, smartness lies in identifying these myths and find out what the truth is because it will not only save your resources but also your precious time. We will help you out in this process and tell what you should avoid.

Marketing myths that you must know

  • SEO is no more

One of the biggest myths about digital marketing is that SEO is dead and this rumor is undoubtedly spread by those who have not received success by practicing SEO due to their bad strategy. 

We must keep one thing in mind that SEO can never die, it only evolves with time due to changing algorithms and advancements in search engines. SEO is one of the most important factors for any website to do well on a digital platform and it should be considered by every business that wants to ensure its strong online presence. 

If you do proper research, you will find out that effective search engine optimization of websites is still doing wonders for businesses. This is proof that SEO is still there with the same effectiveness. 

So, if you ever come across someone saying that SEO is nothing or SEO is dead, just ignore and focus on doing good for your business. 

  • The high the budget better will be the effectiveness

The budget has its own importance but it is not everything. If you don’t have a high budget, it never means that you cannot run an effective marketing campaign

There are certain strategies like PPC that require you to spend high but there are also techniques that can be used without spending much. If you have a team of dedicated professionals then running an SEO campaign and content marketing will not cost you much and will lead you to the path of success you always wish to be on. 

Once you start getting success, you will become stronger with your strategies as well as the budget and then you can spend more on trying out different methodologies. So, don’t be depressed if you don’t have much to spend, just focus on doing the basics right and you’ll see them working out for you. 

  • Content creation requires a lot but delivers less

We believe that content is the king, without content no digital marketing strategy works. Despite having such huge importance, still, there is a myth that content does not deliver the value according to the efforts required for its creation. 

There is no doubt that creating content requires a lot of effort including creative thinking and deep research. If the content you have created is not unique or interesting, then it will not get much attention. So, efforts are mandatory to create engaging content and with that, you’ll get success as well.  

Thus, if ever someone guides you with this myth that you are wasting your time & resources in content creation, just keep them aside and focus on coming up with a brilliant content idea that shuts the mouth of such misguiding people. 

  • High traffic guarantees success

There is no doubt in saying that one of the goals of businesses with digital marketing is to get high traffic on their website. With your efforts, if you are experiencing high traffic on your site then it is a sign that you’ve placed your cards right. 

But if you think or someone has told you that high traffic is the guarantee to success then we must say that it’s the time to rethink. Just imagine a situation that your site has numerous visitors but no one or only quite a few are doing what you want them to do. In such a situation, you are not getting the desired results despite having high web traffic.

Thus, it is important to consider that along with high traffic its quality also matters a lot. Even if you have a bit low traffic but a large percentage of that is giving you the outcome you wish then success is yours. 

So, never only rely on the numbers rather focus on receiving the quality.

  • Automation tools are must for running a marketing campaign

You can either call it a myth or a misconception, but it is not true in either sense. Not all start-ups have huge funds to spend and this never means that they cannot succeed. If you think that it is a must to have automation tools for running a marketing campaign for your business then, you might be wrong. 

It is not the case, initially, you can do things manually with your team’s efforts and once you start getting enough revenue, you can buy the tools as per your needs and preferences. 

So, never feel helpless or depressed if you don’t have any automation tools for your marketing campaign, just start with whatever you have and grow. 

  • Email marketing is outdate

If you believe that email marketing is outdated or it doesn’t have any importance, then you have never researched or studied it in deep. We believe that emails can never become outdated and neither email marketing. It is still one of the pillars of digital marketing campaigns run across the globe. 

It won’t be wrong if we say that this myth is spread by people who have not received what they wished for through their email marketing campaign. The reason for this could be their lack of knowledge or the use of ineffective strategies.

Email is one of the ways by which you can directly & privately contact with your target audience or customers to strengthen the relationship and make it long-lasting. 

Thus, never keep it aside during your digital marketing campaign and use it as a tool by creating an effective email marketing strategy

  • Negative comments will kill your business

Really! Is it true? You think so? If this is the case then probably you again need to spend some good time researching this. If we are not wrong then there is no business that hasn’t received any negative comments on their website or social media accounts. 

You must know that having some negative comments is not harmful but having a lot is though. You cannot avoid negative comments but one thing that you can do is to fetch something positive out of them to improve customer experience and provide them with better service.

Imagine how impactful will it be to turn a single star review into four or five-star by clearing the problem faced by the reviewer and offering some compensation if necessary. Yes, it will be better than having a positive review at first. 

But don’t be greedy, as it is not a simple task to turn a negative into the positive. Plus, remove that thought from your mind which says having some negative comments will bring your business down. 

  • You cannot measure marketing

Not everything can be measured and we are well-aware of this fact. If we consider this in marketing, yes, there are certain factors that are hard to be measured. But it doesn’t mean that you cannot measure them to analyze the progress report of your marketing campaign. 

There are certain ways and adopting those can help in better decision making for your marketing campaign. Plus, there are several factors that can easily be quantified and hence, there is no need to worry about it. 

Measurement of success is necessary to reach the goal and you must not think that marketing cannot be measured.

  • Social media and revenue have no connection

This is the biggest and foolish myths that most of us might believe. Several studies have shown that having a strong presence on social media has helped businesses to generate more revenue than they used to with social media.

So, if some try to misguide you by saying that social media marketing is a waste of money and it will not help you in generating revenue then, just smile and move ahead. 

In the first point, if you know how big and popular social media is then this myth is not for you. It is only for those who don’t know the power of the social platform. 

Just remember one thing, that having social media presence is a must and you should consider it seriously. 

  • Building a website is enough to get traffic

The website is just like raw food that requires to be cooked for better taste and presentation while serving. So, if you that having a website is enough for your business to generate leads and get revenue then you are 200% wrong. 

Having a website is just a requirement for your business to show online presence. It never guarantees to drive traffic on its own. For that, you are required to make some necessary efforts and fight with your competitors.

Great content, effective SEO, social media marketing, and many other strategies you need to adopt for making your website successful and gain high SERP ranking. 

Nothing happens on its own, efforts are required to tackle problems and reach the end goal. 

  • Mobile users are less worthy

A big percentage of internet users across the globe prefer palmtop devices like mobile phones & tablets over desktops. Thus, it becomes important for businesses to give equal attention to mobile marketing as they give to other marketing strategies. 

There are all types of people in the world and some are those who think that mobile users cannot be helpful for their business. This could a big fault in their digital marketing strategy and it can hold them back while fighting with the competitors. 

Things are becoming tiny with changing technology and people are loving the reduced size. Similarly, the evolution of smartphones has given them preference over personal computers & laptops. Hence, for basic internet surfing along with online shopping with apps, people love to use their smartphones rather than turning on their computers and logging into the website.

  • Content marketing is too crowded to be practiced

Content always holds the key and it is one of the steps in your ladder of success in the digital world. Now, every business wants to climb the ladder of success and for that each step is necessary. Thus, it is not wrong to say that content marketing is crowded but having the crowd doesn’t mean that it can be skipped. 

Success is everyone’s goal and everyone must make efforts to achieve that. Similar is the case with content marketing, every business needs to practice this to reach their end goal. And there is no doubt that only unique and relevant content will win the race. 

In this fierce competition where content is everywhere, you are required to come up with a different & great idea with which outshines your competitors. 

So, remember when it comes to marketing nothing is overcrowded and nothing is old, it’s just a matter of thoughts and your zeal to make efforts. 

  • Social media is the first & last thing for digital marketing

We are not surprised coming across this myth about marketing and why should we, as social media is so popular and effective that it overshadows other marketing strategies. 

Yes, social media is powerful and it is one of the strongest pillars of any digital or online marketing campaign but it is not the only one. So, just shoot this myth out of your head and focus equally on other strategies as well. 

Techniques like SEO, email marketing, & PPC are as important as social media is and a combination of all is required to achieve long-term goals. 

These are the 13 myths that we have come across about marketing. They just appeared due to a lack of knowledge of some people and due to bad experiences in their planned strategies. But that will never turn these myths into facts. Only research, rethinking, and better implementation is required to make businesses believe that what they were thinking was not true. 

Besides these, there are some misconceptions about digital marketing that most people have and those misconceptions have held their success back. Let us put some light on those points.

Misconceptions about digital marketing

  • You will get overnight success

This could be one of the silliest thoughts one can have. Everything takes time to deliver and so does the success. If you think that starting a digital marketing campaign will increase lead generation and sales overnight then you can never achieve long-term goals. 

Building a business requires patience and for that, you have to climb the ladder step by step and give each of your implemented strategies enough time to make an impact. 

  • Nothing is required once achieving success

Success is not permanent, especially when you stop working hard to maintain it. Thus, if you have this misconception that once getting success your work is over then remember, it will not take much time for your business to come from top to bottom with this thinking. 

You must understand that the digital world is ever-changing and so does the algorithms of search engines. Thus, to maintain your position or become better, you must stay updated about the latest marketing trends and optimize your marketing strategies accordingly.

Success requires continuous focus, dedication, and effective planning, hence, without these, you cannot ensure a good reputation. 

  • All keywords are good for improving web traffic

Picking the right keywords to place ads for your PPC campaign or for ranking your site high on SERP is necessary. But if you have this theory in your mind that all keywords will drive high traffic on your website then you are wrong. 

The choice of keyword should be appropriate & relevant to your business because that is the only way to achieve long-term goals and drive genuine traffic on your website. 

Even if you have segregated a list of keywords that are relevant, not all of those will work either. You need to strategically identify the best ones after measuring certain parameters and then target them. 

  • Google is everything

There is no doubt that Google is the most popular and most widely used search engine across the globe. But it doesn’t mean that Google is the only search engine in the world. 

Thus, it is advised to strategize your digital marketing campaign for other search engines as well because a good percentage of the audience is available on those ones as well. 

We are not denying the fact that having your presence alone on Google can also drive success but you could have an added advantage with a strong presence on other search engines as well. Consider this will be better for the growth of your business. 


Rumors are everywhere, it all depends on what you believe and what you don’t. In digital marketing as well, there are certain rumors or we can say myths that can put brakes on the success of your business. So, it is important for you to ignore and use them to a good effect. 

Rumors are only spread by people who are not able to succeed with their strategies and by those who don’t want others to outrank them. Thus, it becomes important for you to provide deep attention to what you are believing. 

This blog has covered some of the most common myths and misconceptions about digital marketing that people believe and face their consequences. It will give you a good idea of marketing strategies that might work for you and those you were thinking of differently till now.



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