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How to Increase Organic Reach on Searches

How to Increase Organic Reach on Searches

July 12, 2020

Every business is playing the digital game as without that they cannot survive in this fiercely competitive world. The digital platform is a necessity of every business to succeed online and achieve the growth they seek. A strong online presence means a good number of visitors on your website, and if they come organically, the value just multiplies. Though there are numerous traffic  building strategies adopted by business yet organic traffic holds great value in the eyes of search engine bots. Most of us might have sidelined the organic reach on searches but, it is still as important as your other strategies to promote the business.

This post will tell you some defining tips that will help you increase organic reach and pose you a genuine one in the crowd. Organic traffic is always admired by the popular search engine like Google and plays an important role in defining the ranking of a website. Let us see what it is and how it works.

What is meant by organic search?

Organic search results are defined as those results that are purely based on the quality and relevance of the query made by the user. In other words, we could say that organic search results do not require any paid advertisements or other paid efforts as they are completely based on the SEO  of websites. These results are also known as unpaid search results.

Though paid results are also shown in the form of display & pay per click ads when a query is made by a user. But such results are always denoted by the word ‘Ad.’

Importance of organic traffic on a website

People who come to any website naturally and stay there can be trusted as genuine ones as they can be considered as long-term traffic. More organic traffic on a site means that it is qualitative and provides quality information to users based on their search. This is also examined by search engine bots and will result in the improvement of the SERP ranking of that website. It is also seen that organic traffic is the most relevant because the user will only land if the content matches to his/her query. 

Thus, it is important to have good organic traffic on your website if you want to reach long-term goals and compete strongly. Let us see how you can do that.

Tips for increasing organic reach on searches

  • Everything floats on the content

Just like you cannot think of success without having a presence on the digital platform, similarly, you cannot think of having a strong digital presence without quality content. It is a must and it always will be. 

If you want to do well with the organic reach, you must focus on creating engaging, informative, unique, and relevant content for your website. This is because the content is indexed by search engine bots and the site will only receive authority if the content is relevant and of great quality. 

So, the first thing you are required to do is research to find the information relevant to your business and about which people are not very much aware. You should also search for trending topics in your business’s niche and create content accordingly. 

You should also include visuals in your content to make it more interesting and attention-grabbing. They play a key role in ensuring better engagement from the visitors and improving the quality of your site. Thus, visuals like images, infographics, GIFs, and videos are a must in any content you post online. 

Remember, more the qualitative and informative your content will be, the more organic traffic will be on your website. 

  • Don’t ignore social media profiles

Remember, the organic reach of your brand not only depends upon your website but it also requires optimization of social media profiles. If you don’t know, then it is important to be aware that social media links are vital for effective SEO strategies, and considering them with every other factor could only help you increase organic reach. 

So, here’s the key, first of all, you need to stay active on all your social media accounts by regularly posting content on trending topics. But here’s a catch, try including relevant keywords that you want to target on your social media pages and content as well. This will help you get indexed by search engine bots and build a good reputation. 

People also directly move to a website to find more information when they find relevant content, they are looking for on social media profiles. The chances of getting visitors from social media are very high due to its huge user base and you must focus on this and optimize social media profiles accordingly.

  • Define a list of keywords

The site ranks on search engine results based on the keywords they target and the query made by people. Thus, it becomes important for every business to prepare a list of keywords they want to target and are popular among queries made on the search engine. 

Now, the next thing you need to do is prepare the content using those keywords relevantly so that bots can identify and index those. This will help improve the organic visibility of your business and build authority. 

Remember, keywords that you use must be closely related to the search queries made by people, and the content you create must solve their purpose. This way, you might also get recommendations and it’ll improve the reputation of your business. 

Having the right keywords on the right landing page will make you a strong competitor along with a significant improvement in organic reach on searches. 

  • Content strategy is must

Remember, only creating and posting content will not get you anywhere, you need to promote it as well, and that’s where content strategy comes in. 

Content strategy is a detailed plan of how often you update content, after how much time you think is important to optimize it, which social media platforms you use it to promote it, tactics used for content promotion, and much more. All these factors along with many others must be included in your content strategy and make sure that you are following it strictly as well. 

Content strategy is a vital factor in increasing the organic visibility of your brand along with organic traffic. You need to give special attention to each of the points included in the content strategy and create a report on how well they are working out. This report will help you make necessary and relevant changes to improve the results. 

  • Publish something that does not grow old soon

Now that sounds a bit irrelevant but it is not. What we mean by this statement is that you need to post something that people find useful even after a long time and something in which you don’t have to make changes frequently to keep it fresh. 

You need to do deep research to find out what is relevant for your business’s niche and has a long shelf life. Considering this will make your brand more valuable as sometimes it takes a bit of time for content to reach a relevant audience and increased visibility. So, if your content is evergreen, then whenever it becomes popular, you will reap benefits. 

  • Meta descriptions are important

It is true that most of us think that meta descriptions are less important than other marketing strategies we use. This is what we are doing wrong and it could be the reason for not getting enough organic visibility. 

Meta descriptions help users, as well as search engine bots, identify what is there on the webpage that has appeared on the SERP. In other words, it acts as a snippet of the information included in the webpage. By providing the exact information related to the search query, you can increase organic reach and organic traffic on your website. 

Most users read the meta description before clicking on a link and if you are able to provide the most relevant ones in this snippet of around 160 characters, it is likely that visitors will land on your website. So, never ignore meta description and create a unique one for each web page of your site to improve organic reach. 

  • Use organic post targeting

Organic traffic is not easy to get, it requires you to make some serious efforts especially the ones that are not paid. That’s why it is important to use organic post targeting.

What this means is that your content should be visible to the people for whom it is made for and to those who fulfill the criteria of your target audience. This is one of the best ways of getting organic traffic, as if people see something posted by you relevant, they will visit your website again and again, plus, it will also improve organic reach on search results. 

When we talk about social media platforms, one of their best features is that they allow businesses to do organic post targeting by showing the content to only a specific audience as defined. Businesses can set their target audience based on the gender, age group, marital status, interests, and much more, and hence only those who match the criteria will see the content. 

  • Backlinking and internal linking

These are the two most important things that are admired by search engine bots for a site to rank it high on the SERP. Making links is necessary for getting success on the online platform. 

If we talk about backlinks, having some from trustworthy sites improves the reputation of your brand and builds trust in your target audience. To get quality backlinks, you must first research popular sites that relevant to your business’s niche and then create wonderful & informative content to convince the webmaster of that site to post it giving you a backlink. This will improve the authority, visibility, and traffic on your site, and chances of appearing it in organic search results will also improve.

While on the other hand, the internal link is slightly different from a backlink where the link is applied to a relevant anchor on one of your posts that will take the user to another post on your site when clicked. Internal linking is one of the best strategies to increase user’s engagement on your site while reducing the bounce rate. If you manage to apply links to the most relevant anchors that drive the user to a post related to that, then you will be counted as an expert in your niche by the search engine bots and soon you will see improved organic reach.

  • Prefer quality over quantity

Search engine optimization is never about the numbers, it mostly focuses on quality along with optimizing elements according to the algorithms so that site can appear for most relevant queries. 

Now, this is also of importance while posting the content, instead of pushing for numbers, it is important for you to focus on quality. Even if you have low content quantity on your site but the quality is up to the mark, then undoubtedly it will rank higher than the sites with numbers but with low quality. 

Remember, search engines like Google first see the quality of information you provide not the quantity. If your posts are most relevant to the search queries of users, then they will prefer your site and in this way it’s organic reach will improve.

Keep this thing in mind, better the content better will be your site’s reputation and ranking. 

  • Smartly use ALT tags

ALT tags are used for describing what the image is all about as search engine bots cannot interpret images but by going across the ALT tag, they will come to know that an image is there. We all know what role do images play in defining the quality of web pages and ALT tags will help bots identify them easily with their short and precise description.

While writing the ALT tag, you must try to include a keyword that is specific to the web page to help increase its organic search ranking. Another most important thing about writing the ALT tag is to keep it as short as possible and if it is of not more than 6 words, it would be great.

Thus, you must enter the ALT tag for all the images present on your website and each tag must be relevant to the information portrayed by image. 

Remember, never use the same tag for multiple images and avoid keyword stuffing in ALT tags in the greed of improving rankings as it could hurt you badly and drop down your position on SERP.

  • Interaction is the key

The theory here is simple, more people come to know about your brand, more will be the search and better will be the organic search ranking. For that, it is important for you to interact with as much audience as you can on social media. 

It could be done through live chat, by creating a dedicated page for talking to the target audience, by participating in groups or forums, posting something that requires discussion or debate, or opening up a contest. In this way, you will be able to improve brand recognition and if you are successful in satisfying people through your comments and suggestions, they will search you directly on the internet. 

Communication always helps and here as well it will help improve organic visibility. 

The Bottom Line

For inbound marketers, organic traffic is the prime source of web traffic that can help them achieve long-term goals and build a strong base of loyal customers. Those who come naturally to you have the highest chances of staying for a long time and those are your admirers as well. 

Another importance of having organic traffic is that it is the most relevant one because it is on your site by choice not by any paid advertisements or attractive offers. Even search engines like Google give preference to sites with high organic traffic and yours is the one, it will appear high on the SERP. 

But it is not as easy as it sounds, it takes a lot to increase organic reach and organic traffic in this world full of competition. For that, every business needs to adopt several measures & practices and do research as much as they can to appear unique and provide the latest information related to their niche. 

This post was focused on telling you some tips that could help increase organic reach on searches and we hope that implementing them right will work for you as well. One thing is sure that having organic traffic adds value to a website and make it appear high on search engine result pages (SERP) as well. 

Consider the tips suggested above and see how they help you improve organic reach on searches.



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