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Digital Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid

Digital Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid

July 12, 2020

Every business needs to be digital in this technologically advanced world, and if it is not you cannot think of its success. Everything is going digital be it shopping or marketing and it is necessary as well. The digital platform has become the main source of leads for most of the businesses and why not, this platform is the most popular one with millions of active users. 

Irrespective of the business’s niche, digital marketing holds equal importance for everyone. All they need to do is pick the right marketing strategy based on their goals and expectations. But there are businesses, that with zeal to do everything, end up doing things they should not do, and that hurts them in the future. 

There is no doubt that digital marketing is one of the key focus areas for all businesses but it is also important for them to see what is right to do and what is not. This post will tell you about some of the common mistakes that businesses end up doing with their digital marketing strategies. You must avoid those, and knowing about them will help you strengthen your digital marketing campaign with the least chances of error. 

Digital marketing mistakes to avoid

  • Having no goals

Goals are a must in life to stay focused and avoid being distracted. Whatever you do, it must be clear in mind what you want to achieve through that. The theory is the same with digital marketing as well, you must know why you are adopting this strategy or starting the campaign. 

There are businesses that know digital marketing is important for them but they don’t have a clear idea of what they want through that, and that’s where the problem arises. If you don’t know your goals, you won’t be able to pick the right tactics and even the right audience for your campaign. 

Thus, you must know your goals, be it high web traffic, lead generation, sales, or subscription before starting the digital marketing campaign to make your strategy accordingly and move ahead strongly. 

  • Ignoring mobile users

Forgetting mobile users is a serious crime when it comes to digital marketing and if done, you might face a serious punishment as well. You must know that more than half of the world’s population is using smartphones and without the internet, those smartphones have no value. 

The evolution of smartphones has made it easier for people to use the internet and they prefer doing so for general surfing like shopping, looking for services online, making payments, accessing their bank accounts, and more. The key reason behind this is the ease and speed by which they do so without worrying about where they are. While this is not the case with desktops as they are bigger and can only be used you have a proper place to sit.

Several studies have shown that there are more mobile internet users when compared to desktops, and the reason you already know. Thus, it is necessary for every business thinking to make a mark in the digital world to have a mobile-friendly website, and if the budget allows, an app as well. 

Remember, most of the business that you will get digitally is from mobile internet users, so never ignore them and optimize your site and everything else you do online for mobile users. 

  • Not listening to the audience

Remember one thing, without your audience, your business cannot flourish as no audience means no leads and eventually no sales. Thus, make it a habit to listen to what the audience is saying, whether it is unhappy with your service or has any suggestions for the betterment. 

If you don’t listen to them why would they, and hence, you need to take every single thing said by them on a serious note. Your audience wants to get heard for their queries and responding is one of the best ways to create a strong relationship with them. 

Ignoring what your audience is saying will create a negative image of your brand and depict that you are not concerned about delivering good customer service. So, while running your digital marketing campaign, do pay attention to what the audience wants to say and how it wants you to reciprocate. 

  • Ignoring offers and discounts

Not always, but it is important to give offers and discounts to grab the attention of new customers and increase sales. It creates interest in people to grab the product before the best deal ends and there are chances that they will stay with you for long in search of more exciting offers.

Some businesses have this theory in mind that giving discounts might be a loss for them but this is not the case, doing so increases the chances of getting more leads. Giving the best deals is also a great idea to increase web traffic and that could eventually help in improving SERP ranking as well. 

  • Having abandoned social media accounts

Using digital marketing tactics and not experiencing any improvements in your online position is really heartbreaking. But this is only possible if you do something wrong and one of those reasons could be keeping social media accounts sidelined. 

Having social media accounts does not define your digital presence, for that, you need to stay active there and engage with your followers & target audience. Abandoning or ignoring your social media accounts could not get you the success you are looking for. 

Social media is the king when we talk about digital marketing tactics for businesses, without it, your businesses cannot speed up. So, avoid this and make yourself present 24/7 for your target audience and regularly post relevant content to keep them engaged and share the information they like. 

  • Taking blogs lightly

Remember, it doesn’t matter what is your business’s niche, blogs are always important in showing your target audience and others about your expertise in whatever you are doing. So, if you think that blogs are not meant for the business you are in, then you might be on the wrong side. 

Blogs play a vital role in boosting web traffic and improving search engine results ranking. Having information about your business’s niche on the website is considered a good sign by Google and other search engine bots, and the chances are high that it will be preferred over sites having no information. 

So, avoid taking blogs lightly and find out relevant topics related to your niche and create quality blogs to be posted on your website. Blogs are best in link building strategy and they can give you a wider exposure as well. 

  • Posting content only because you have to

When you open the web, content is everywhere, and hence, people can easily find what they are looking for. So, if you are posting the content on your site just for its sake then it is a sign that you are not serious about it and this could cost you a lot. 

Don’t put the content because you have to rather put it to educate people and help them know new things related to your business’s niche. This will create a good image of your business and finding relevant answers to their queries will make people trust you. 

Content is the primary source of information online and it is also one of the factors analyzed by search engines like Google to rank webpages. So, if the content is of good quality, your site will rank high and get great exposure which improves the overall performance of your business. Thus, it is advised to create and post unique, informative, and engaging content to get success on the digital platform. 

  • Targeting everyone

This is one of the biggest mistakes that most businesses do. They think that targeting everyone will bring more leads and generate more sales. That’s where they are wrong, as everyone doesn’t have the same needs and not everyone can afford everything. So, businesses need to understand that the products or services they offer are not suitable for all. For example, if you are in the business of manufacturing & supplying men apparels than what is the need to target women & kids? Doing this will only waste your resources.

Narrowing down the target audience will save resources and improve lead generation. Considering this will allow you to focus on people who are right for the products or services you offer and it will become easier to convince them to choose your brand and maintain a good relationship. 

  • Not measuring ROI

If you do not measure the progress, how would you know where you have reached and whether your efforts are paying off or not? With the digital marketing campaign, it is very important to periodically measure your return on investment to get an idea of whether your strategies are working fine or not. 

While on the other hand, if you are ignoring this and your digital marketing tactics are not working, then it could be a big problem. In such a situation, all your efforts plus resources will go in vain and you will get nothing in the end.

Thus, it is necessary to measure your success periodically so that anything which is not working could be rectified without any delay, and resources could be saved. Keeping data of ROI will also be helpful for your future marketing campaigns.

  • Spamming

This is something you should never even think of doing whether knowingly and unknowingly. Now you might be wondering how you could stop doing something that you even don’t know that you are doing. Not confirmed about other things, but when it comes to spamming, we will let you know how to avoid it. 

In simpler terms, spamming is sending irrelevant messages to your target audience either through emails or other channels. If you are intentionally doing it, you know what measures to take to stop this but if you don’t know whether you are spamming or not, here is what you should do:

  • Check the content of the email you are sending to people in your email list. Analyze whether it is relevant for them or not or have any misleading information.
  • Check your recipient list to identify whether it is appropriate for your business or not.
  • See if you are sending emails in bulk to the same recipient.
  • Ensure only informative and relevant content in your emails and even in your ads.
  • Ensure sending customized messages to your target audience, especially your followers and subscribers.

Considering these factors and only including genuine information are only ways by which you can avoid being a spammer and ensure the growth of your brand. Try email segmentation for better results. 

  • Ignoring abandoned shopping carts

People who add products in the shopping cart and leaving right out from there without making the purchase have great chances to come back and complete the purchase. 

Yes, you have read it right but, this will not happen on its own, for that, it’s you who is managing the digital marketing campaign have to make efforts. Send push notifications, give some extra discount on the products added in the cart, or offer free delivery for that purchase to convince the customer and you will see good results with that. 

While if you ignore those abandoned carts, they will remain the same and you will get nothing out that. Those people might end up making the purchase from your competitor and you will lose customers. 

So, if you own e-commerce business and experiencing a good number of abandoned carts, it’s time to step up and take necessary action to tempt your potential customers to become customers. 

  • Considering SEO as a side-hero

This is one of the silliest mistakes one could do while running a digital marketing campaign, sidelining SEO. Remember, your online success depends on SEO, and hence, it is a hero, not a side hero. 

The priority of search engine bots is a good SEO, without it you cannot rank high on the SERP despite having quality content. Effective SEO defines that your site is easy enough to navigate and has acceptable quality. Ignoring it for other practices will get you nowhere and you will not get the best results for your efforts.

SEO will optimize your site to be easily found for specific keywords and ensure good exposure. So, whatever you do with your digital marketing campaign, SEO should be the priority. 

  • Taking guest posts lightly

It takes a lot to create a strong position in the digital market and especially when it is ruling. To ensure online success you need to create some genuine links that are trusted by your target audience as well as search engine bots. 

Guest posting is the best way to build strong, relevant, and genuine links and drive traffic on your site. If you think that it not so important then remember, you are missing a trick here. 

Guest posting has the power to bring other’s audiences to your site if the content provided by you is qualitative, unique, and informative. Plus, if you are able to post on trustworthy and popular sites related to your niche, your brand authority will become much better and people will trust you more. 

While if you do not consider this, your network will not grow and it will also affect your social media performance. 

  • Not considering a call to action

You know what your goal through digital marketing is not the target audience and you need to keep this thing in mind while running the campaign. 

You need to tell people what you want from them to reach your goal and this could only be done by placing a CTA button on your website, ads, or posts. For example, if you want your target audience to subscribe to the newsletter, then there must be a ‘subscribe’ button on the landing page, email you send, and at end of blog posts. Without this, you won’t be able to get the desired action from the audience.

Adding a CTA button will tell visitors what you want and if they like your content, you will win them. Plus, offering something in return might improve the results. 

  • Making little to no efforts for retention

There is no doubt that getting new leads and customers are prime goals of all businesses, but what about the retention then? Not all think about it though yet it holds some serious importance. 

In the race of winning customers, we sometimes forget to retain them for a long time and that’s where we lose. One-time customers cannot help you succeed, it’s loyal ones who make the real difference, and to make some, you need to strategize on your retention strategy. Offer exclusive discounts, freebies, engage personally, or anything else you can do to make them feel special will be a great idea. 

  • Not promoting your website

When any business is started at first, only a few know about it, and to increase reach, promotion is required. Similar is the case with the digital world, to make your presence felt online, you need to promote your website through various means, as without that, you won’t be able to get the attention of target audience.

There are businesses who spend so much building their website to make it a unique, interactive, and an amazing one but don’t consider promoting it. What is the need for spending so much when people won’t be able to reach you? For that, you need to spend a bit on the promotion of your website as well because, without that, the rest of the investment would be pointless. 

Remember, having a great website will not drive traffic and hence leads as well, so, don’t ignore its promotion and let people know that you’re here for them to serve. 

  • Bad personalization

Especially with email marketing, personalization is very important and if you mistakenly or knowingly avoiding this or using poor techniques, then you must stop doing this. Emails are an integral part of digital marketing campaigns and are known to have good ROI, so, they must be considered seriously. 

It is important to address your target audience personally to ensure that the mail was sent specifically to them. This has the highest chances of your email being opened and read. If you are adopting this personalization strategy, then it will be tough for you to succeed with email marketing. 

This is just an example, you must also try sending exclusive offers, birthday and anniversary greetings, and information about new product launches. Doing this can get you better engagement plus shares from the target audience. 

  • Ignoring customer reviews

The last thing you don’t want to do is ignore reviews posted by your clients. Doing this has the highest chances of affecting your brand’s reputation in a negative way. If you think that by avoiding response to reviews you can save yourself, then you are absolutely wrong because this will make the condition even worse. 

Reviews are posted by people who do care about the product or service offered from you and that’s why they share their experience be it a bad or a good one. So, don’t ignore them, try to reply to each one according to the satisfaction level of clients. Wherever necessary, compensate your clients who are very angry with your service and apologize along with convincing them that it will never happen again. This has a good chance of turning an unhappy customer into a loyal one. 

So, never ignore customer reviews, and considering this will be of great help. 

Summing It Up

Whatever you do, make sure that you are not making mistakes that you can avoid. When we talk about digital marketing, there are many things that businesses do wrong unintentionally without knowing their drawbacks. It is important for every business to know such mistakes they are doing to avoid any serious issues later on. Because, if you keep repeating such mistakes, they can become a barrier between you and success. 

This post would have given you a clear idea of the mistakes that you might be doing without knowing them. We hope that it will help you a lot in identifying what you are doing wrong and taking the right measures for rectifying those mistakes.



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